Dual-Lite Replacement Batteries


Why Use Dual-Lite Approved Batteries?

  • Only Batteries to be Tested and Approved to UL 924 Standards
  • Only Batteries to Maintain Warranty on Dual-Lite Emergency Lighting Units
  • Industry Leading Warranty
  • Provide Proper Backup Capacity
  • Made of Highest Quality Components

Why Use Dual-Lite Approved Battery Packs?

  • UL 924 Listed for Field or Factory Installation
  • Industry Leading 5-Year Full Warranty
  • Easily Integrated into any Normal Lighting Fixture
  • Unobtrusive, Aesthetically Pleasing Emergency Lighting
  • Eliminates Need to Install Additional Emergency Units

All Dual-Lite batteries and battery packs come with an industry leading warranty. Dual-Lite is committed to total customer satisfaction, and has been since 1940. Go with a company you trust and a battery that will last.

WARNING: The use of unauthorized batteries in life safety products may cause product failure and increases the risk of  injury to those you or your company are trying to protect. Additionally, use of batteries that are not approved by the Original Equipment Manufacturer may void the product's warranty and exposes you or your company to increased potential for litigation.
Only batteries approved by Dual-Lite are authorized for use with Dual-Lite products.

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