LITEISTRY™ offers a broad palette of architectural downlighting solutions with consistent aperture appearance, quiet ceiling design, and optical performance. 

Features & Benefits

  • 4” architectural LED square downlight delivering 600-4000 lumens
  • Available with SpectraSync™ Tunable White and Dim-to-Warm options
  • NX Lighting Controls™, wired and wireless capability available
  • Quiet reflector appearance with 50° optical cutoff
  • New Construction (non-IC), IC, and Chicago Plenum options available
  • Optional bezel trim accessory for IP66 Vandal Resistant and Complex Environments


Aperture Shape
Product Technology
NX Lighting Controls, SpectraSync™ Color Tuning
Voltage Offering
120-277 V;347 V
Lumen Range
600 - 4,000
Dimming Protocol
CCT Offering
2700, 3000, 3500, 4000, 5000
CRI Offering
80, 90
Mounting Options
Wattage Range
8 - 52
Efficacy Range
89 - 99
Optics & Distributions
Very Narrow, Medium, Wide, Extra Wide
Controls & Sensors
NX Lighting Controls
Damp, Wet, Non-IC, IC, Chicago Plenum (CCEA), NSF2 Splash/Non-Food Zone, IP65, TAA (Buy American 52.225-11), IK10, IP66, IP69X
Lumen Maintenance Rating
L90 @ 55,000 hours
5 year limited

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Product Name Color Temp CRI Lumens LM/W Watts Dist. Type Resources
LTR-4SQD-H-SL06LDM1_LTR-4SQD-T-SHSL35K8-WTPML3500 K80 CRI400 lm517.8 WPolycarbonate Micro-prism
LTR-4SQD-H-ML20L-DMTW_LTR-4SQD-T-ML2230TD9NRS_30K3000 K90 CRI2132 lm5936.1 WNarrow, 37° FWHM, (0.6 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-SL10L-DMT_LTR-4SQD-T-SL2765T9NRS_30K3000 K90 CRI1100 lm6118 WNarrow, 37° FWHM, (0.6 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-SL06L-DM1_LTR-4SQD-T-SL35K8MDS3500 K80 CRI764 lm987.8 WMedium, 45° FWHM, (0.7 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-ML30L-DM1_LTR-4SQD-T-ML35K8VNRS3500 K80 CRI2944 lm8037.0 WVery Narrow, 23° FWHM, (0.4 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-ML30L-DM1_LTR-4SQD-T-ML35K8NRS3500 K80 CRI3636 lm10634.6 WNarrow, 37° FWHM, (0.6 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-HL40L-DM1_LTR-4SQD-T-HL35K8XWS3500 K80 CRI4003 lm7851.5 WExtra Wide, 68° FWHM, (1.1 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-SL15L-DM1_LTR-4SQD-T-SL35K8XWS3500 K80 CRI1471 lm8018.6 WExtra Wide, 68° FWHM, (1.1 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-ML20L-DMT_LTR-4SQD-T-ML2765T9MDS_30K3000 K90 CRI2059 lm5736.1 WMedium, 45° FWHM, (0.7 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-SL10LDM1_LTR-4SQD-T-SHSL35K8-WTPML3500 K80 CRI640 lm5312.0 WPolycarbonate Micro-prism
LTR-4SQD-H-ML25LDM1_LTR-4SQD-T-SHML35K8-WTPML3500 K80 CRI1521 lm5527.8 WPolycarbonate Micro-prism
LTR-4SQD-H-SL06L-DMT_LTR-4SQD-T-SL2765T9NRS_30K3000 K90 CRI688 lm6910 WNarrow, 37° FWHM, (0.6 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-SL10L-DMTW_LTR-4SQD-T-SL2230TD9WDS_30K3000 K90 CRI936 lm5218 WWide, 60° FWHM, (1.0 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-HL35L-DM1_LTR-4SQD-T-HL35K8MDS3500 K80 CRI4169 lm9842.9 WMedium, 45° FWHM, (0.7 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-ML25L-DM1_LTR-4SQD-T-ML35K8WDS3500 K80 CRI2580 lm9327.8 WWide, 60° FWHM, (1.0 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-ML20L-DM1_LTR-4SQD-T-ML35K8WDS3500 K80 CRI2081 lm9222.7 WWide, 60° FWHM, (1.0 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-ML15L-DMTW_LTR-4SQD-T-ML2230TD9MDS_30K3000 K90 CRI1519 lm6124.9 WMedium, 45° FWHM, (0.7 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-SL06L-DMTW_LTR-4SQD-T-SL2230TD9XWS_30K3000 K90 CRI571 lm5710 WExtra Wide, 68° FWHM, (1.1 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-SL06L-DMTW_LTR-4SQD-T-SL2230TD9WDS_30K3000 K90 CRI585 lm5810.1 WWide, 60° FWHM, (1.0 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-ML20LDM1_LTR-4SQD-T-SHML35K8-WTACL3500 K80 CRI1297 lm5922.1 WAcrylic Clear
LTR-4SQD-H-ML15L-DMT_LTR-4SQD-T-ML2765T9WDS_30K3000 K90 CRI1338 lm5424.8 WWide, 60° FWHM, (1.0 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-SL10L-DM1_LTR-4SQD-T-SL35K8XWS3500 K80 CRI1028 lm8612 WExtra Wide, 68° FWHM, (1.1 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-ML20L-DM1_LTR-4SQD-T-ML35K8XWS3500 K80 CRI2026 lm9022.7 WExtra Wide, 68° FWHM, (1.1 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-ML25L-DM1_LTR-4SQD-T-ML35K8NRS3500 K80 CRI3029 lm10927.8 WNarrow, 37° FWHM, (0.6 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-SL10L-DM1_LTR-4SQD-T-SL35K8MDS3500 K80 CRI1222 lm10212 WMedium, 45° FWHM, (0.7 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-SL10L-DMTW_LTR-4SQD-T-SL2230TD9XWS_30K3000 K90 CRI913 lm5117.9 WExtra Wide, 68° FWHM, (1.1 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-ML20LDM1_LTR-4SQD-T-SHML35K8-WTPML3500 K80 CRI1240 lm5622.1 WPolycarbonate Micro-prism
LTR-4SQD-H-SL06L-DMT_LTR-4SQD-T-SL2765T9WDS_30K3000 K90 CRI585 lm5810.1 WWide, 60° FWHM, (1.0 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-ML25LDM1_LTR-4SQD-T-SHML35K8-WTGML3500 K80 CRI1581 lm5727.8 WTempered Glass Micro-prism
LTR-4SQD-H-ML15L-DMTW_LTR-4SQD-T-ML2230TD9XWS_30K3000 K90 CRI1306 lm5225.1 WExtra Wide, 68° FWHM, (1.1 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-SL15L-DM1_LTR-4SQD-T-SL35K8WDS3500 K80 CRI1552 lm8418.6 WWide, 60° FWHM, (1.0 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-ML30L-DM1_LTR-4SQD-T-ML35K8MDS3500 K80 CRI3490 lm10134.6 WMedium, 45° FWHM, (0.7 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-ML25L-DM1_LTR-4SQD-T-ML35K8VNRS3500 K80 CRI2520 lm8529.6 WVery Narrow, 23° FWHM, (0.4 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-SL06L-DM1_LTR-4SQD-T-SL35K8NRS3500 K80 CRI796 lm1037.8 WNarrow, 37° FWHM, (0.6 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-HL35L-DM1_LTR-4SQD-T-HL35K8XWS3500 K80 CRI3507 lm8242.9 WExtra Wide, 68° FWHM, (1.1 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-SL10L-DMT_LTR-4SQD-T-SL2765T9WDS_30K3000 K90 CRI936 lm5218 WWide, 60° FWHM, (1.0 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-ML20L-DMTW_LTR-4SQD-T-ML2230TD9WDS_30K3000 K90 CRI1814 lm5036.3 WWide, 60° FWHM, (1.0 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-SL06LDM1_LTR-4SQD-T-SHSL35K8-WTGML3500 K80 CRI416 lm537.8 WTempered Glass Micro-prism
LTR-4SQD-H-SL10LDM1_LTR-4SQD-T-SHSL35K8-WTACL3500 K80 CRI669 lm5612.0 WAcrylic Clear
LTR-4SQD-H-ML20L-DMTW_LTR-4SQD-T-ML2230TD9MDS_30K3000 K90 CRI2059 lm5736.1 WMedium, 45° FWHM, (0.7 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-SL10L-DMT_LTR-4SQD-T-SL2765T9MDS_30K3000 K90 CRI1062 lm5918 WMedium, 45° FWHM, (0.7 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-HL40L-DM1_LTR-4SQD-T-HL35K8MDS3500 K80 CRI4758 lm9351.5 WMedium, 45° FWHM, (0.7 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-SL15L-DM1_LTR-4SQD-T-SL35K8VNRS3500 K80 CRI1663 lm9218.0 WVery Narrow, 23° FWHM, (0.4 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-SL06L-DM1_LTR-4SQD-T-SL35K8VNRS3500 K80 CRI705 lm868.2 WVery Narrow, 23° FWHM, (0.4 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-ML30L-DM1_LTR-4SQD-T-ML35K8WDS3500 K80 CRI3097 lm9034.6 WWide, 60° FWHM, (1.0 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-HL40L-DM1_LTR-4SQD-T-HL35K8WDS3500 K80 CRI4222 lm8251.5 WWide, 60° FWHM, (1.0 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-ML20L-DMT_LTR-4SQD-T-ML2765T9NRS_30K3000 K90 CRI2132 lm5936.1 WNarrow, 37° FWHM, (0.6 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-SL10LDM1_LTR-4SQD-T-SHSL35K8-WTGML3500 K80 CRI665 lm5512.0 WTempered Glass Micro-prism
LTR-4SQD-H-SL06LDM1_LTR-4SQD-T-SHSL35K8-WTACL3500 K80 CRI418 lm547.8 WAcrylic Clear
LTR-4SQD-H-SL06L-DMT_LTR-4SQD-T-SL2765T9MDS_30K3000 K90 CRI664 lm6610.1 WMedium, 45° FWHM, (0.7 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-SL10L-DMTW_LTR-4SQD-T-SL2230TD9NRS_30K3000 K90 CRI1100 lm6118 WNarrow, 37° FWHM, (0.6 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-HL35L-DM1_LTR-4SQD-T-HL35K8NRS3500 K80 CRI4343 lm10242.9 WNarrow, 37° FWHM, (0.6 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-SL06L-DM1_LTR-4SQD-T-SL35K8XWS3500 K80 CRI643 lm837.8 WExtra Wide, 68° FWHM, (1.1 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-ML25L-DM1_LTR-4SQD-T-ML35K8XWS3500 K80 CRI2446 lm8827.8 WExtra Wide, 68° FWHM, (1.1 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-ML20L-DM1_LTR-4SQD-T-ML35K8NRS3500 K80 CRI2237 lm9922.7 WNarrow, 37° FWHM, (0.6 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-SL15L-DM1_LTR-4SQD-T-SL35K8MDS3500 K80 CRI1748 lm9418.6 WMedium, 45° FWHM, (0.7 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-ML15L-DMTW_LTR-4SQD-T-ML2230TD9NRS_30K3000 K90 CRI1573 lm6325 WNarrow, 37° FWHM, (0.6 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-ML25LDM1_LTR-4SQD-T-SHML35K8-WTACL3500 K80 CRI1591 lm5727.8 WAcrylic Clear
LTR-4SQD-H-SL06L-DMTW_LTR-4SQD-T-SL2230TD9NRS_30K3000 K90 CRI688 lm6910 WNarrow, 37° FWHM, (0.6 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-ML20LDM1_LTR-4SQD-T-SHML35K8-WTAML3500 K80 CRI1290 lm5822.1 WAcrylic Micro-prism
LTR-4SQD-H-ML15L-DMT_LTR-4SQD-T-ML2765T9NRS_30K3000 K90 CRI1573 lm6325 WNarrow, 37° FWHM, (0.6 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-SL10L-DM1_LTR-4SQD-T-SL35K8WDS3500 K80 CRI1085 lm9112 WWide, 60° FWHM, (1.0 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-ML20L-DM1_LTR-4SQW-T-ML35K8LWWS3500 K80 CRI2040 lm9122.6 WLensed Wall Wash
LTR-4SQD-H-ML25L-DM1_LTR-4SQD-T-ML35K8MDS3500 K80 CRI2907 lm10527.8 WMedium, 45° FWHM, (0.7 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-SL10L-DM1_LTR-4SQD-T-SL35K8NRS3500 K80 CRI1273 lm10712 WNarrow, 37° FWHM, (0.6 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-ML15L-DMT_LTR-4SQD-T-ML2765T9MDS_30K3000 K90 CRI1519 lm6124.9 WMedium, 45° FWHM, (0.7 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-ML20LDM1_LTR-4SQD-T-SHML35K8-WTGML3500 K80 CRI1289 lm5822.1 WTempered Glass Micro-prism
LTR-4SQD-H-SL06L-DMTW_LTR-4SQD-T-SL2230TD9MDS_30K3000 K90 CRI664 lm6610.1 WMedium, 45° FWHM, (0.7 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-ML25LDM1_LTR-4SQD-T-SHML35K8-WTAML3500 K80 CRI1583 lm5727.8 WAcrylic Micro-prism
LTR-4SQD-H-ML15L-DMTW_LTR-4SQD-T-ML2230TD9WDS_30K3000 K90 CRI1338 lm5424.8 WWide, 60° FWHM, (1.0 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-SL15L-DM1_LTR-4SQD-T-SL35K8NRS3500 K80 CRI1821 lm9818.6 WNarrow, 37° FWHM, (0.6 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-ML20L-DM1_LTR-4SQD-T-ML35K8MDS3500 K80 CRI2209 lm9822.7 WMedium, 45° FWHM, (0.7 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-ML20L-DM1_LTR-4SQD-T-ML35K8VNRS3500 K80 CRI2090 lm9023.3 WVery Narrow, 23° FWHM, (0.4 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-SL06L-DM1_LTR-4SQD-T-SL35K8WDS3500 K80 CRI678 lm877.8 WWide, 60° FWHM, (1.0 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-HL35L-DM1_LTR-4SQD-T-HL35K8WDS3500 K80 CRI3700 lm8742.9 WWide, 60° FWHM, (1.0 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-SL10L-DMTW_LTR-4SQD-T-SL2230TD9MDS_30K3000 K90 CRI1062 lm5918 WMedium, 45° FWHM, (0.7 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-ML20L-DMTW_LTR-4SQD-T-ML2230TD9XWS_30K3000 K90 CRI1770 lm4936.1 WExtra Wide, 68° FWHM, (1.1 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-SL06LDM1_LTR-4SQD-T-SHSL35K8-WTAML3500 K80 CRI416 lm537.8 WAcrylic Micro-prism
LTR-4SQD-H-SL10LDM1_LTR-4SQD-T-SHSL35K8-WTAML3500 K80 CRI665 lm5512.0 WAcrylic Micro-prism
LTR-4SQD-H-ML20L-DMT_LTR-4SQD-T-ML2765T9WDS_30K3000 K90 CRI1814 lm5036.3 WWide, 60° FWHM, (1.0 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-HL40L-DM1_LTR-4SQD-T-HL35K8NRS3500 K80 CRI4957 lm9751.5 WNarrow, 37° FWHM, (0.6 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-ML30L-DM1_LTR-4SQD-T-ML35K8XWS3500 K80 CRI2936 lm8534.6 WExtra Wide, 68° FWHM, (1.1 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-SL10L-DM1_LTR-4SQD-T-SL35K8VNRS3500 K80 CRI1158 lm9212.5 WVery Narrow, 23° FWHM, (0.4 SC)
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