Solitaire is a classic design. The luminous top adds definition without reducing area lighting capability and a lower white acrylic lens produces a low glare option.

Features & Benefits

  • TiR Optics
  • Patented low profile luminaire
  • Available in 580nm, 3000K, 4000K and 5000K standard CCT
  • Type 1, 2, 3, 4W, 5QM, 5W distributions
  • 0 - 10V dimming drivers standard
  • IP66 optic assembly


Lumen Range
3,155 - 15,616
Dimming Protocol
0-10V Dimming
CCT Offering
3000, 4000, 5000
CRI Offering
Mounting Options
Wall (surface), Arm, Post Top
Wattage Range
58.31 - 135.6
Color Offering
BLS - Black Gloss Smooth, BLT - Black Matte Textured, DBS - Dark Bronze Gloss Smooth, DBT- Dark Bronze Matte Textured, GTT - Graphite Matte Textured, LG - Light Grey Matte Textured, LGS - Light Grey Gloss Smooth, PSS - Platinum Silver Gloss Smooth, VGT - Verde Green Matte Textured, WHS - White Gloss Smooth, WHT - White Matte Textured, CC – Custom Color
Optics & Distributions
Type I, Type II, Type III, Type IV W, Type V Square Medium, Type 5 Wide
cUL, UL 1598, CSA C22.2 No. 250.0

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Product Name Color Temp CRI Lumens LM/W Watts Dist. Type Resources
SRS2-72L-260-3K7-1-BC-CP3000 K70 CRI3550 lm6158.31 WType I
SRS2-72L-260-3K7-1-BC3000 K70 CRI3851 lm6658.31 WType I
SRS2-72L-260-3K7-1-CP3000 K70 CRI5819 lm10058.31 WType I
SRS2-72L-260-3K7-13000 K70 CRI6313 lm10858.31 WType I
SRS2-72L-260-3K7-2-BC-CP3000 K70 CRI2969 lm5158.31 WType II
SRS2-72L-260-3K7-2-BC3000 K70 CRI3221 lm5558.31 WType II
SRS2-72L-260-3K7-2-CP3000 K70 CRI5612 lm9658.31 WType II
SRS2-72L-260-3K7-23000 K70 CRI6089 lm10458.31 WType II
SRS2-72L-260-3K7-3-BC-CP3000 K70 CRI2908 lm5058.31 WType III
SRS2-72L-260-3K7-3-BC3000 K70 CRI3155 lm5458.31 WType III
SRS2-72L-260-3K7-3-CP3000 K70 CRI5721 lm9858.31 WType III
SRS2-72L-260-3K7-3-WA3000 K70 CRI4538 lm7858.31 WType III
SRS2-72L-260-3K7-33000 K70 CRI6206 lm10658.31 WType III
SRS2-72L-260-3K7-4W-BC-CP3000 K70 CRI3055 lm5258.31 WType IV WIDE
SRS2-72L-260-3K7-4W-BC3000 K70 CRI3314 lm5758.31 WType IV WIDE
SRS2-72L-260-3K7-4W-CP3000 K70 CRI5357 lm9258.31 WType IV WIDE
SRS2-72L-260-3K7-4W3000 K70 CRI5812 lm9958.31 WType IV WIDE
SRS2-72L-260-3K7-5Q-CP3000 K70 CRI5668 lm9758.31 WType V SQUARE MEDIUM
SRS2-72L-260-3K7-5Q3000 K70 CRI6148 lm10558.31 WType V SQUARE MEDIUM
SRS2-72L-260-3K7-5W-CP3000 K70 CRI5826 lm10058.31 WType V WIDE
SRS2-72L-260-3K7-5W-WA3000 K70 CRI4621 lm7958.31 WType V WIDE
SRS2-72L-260-3K7-5W3000 K70 CRI6320 lm10858.31 WType V WIDE
SRS2-72L-260-4K7-1-BC-CP4000 K70 CRI3648 lm6358.31 WType I
SRS2-72L-260-4K7-1-BC4000 K70 CRI3957 lm6858.31 WType I
SRS2-72L-260-4K7-1-CP4000 K70 CRI5979 lm10358.31 WType I
SRS2-72L-260-4K7-14000 K70 CRI6487 lm11158.31 WType I
SRS2-72L-260-4K7-2-BC-CP4000 K70 CRI3051 lm5258.31 WType II
SRS2-72L-260-4K7-2-BC4000 K70 CRI3310 lm5758.31 WType II
SRS2-72L-260-4K7-2-CP4000 K70 CRI5767 lm9958.31 WType II
SRS2-72L-260-4K7-24000 K70 CRI6256 lm10758.31 WType II
SRS2-72L-260-4K7-3-BC-CP4000 K70 CRI2988 lm5158.31 WType III
SRS2-72L-260-4K7-3-BC4000 K70 CRI3242 lm5658.31 WType III
SRS2-72L-260-4K7-3-CP4000 K70 CRI5879 lm10158.31 WType III
SRS2-72L-260-4K7-3-WA4000 K70 CRI4663 lm8058.31 WType III
SRS2-72L-260-4K7-34000 K70 CRI6378 lm10958.31 WType III
SRS2-72L-260-4K7-4W-BC-CP4000 K70 CRI3139 lm5458.31 WType IV WIDE
SRS2-72L-260-4K7-4W-BC4000 K70 CRI3405 lm5858.31 WType IV WIDE
SRS2-72L-260-4K7-4W-CP4000 K70 CRI5505 lm9458.31 WType IV WIDE
SRS2-72L-260-4K7-4W4000 K70 CRI5972 lm10258.31 WType IV WIDE
SRS2-72L-260-4K7-5Q-CP4000 K70 CRI5824 lm10058.31 WType V SQUARE MEDIUM
SRS2-72L-260-4K7-5Q4000 K70 CRI6318 lm10858.31 WType V SQUARE MEDIUM
SRS2-72L-260-4K7-5W-CP4000 K70 CRI5986 lm10358.31 WType V WIDE
SRS2-72L-260-4K7-5W-WA4000 K70 CRI4749 lm8158.31 WType V WIDE
SRS2-72L-260-4K7-5W4000 K70 CRI6494 lm11158.31 WType V WIDE
SRS2-72L-260-5K7-1-BC-CP5000 K70 CRI4089 lm7058.31 WType I
SRS2-72L-260-5K7-1-BC5000 K70 CRI4436 lm7658.31 WType I
SRS2-72L-260-5K7-1-CP5000 K70 CRI6703 lm11558.31 WType I
SRS2-72L-260-5K7-15000 K70 CRI7271 lm12558.31 WType I
SRS2-72L-260-5K7-2-BC-CP5000 K70 CRI3420 lm5958.31 WType II
SRS2-72L-260-5K7-2-BC5000 K70 CRI3710 lm6458.31 WType II
SRS2-72L-260-5K7-2-CP5000 K70 CRI6465 lm11158.31 WType II
SRS2-72L-260-5K7-25000 K70 CRI7013 lm12058.31 WType II
SRS2-72L-260-5K7-3-BC-CP5000 K70 CRI3350 lm5758.31 WType III
SRS2-72L-260-5K7-3-BC5000 K70 CRI3634 lm6258.31 WType III
SRS2-72L-260-5K7-3-CP5000 K70 CRI6590 lm11358.31 WType III
SRS2-72L-260-5K7-3-WA5000 K70 CRI5227 lm9058.31 WType III
SRS2-72L-260-5K7-35000 K70 CRI7149 lm122.658.31 WType III
SRS2-72L-260-5K7-4W-BC-CP5000 K70 CRI3518 lm6058.31 WType IV WIDE
SRS2-72L-260-5K7-4W-BC5000 K70 CRI3817 lm6558.31 WType IV WIDE
SRS2-72L-260-5K7-4W-CP5000 K70 CRI6171 lm10658.31 WType IV WIDE
SRS2-72L-260-5K7-4W5000 K70 CRI6694 lm11558.31 WType IV WIDE
SRS2-72L-260-5K7-5Q-CP5000 K70 CRI6528 lm11258.31 WType V SQUARE MEDIUM
SRS2-72L-260-5K7-5Q5000 K70 CRI7082 lm12158.31 WType V SQUARE MEDIUM
SRS2-72L-260-5K7-5W-CP5000 K70 CRI6710 lm11558.31 WType V WIDE
SRS2-72L-260-5K7-5W-WA5000 K70 CRI5323 lm9158.31 WType V WIDE
SRS2-72L-260-5K7-5W5000 K70 CRI7279 lm12558.31 WType V WIDE
SRS2-72L-400-3K7-1-BC-CP3000 K70 CRI5221 lm5791.45 WType I
SRS2-72L-400-3K7-1-BC3000 K70 CRI5664 lm6291.45 WType I
SRS2-72L-400-3K7-1-CP3000 K70 CRI8558 lm9491.45 WType I
SRS2-72L-400-3K7-13000 K70 CRI9284 lm10291.45 WType I
SRS2-72L-400-3K7-2-BC-CP3000 K70 CRI4367 lm4891.45 WType II
SRS2-72L-400-3K7-2-BC3000 K70 CRI4737 lm5291.45 WType II
SRS2-72L-400-3K7-2-CP3000 K70 CRI8254 lm9091.45 WType II
SRS2-72L-400-3K7-23000 K70 CRI8954 lm9891.45 WType II
SRS2-72L-400-3K7-3-BC-CP3000 K70 CRI4277 lm4791.45 WType III
SRS2-72L-400-3K7-3-BC3000 K70 CRI4640 lm5191.45 WType III
SRS2-72L-400-3K7-3-CP3000 K70 CRI8414 lm9291.45 WType III
SRS2-72L-400-3K7-3-WA3000 K70 CRI6674 lm7391.45 WType III
SRS2-72L-400-3K7-33000 K70 CRI9128 lm10091.45 WType III
SRS2-72L-400-3K7-4W-BC-CP3000 K70 CRI4492 lm4991.45 WType IV WIDE
SRS2-72L-400-3K7-4W-BC3000 K70 CRI4873 lm5391.45 WType IV WIDE
SRS2-72L-400-3K7-4W-CP3000 K70 CRI7879 lm8691.45 WType IV WIDE
SRS2-72L-400-3K7-4W3000 K70 CRI8547 lm9391.45 WType IV WIDE
SRS2-72L-400-3K7-5Q-CP3000 K70 CRI8335 lm9191.45 WType V SQUARE MEDIUM
SRS2-72L-400-3K7-5Q3000 K70 CRI9042 lm9991.45 WType V SQUARE MEDIUM
SRS2-72L-400-3K7-5W-CP3000 K70 CRI8568 lm9491.45 WType V WIDE
SRS2-72L-400-3K7-5W-WA3000 K70 CRI6796 lm7491.45 WType V WIDE
SRS2-72L-400-3K7-5W3000 K70 CRI9294 lm10291.45 WType V WIDE
SRS2-72L-400-4K7-1-BC-CP4000 K70 CRI5365 lm5991.45 WType I
SRS2-72L-400-4K7-1-BC4000 K70 CRI5820 lm6491.45 WType I
SRS2-72L-400-4K7-1-CP4000 K70 CRI8794 lm9691.45 WType I
SRS2-72L-400-4K7-14000 K70 CRI9540 lm10491.45 WType I
SRS2-72L-400-4K7-2-BC-CP4000 K70 CRI4487 lm4991.45 WType II
SRS2-72L-400-4K7-2-BC4000 K70 CRI4868 lm5391.45 WType II
SRS2-72L-400-4K7-2-CP4000 K70 CRI8482 lm9391.45 WType II
SRS2-72L-400-4K7-24000 K70 CRI9201 lm10191.45 WType II
SRS2-72L-400-4K7-3-BC-CP4000 K70 CRI4395 lm4891.45 WType III
SRS2-72L-400-4K7-3-BC4000 K70 CRI4768 lm5291.45 WType III
SRS2-72L-400-4K7-3-CP4000 K70 CRI8646 lm9591.45 WType III
SRS2-72L-400-4K7-3-WA4000 K70 CRI6858 lm7591.45 WType III
SRS2-72L-400-4K7-34000 K70 CRI9379 lm10391.45 WType III
SRS2-72L-400-4K7-4W-BC-CP4000 K70 CRI4616 lm5091.45 WType IV WIDE
SRS2-72L-400-4K7-4W-BC4000 K70 CRI5008 lm5591.45 WType IV WIDE
SRS2-72L-400-4K7-4W-CP4000 K70 CRI8096 lm8991.45 WType IV WIDE
SRS2-72L-400-4K7-4W4000 K70 CRI8783 lm9691.45 WType IV WIDE
SRS2-72L-400-4K7-5Q-CP4000 K70 CRI8565 lm9491.45 WType V SQUARE MEDIUM
SRS2-72L-400-4K7-5Q4000 K70 CRI9292 lm10291.45 WType V SQUARE MEDIUM
SRS2-72L-400-4K7-5W-CP4000 K70 CRI8804 lm9691.45 WType V WIDE
SRS2-72L-400-4K7-5W-WA4000 K70 CRI6984 lm7691.45 WType V WIDE
SRS2-72L-400-4K7-5W4000 K70 CRI9551 lm10491.45 WType V WIDE
SRS2-72L-400-5K7-1-BC-CP5000 K70 CRI6014 lm6691.45 WType I
SRS2-72L-400-5K7-1-BC5000 K70 CRI6524 lm7191.45 WType I
SRS2-72L-400-5K7-1-CP5000 K70 CRI9857 lm10891.45 WType I
SRS2-72L-400-5K7-15000 K70 CRI10694 lm11791.45 WType I
SRS2-72L-400-5K7-2-BC-CP5000 K70 CRI5029 lm5591.45 WType II
SRS2-72L-400-5K7-2-BC5000 K70 CRI5456 lm6091.45 WType II
SRS2-72L-400-5K7-2-CP5000 K70 CRI9508 lm10491.45 WType II
SRS2-72L-400-5K7-25000 K70 CRI10315 lm11391.45 WType II
SRS2-72L-400-5K7-3-BC-CP5000 K70 CRI4927 lm5491.45 WType III
SRS2-72L-400-5K7-3-BC5000 K70 CRI5344 lm5891.45 WType III
SRS2-72L-400-5K7-3-CP5000 K70 CRI9692 lm10691.45 WType III
SRS2-72L-400-5K7-3-WA5000 K70 CRI7688 lm8491.45 WType III
SRS2-72L-400-5K7-35000 K70 CRI10514 lm11591.45 WType III
SRS2-72L-400-5K7-4W-BC-CP5000 K70 CRI5174 lm5791.45 WType IV WIDE
SRS2-72L-400-5K7-4W-BC5000 K70 CRI5613 lm6191.45 WType IV WIDE
SRS2-72L-400-5K7-4W-CP5000 K70 CRI9075 lm9991.45 WType IV WIDE
SRS2-72L-400-5K7-4W5000 K70 CRI9845 lm10891.45 WType IV WIDE
SRS2-72L-400-5K7-5Q-CP5000 K70 CRI9601 lm10591.45 WType V SQUARE MEDIUM
SRS2-72L-400-5K7-5Q5000 K70 CRI10415 lm11491.45 WType V SQUARE MEDIUM
SRS2-72L-400-5K7-5W-CP5000 K70 CRI9869 lm10891.45 WType V WIDE
SRS2-72L-400-5K7-5W-WA5000 K70 CRI7828 lm8691.45 WType V WIDE
SRS2-72L-400-5K7-5W5000 K70 CRI10706 lm11791.45 WType V WIDE
SRS2-72L-600-3K7-1-BC-CP3000 K70 CRI7615 lm56135.6 WType I
SRS2-72L-600-3K7-1-BC3000 K70 CRI8261 lm61135.6 WType I
SRS2-72L-600-3K7-1-CP3000 K70 CRI12483 lm92135.6 WType I
SRS2-72L-600-3K7-13000 K70 CRI13541 lm100135.6 WType I
SRS2-72L-600-3K7-2-BC-CP3000 K70 CRI6369 lm47135.6 WType II
SRS2-72L-600-3K7-2-BC3000 K70 CRI6909 lm51135.6 WType II
SRS2-72L-600-3K7-2-CP3000 K70 CRI12040 lm89135.6 WType II
SRS2-72L-600-3K7-23000 K70 CRI13061 lm96135.6 WType II
SRS2-72L-600-3K7-3-BC-CP3000 K70 CRI6239 lm46135.6 WType III
SRS2-72L-600-3K7-3-BC3000 K70 CRI6768 lm50135.6 WType III
SRS2-72L-600-3K7-3-CP3000 K70 CRI12273 lm91135.6 WType III
SRS2-72L-600-3K7-3-WA3000 K70 CRI9657 lm71135.6 WType III
SRS2-72L-600-3K7-33000 K70 CRI13314 lm98136.42 WType III
SRS2-72L-600-3K7-4W-BC-CP3000 K70 CRI6553 lm48135.6 WType IV WIDE
SRS2-72L-600-3K7-4W-BC3000 K70 CRI7108 lm52135.6 WType IV WIDE
SRS2-72L-600-3K7-4W-CP3000 K70 CRI11492 lm85135.6 WType IV WIDE
SRS2-72L-600-3K7-4W3000 K70 CRI12467 lm92135.6 WType IV WIDE
SRS2-72L-600-3K7-5Q-CP3000 K70 CRI12158 lm90135.6 WType V SQUARE MEDIUM
SRS2-72L-600-3K7-5Q3000 K70 CRI13189 lm97135.6 WType V SQUARE MEDIUM
SRS2-72L-600-3K7-5W-CP3000 K70 CRI12497 lm92135.6 WType V WIDE
SRS2-72L-600-3K7-5W-WA3000 K70 CRI9992 lm74135.6 WType V WIDE
SRS2-72L-600-3K7-5W3000 K70 CRI13557 lm100135.6 WType V WIDE
SRS2-72L-600-4K7-1-BC-CP4000 K70 CRI7825 lm58135.6 WType I
SRS2-72L-600-4K7-1-BC4000 K70 CRI8489 lm63135.6 WType I
SRS2-72L-600-4K7-1-CP4000 K70 CRI12827 lm95135.6 WType I
SRS2-72L-600-4K7-14000 K70 CRI13915 lm103135.6 WType I
SRS2-72L-600-4K7-2-BC-CP4000 K70 CRI6544 lm48135.6 WType II
SRS2-72L-600-4K7-2-BC4000 K70 CRI7099 lm52135.6 WType II
SRS2-72L-600-4K7-2-CP4000 K70 CRI12372 lm91135.6 WType II
SRS2-72L-600-4K7-24000 K70 CRI13421 lm99135.6 WType II
SRS2-72L-600-4K7-3-BC-CP4000 K70 CRI6411 lm47135.6 WType III
SRS2-72L-600-4K7-3-BC4000 K70 CRI6954 lm51135.6 WType III
SRS2-72L-600-4K7-3-CP4000 K70 CRI12611 lm93135.6 WType III
SRS2-72L-600-4K7-3-WA4000 K70 CRI9924 lm73135.6 WType III
SRS2-72L-600-4K7-34000 K70 CRI13681 lm101136.42 WType III
SRS2-72L-600-4K7-4W-BC-CP4000 K70 CRI6733 lm50135.6 WType IV WIDE
SRS2-72L-600-4K7-4W-BC4000 K70 CRI7304 lm54135.6 WType IV WIDE
SRS2-72L-600-4K7-4W-CP4000 K70 CRI11809 lm87135.6 WType IV WIDE
SRS2-72L-600-4K7-4W4000 K70 CRI12811 lm94135.6 WType IV WIDE
SRS2-72L-600-4K7-5Q-CP4000 K70 CRI12493 lm92135.6 WType V SQUARE MEDIUM
SRS2-72L-600-4K7-5Q4000 K70 CRI13553 lm100135.6 WType V SQUARE MEDIUM
SRS2-72L-600-4K7-5W-CP4000 K70 CRI12842 lm95135.6 WType V WIDE
SRS2-72L-600-4K7-5W-WA4000 K70 CRI10268 lm76135.6 WType V WIDE
SRS2-72L-600-4K7-5W4000 K70 CRI13931 lm103135.6 WType V WIDE
SRS2-72L-600-5K7-1-BC-CP5000 K70 CRI8772 lm65135.6 WType I
SRS2-72L-600-5K7-1-BC5000 K70 CRI9516 lm70135.28 WType I
SRS2-72L-600-5K7-1-CP5000 K70 CRI14378 lm106135.6 WType I
SRS2-72L-600-5K7-15000 K70 CRI15598 lm115135.81 WType I
SRS2-72L-600-5K7-2-BC-CP5000 K70 CRI7336 lm54135.6 WType II
SRS2-72L-600-5K7-2-BC5000 K70 CRI7959 lm59135.36 WType II
SRS2-72L-600-5K7-2-CP5000 K70 CRI13868 lm102135.6 WType II
SRS2-72L-600-5K7-25000 K70 CRI15044 lm111135.83 WType II
SRS2-72L-600-5K7-3-BC-CP5000 K70 CRI7186 lm53135.6 WType III
SRS2-72L-600-5K7-3-BC5000 K70 CRI7796 lm57135.34 WType III
SRS2-72L-600-5K7-3-CP5000 K70 CRI14136 lm105135.73 WType III
SRS2-72L-600-5K7-3-WA5000 K70 CRI11124 lm82135.73 WType III
SRS2-72L-600-5K7-35000 K70 CRI15336 lm113136.42 WType III
SRS2-72L-600-5K7-4W-BC-CP5000 K70 CRI7548 lm56135.6 WType IV WIDE
SRS2-72L-600-5K7-4W-BC5000 K70 CRI8188 lm60135.22 WType IV WIDE
SRS2-72L-600-5K7-4W-CP5000 K70 CRI13237 lm98135.6 WType IV WIDE
SRS2-72L-600-5K7-4W5000 K70 CRI14360 lm106135.74 WType IV WIDE
SRS2-72L-600-5K7-5Q-CP5000 K70 CRI14004 lm103135.6 WType V SQUARE MEDIUM
SRS2-72L-600-5K7-5Q5000 K70 CRI15192 lm112135.62 WType V SQUARE MEDIUM
SRS2-72L-600-5K7-5W-CP5000 K70 CRI14395 lm106135.6 WType V WIDE
SRS2-72L-600-5K7-5W-WA5000 K70 CRI11509 lm85136.01 WType V WIDE
SRS2-72L-600-5K7-5W5000 K70 CRI15616 lm115135.7 WType V WIDE
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