Prevent Round

The Prevent Round brings versatility, style, and durability to outdoor and complex environments. The Prevent Round is intentionally designed for canopy or wall sconce use in applications ranging from public outdoor spaces to patient care areas in behavioral health settings. 

Features & Benefits

  • 13" and 17" configurations provide scalability in each space
  • Precision designed LED placement provides a uniform low glare appearance
  • Decorative cover hides all external hardware while providing a clean contemporary finish
  • IK10 rated high impact, UV resistant polycarbonate lens withstands damage in high conflict areas
  • Lifeshield option offers solutions for healthcare, vandal resistant, and behavioral applications
  • Dedicated LED color options in green, blue, amber and red are available to meet specialty application requirements


Product Technology
Networked, Motion Sensing
Lumen Range
1,260 - 7,430
Dimming Protocol
0-10V Dimming, Step-Dimming
CCT Offering
2700, 3000, 3500, 4000, 5000
CRI Offering
80, 90
Mounting Options
Wall, Ceiling, Surface
Material - Housing
Die-Cast Aluminum with Polycarbonate Lens
Wattage Range
10 - 70
Efficacy Range
98 - 130
Color Offering
BLS - Black Gloss Smooth, BLT - Black Matte Textured, DBS - Dark Bronze Gloss Smooth, DBT- Dark Bronze Matte Textured, GTT - Graphite Matte Textured, LG - Light Grey Matte Textured, LGS - Light Grey Gloss Smooth, PSS - Platinum Silver Gloss Smooth, VGT - Verde Green Matte Textured, WHS - White Gloss Smooth, WHT - White Matte Textured, CC – Custom Color
Optics & Distributions
Symmetric, Lambertian
cULus, ADA, UL 924, RoHS
IP66, IK10, ANSI 3G, ANSI C78, ANSI C82
5 year limited

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Product Name Color Temp CRI Lumens LM/W Watts Dist. Type Resources
PVNTR-13-10-27K8-UNV2700 K80 CRI11 lm1261115 WType V
PVNTR-13-10-27K9-UNV2700 K90 CRI11 lm1110101 WType V
PVNTR-13-10-35K8-UNV3500 K80 CRI11 lm1385126 WType V
PVNTR-13-10-35K9-UNV3500 K90 CRI11 lm1211110 WType V
PVNTR-13-10-3K8-UNV3000 K80 CRI11 lm1363124 WType V
PVNTR-13-10-3K9-UNV3000 K90 CRI11 lm1192108 WType V
PVNTR-13-10-4K8-UNV4000 K80 CRI11 lm1425130 WType V
PVNTR-13-10-4K9-UNV4000 K90 CRI11 lm1246113 WType V
PVNTR-13-10-5K8-UNV5000 K80 CRI11 lm1432130 WType V
PVNTR-13-10-5K9-UNV5000 K90 CRI11 lm1252114 WType V
PVNTR-13-20-27K8-UNV2700 K80 CRI21.6 lm2378110 WType V
PVNTR-13-20-27K9-UNV2700 K90 CRI21.6 lm2172101 WType V
PVNTR-13-20-35K8-UNV3500 K80 CRI21.6 lm2595120 WType V
PVNTR-13-20-35K9-UNV3500 K90 CRI21.6 lm2370110 WType V
PVNTR-13-20-3K8-UNV3000 K80 CRI21.6 lm2554118 WType V
PVNTR-13-20-3K9-UNV3000 K90 CRI21.6 lm2333108 WType V
PVNTR-13-20-4K8-UNV4000 K80 CRI21.6 lm2671124 WType V
PVNTR-13-20-4K9-UNV4000 K90 CRI21.6 lm2439113 WType V
PVNTR-13-20-5K8-UNV5000 K80 CRI21.6 lm2684124 WType V
PVNTR-13-20-5K9-UNV5000 K90 CRI21.6 lm2451113 WType V
PVNTR-13-30-27K8-UNV2700 K80 CRI31.4 lm3370107 WType V
PVNTR-13-30-27K9-UNV2700 K90 CRI31.4 lm301196 WType V
PVNTR-13-30-35K8-UNV3500 K80 CRI31.4 lm3608115 WType V
PVNTR-13-30-35K9-UNV3500 K90 CRI31.4 lm3285105 WType V
PVNTR-13-30-3K8-UNV3000 K80 CRI31.4 lm3552113 WType V
PVNTR-13-30-3K9-UNV3000 K90 CRI31.4 lm3234103 WType V
PVNTR-13-30-4K8-UNV4000 K80 CRI31.4 lm3712118 WType V
PVNTR-13-30-4K9-UNV4000 K90 CRI31.4 lm3380108 WType V
PVNTR-13-30-5K8-UNV5000 K80 CRI31.4 lm3731119 WType V
PVNTR-13-30-5K9-UNV5000 K90 CRI31.4 lm3397108 WType V
PVNTR-13-40-27K8-UNV2700 K80 CRI39.7 lm4054102 WType V
PVNTR-13-40-27K9-UNV2700 K90 CRI39.7 lm370593 WType V
PVNTR-13-40-35K8-UNV3500 K80 CRI39.7 lm4449112 WType V
PVNTR-13-40-35K9-UNV3500 K90 CRI39.7 lm4042102 WType V
PVNTR-13-40-3K8-UNV3000 K80 CRI39.7 lm4380110 WType V
PVNTR-13-40-3K9-UNV3000 K90 CRI39.7 lm3979100 WType V
PVNTR-13-40-4K8-UNV4000 K80 CRI39.7 lm4578115 WType V
PVNTR-13-40-4K9-UNV4000 K90 CRI39.7 lm4159105 WType V
PVNTR-13-40-5K8-UNV5000 K80 CRI39.7 lm4601116 WType V
PVNTR-13-40-5K9-UNV5000 K90 CRI39.7 lm4180105 WType V
PVNTR-17-20-27K8-UNV2700 K80 CRI2391 lm11420.9 WType V
PVNTR-17-20-27K9-UNV2700 K90 CRI2243 lm10720.9 WType V
PVNTR-17-20-35K8-UNV3500 K80 CRI2609 lm12520.9 WType V
PVNTR-17-20-35K9-UNV3500 K90 CRI2447 lm11720.9 WType V
PVNTR-17-20-3K8-UNV3000 K80 CRI2568 lm12320.9 WType V
PVNTR-17-20-3K9-UNV3000 K90 CRI2410 lm11520.9 WType V
PVNTR-17-20-4K8-UNV4000 K80 CRI2685 lm12820.9 WType V
PVNTR-17-20-4K9-UNV4000 K90 CRI2518 lm12020.9 WType V
PVNTR-17-20-5K8-UNV5000 K80 CRI2698 lm12920.9 WType V
PVNTR-17-20-5K9-UNV5000 K90 CRI2531 lm12120.9 WType V
PVNTR-17-30-27K8-UNV2700 K80 CRI3350 lm10731.4 WType V
PVNTR-17-30-27K9-UNV2700 K90 CRI3249 lm10331.4 WType V
PVNTR-17-30-35K8-UNV3500 K80 CRI3655 lm11631.4 WType V
PVNTR-17-30-35K9-UNV3500 K90 CRI3545 lm11331.4 WType V
PVNTR-17-30-3K8-UNV3000 K80 CRI3599 lm11531.4 WType V
PVNTR-17-30-3K9-UNV3000 K90 CRI3490 lm11131.4 WType V
PVNTR-17-30-4K8-UNV4000 K80 CRI3761 lm12031.4 WType V
PVNTR-17-30-4K9-UNV4000 K90 CRI3648 lm11631.4 WType V
PVNTR-17-30-5K8-UNV5000 K80 CRI3780 lm12031.4 WType V
PVNTR-17-30-5K9-UNV5000 K90 CRI3666 lm11731.4 WType V
PVNTR-17-40-27K8-UNV2700 K80 CRI4331 lm10640.8 WType V
PVNTR-17-40-27K9-UNV2700 K90 CRI4147 lm10240.8 WType V
PVNTR-17-40-35K8-UNV3500 K80 CRI4725 lm11640.8 WType V
PVNTR-17-40-35K9-UNV3500 K90 CRI4525 lm11140.8 WType V
PVNTR-17-40-3K8-UNV3000 K80 CRI4654 lm11440.8 WType V
PVNTR-17-40-3K9-UNV3000 K90 CRI4454 lm10940.8 WType V
PVNTR-17-40-4K8-UNV4000 K80 CRI4862 lm11940.8 WType V
PVNTR-17-40-4K9-UNV4000 K90 CRI4656 lm11440.8 WType V
PVNTR-17-40-5K8-UNV5000 K80 CRI4886 lm12040.8 WType V
PVNTR-17-40-5K9-UNV5000 K90 CRI4679 lm11540.8 WType V
PVNTR-17-50-27K8-UNV2700 K80 CRI5305 lm10550.6 WType V
PVNTR-17-50-27K9-UNV2700 K90 CRI5045 lm10050.6 WType V
PVNTR-17-50-35K8-UNV3500 K80 CRI5787 lm11450.6 WType V
PVNTR-17-50-35K9-UNV3500 K90 CRI5504 lm10950.6 WType V
PVNTR-17-50-3K8-UNV3000 K80 CRI5698 lm11350.6 WType V
PVNTR-17-50-3K9-UNV3000 K90 CRI5419 lm10750.6 WType V
PVNTR-17-50-4K8-UNV4000 K80 CRI5955 lm11850.6 WType V
PVNTR-17-50-4K9-UNV4000 K90 CRI5664 lm11250.6 WType V
PVNTR-17-50-5K8-UNV5000 K80 CRI5985 lm11850.6 WType V
PVNTR-17-50-5K9-UNV5000 K90 CRI5692 lm11250.6 WType V
PVNTR-17-60-27K8-UNV2700 K80 CRI6237 lm10360.5 WType V
PVNTR-17-60-27K9-UNV2700 K90 CRI5900 lm9860.5 WType V
PVNTR-17-60-35K8-UNV3500 K80 CRI6805 lm11260.5 WType V
PVNTR-17-60-35K9-UNV3500 K90 CRI6436 lm10660.5 WType V
PVNTR-17-60-3K8-UNV3000 K80 CRI6699 lm11160.5 WType V
PVNTR-17-60-3K9-UNV3000 K90 CRI6337 lm10560.5 WType V
PVNTR-17-60-4K8-UNV4000 K80 CRI7002 lm11660.5 WType V
PVNTR-17-60-4K9-UNV4000 K90 CRI6623 lm10960.5 WType V
PVNTR-17-60-5K8-UNV5000 K80 CRI7037 lm11660.5 WType V
PVNTR-17-60-5K9-UNV5000 K90 CRI6656 lm11060.5 WType V
PVNTR-17-70-27K8-UNV2700 K80 CRI6435 lm9865.7 WType V
PVNTR-17-70-27K9-UNV2700 K90 CRI5842 lm8965.7 WType V
PVNTR-17-70-35K8-UNV3500 K80 CRI7185 lm10965.7 WType V
PVNTR-17-70-35K9-UNV3500 K90 CRI6523 lm9965.7 WType V
PVNTR-17-70-3K8-UNV3000 K80 CRI7073 lm10865.7 WType V
PVNTR-17-70-3K9-UNV3000 K90 CRI7088 lm10865.7 WType V
PVNTR-17-70-4K8-UNV4000 K80 CRI7393 lm11365.7 WType V
PVNTR-17-70-4K9-UNV4000 K90 CRI6712 lm10265.7 WType V
PVNTR-17-70-5K8-UNV5000 K80 CRI7430 lm11365.7 WType V
PVNTR-17-70-5K9-UNV5000 K90 CRI6746 lm10365.7 WType V
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