Parkway Square® Pedestrian

Parkway Square is scaled in two sizes of luminaires and allows you to mix-and-match between four optical systems, and three hood styles

Features & Benefits

  • Reliable, uniform, glare free illumination
  • 0-10V dimming ready
  • Integral surge suppression
  • Integral thermal protection


Lumen Range
1 - 10,000
Dimming Protocol
0-10V Dimming, Step-Dimming
CCT Offering
3000, 4000, 5000
CRI Offering
Mounting Options
Wall, Surface, Arm, Post Top
Wattage Range
31 - 150
Color Offering
BLS - Black Gloss Smooth, BLT - Black Matte Textured, DBS - Dark Bronze Gloss Smooth, DBT- Dark Bronze Matte Textured, GTT - Graphite Matte Textured, LG - Light Grey Matte Textured, LGS - Light Grey Gloss Smooth, PSS - Platinum Silver Gloss Smooth, VGT - Verde Green Matte Textured, WHS - White Gloss Smooth, WHT - White Matte Textured, CC – Custom Color
Optics & Distributions
Type II, Type III, Type IV, Type V
TAA (Buy American 52.225-11), IP66
Operating Temp
-30 to 25

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Product Name Color Temp CRI Lumens LM/W Watts Dist. Type Resources
PKWM-ANG-Y2HC-32LED-3K-5003000 K70 CRI4798 lm95.9650 WType II
PKWM-ANG-Y2HC-32LED-3K-7003000 K70 CRI6186 lm87.1267605633802971 WType II
PKWM-ANG-Y2HC-32LED-4K-5004000 K70 CRI4921 lm98.4250 WType II
PKWM-ANG-Y2HC-32LED-4K-7004000 K70 CRI6345 lm89.3661971830985971 WType II
PKWM-ANG-Y2HC-32LED-5K-5005000 K70 CRI4978 lm99.5650 WType II
PKWM-ANG-Y2HC-32LED-5K-7005000 K70 CRI6417 lm90.3802816901408571 WType II
PKWM-ANG-Y2HD-32LED-3K-5003000 K70 CRI3858 lm77.1650 WType II
PKWM-ANG-Y2HD-32LED-3K-7003000 K70 CRI4964 lm69.9154929577464871 WType II
PKWM-ANG-Y2HD-32LED-4K-5004000 K70 CRI3957 lm79.1450 WType II
PKWM-ANG-Y2HD-32LED-4K-7004000 K70 CRI5091 lm71.7042253521126771 WType II
PKWM-ANG-Y2HD-32LED-5K-5005000 K70 CRI4002 lm80.0450 WType II
PKWM-ANG-Y2HD-32LED-5K-7005000 K70 CRI5149 lm72.5211267605633871 WType II
PKWM-ANG-Y3HC-32LED-3K-5003000 K70 CRI4765 lm95.350 WType III
PKWM-ANG-Y3HC-32LED-3K-7003000 K70 CRI6144 lm86.5352112676056371 WType III
PKWM-ANG-Y3HC-32LED-4K-5004000 K70 CRI4888 lm97.7650 WType III
PKWM-ANG-Y3HC-32LED-4K-7004000 K70 CRI6301 lm88.7464788732394471 WType III
PKWM-ANG-Y3HC-32LED-5K-5005000 K70 CRI4943 lm98.8650 WType III
PKWM-ANG-Y3HC-32LED-5K-7005000 K70 CRI6373 lm89.760563380281771 WType III
PKWM-ANG-Y3HD-32LED-3K-5003000 K70 CRI3753 lm75.0650 WType III
PKWM-ANG-Y3HD-32LED-3K-7003000 K70 CRI4821 lm67.9014084507042271 WType III
PKWM-ANG-Y3HD-32LED-4K-5004000 K70 CRI3849 lm76.9850 WType III
PKWM-ANG-Y3HD-32LED-4K-7004000 K70 CRI4944 lm69.6338028169014171 WType III
PKWM-ANG-Y3HD-32LED-5K-5005000 K70 CRI3893 lm77.8650 WType III
PKWM-ANG-Y3HD-32LED-5K-7005000 K70 CRI5001 lm70.4366197183098671 WType III
PKWM-ANG-Y4HC-32LED-3K-5003000 K70 CRI4670 lm93.450 WType IV
PKWM-ANG-Y4HC-32LED-3K-7003000 K70 CRI5994 lm84.422535211267671 WType IV
PKWM-ANG-Y4HC-32LED-4K-5004000 K70 CRI4790 lm95.850 WType IV
PKWM-ANG-Y4HC-32LED-4K-7004000 K70 CRI6148 lm86.5915492957746471 WType IV
PKWM-ANG-Y4HC-32LED-5K-5005000 K70 CRI4844 lm96.8850 WType IV
PKWM-ANG-Y4HC-32LED-5K-7005000 K70 CRI6218 lm87.577464788732471 WType IV
PKWM-ANG-Y4HD-32LED-3K-5003000 K70 CRI3721 lm74.4250 WType IV
PKWM-ANG-Y4HD-32LED-3K-7003000 K70 CRI4776 lm67.2676056338028271 WType IV
PKWM-ANG-Y4HD-32LED-4K-5004000 K70 CRI3816 lm76.3250 WType IV
PKWM-ANG-Y4HD-32LED-4K-7004000 K70 CRI4898 lm68.9859154929577471 WType IV
PKWM-ANG-Y4HD-32LED-5K-5005000 K70 CRI3860 lm77.250 WType IV
PKWM-ANG-Y4HD-32LED-5K-7005000 K70 CRI4954 lm69.7746478873239471 WType IV
PKWM-ANG-Y5HC-32LED-3K-5003000 K70 CRI4608 lm92.1650 WType V
PKWM-ANG-Y5HC-32LED-3K-7003000 K70 CRI5917 lm83.3380281690140871 WType V
PKWM-ANG-Y5HC-32LED-4K-5004000 K70 CRI4727 lm94.5450 WType V
PKWM-ANG-Y5HC-32LED-4K-7004000 K70 CRI6069 lm85.4788732394366271 WType V
PKWM-ANG-Y5HC-32LED-5K-5005000 K70 CRI4781 lm95.6250 WType V
PKWM-ANG-Y5HC-32LED-5K-7005000 K70 CRI6138 lm86.4507042253521171 WType V
PKWM-ANG-Y5HD-32LED-3K-5003000 K70 CRI3636 lm72.7250 WType V
PKWM-ANG-Y5HD-32LED-3K-7003000 K70 CRI4695 lm66.1267605633802971 WType V
PKWM-ANG-Y5HD-32LED-4K-5004000 K70 CRI3729 lm74.5850 WType V
PKWM-ANG-Y5HD-32LED-4K-7004000 K70 CRI4816 lm67.8309859154929671 WType V
PKWM-ANG-Y5HD-32LED-5K-5005000 K70 CRI3772 lm75.4450 WType V
PKWM-ANG-Y5HD-32LED-5K-7005000 K70 CRI4871 lm68.605633802816971 WType V
PKWM-STR-Y2VC-32LED-3K-3503000 K3449 lm90.7631578947368438 WType II
PKWM-STR-Y2VC-32LED-3K-5253000 K4740 lm81.7241379310344858 WType II
PKWM-STR-Y2VC-32LED-4K-3504000 K3538 lm93.1052631578947438 WType II
PKWM-STR-Y2VC-32LED-4K-5254000 K4861 lm83.810344827586258 WType II
PKWM-STR-Y2VC-32LED-5K-3505000 K3578 lm94.1578947368421138 WType II
PKWM-STR-Y2VC-32LED-5K-5255000 K4917 lm84.7758620689655258 WType II
PKWM-STR-Y2VD-32LED-3K-3503000 K1953 lm51.3947368421052638 WType II
PKWM-STR-Y2VD-32LED-3K-5253000 K2684 lm46.27586206896551658 WType II
PKWM-STR-Y2VD-32LED-4K-3504000 K2003 lm52.7105263157894738 WType II
PKWM-STR-Y2VD-32LED-4K-5254000 K2753 lm47.4655172413793158 WType II
PKWM-STR-Y2VD-32LED-5K-3505000 K2026 lm53.3157894736842138 WType II
PKWM-STR-Y2VD-32LED-5K-5255000 K2784 lm4858 WType II
PKWM-STR-Y3VC-32LED-3K-3503000 K3500 lm92.1052631578947438 WType III
PKWM-STR-Y3VC-32LED-3K-5253000 K4809 lm82.9137931034482758 WType III
PKWM-STR-Y3VC-32LED-4K-3504000 K3590 lm94.4736842105263238 WType III
PKWM-STR-Y3VC-32LED-4K-5254000 K4932 lm85.0344827586206858 WType III
PKWM-STR-Y3VC-32LED-5K-3505000 K3631 lm95.5526315789473738 WType III
PKWM-STR-Y3VC-32LED-5K-5255000 K4989 lm86.0172413793103558 WType III
PKWM-STR-Y3VD-32LED-3K-3503000 K2131 lm56.07894736842105538 WType III
PKWM-STR-Y3VD-32LED-3K-5253000 K2928 lm50.4827586206896658 WType III
PKWM-STR-Y3VD-32LED-4K-3504000 K2186 lm57.52631578947368538 WType III
PKWM-STR-Y3VD-32LED-4K-5254000 K3003 lm51.77586206896551658 WType III
PKWM-STR-Y3VD-32LED-5K-3505000 K2211 lm58.1842105263157938 WType III
PKWM-STR-Y3VD-32LED-5K-5255000 K3037 lm52.3620689655172458 WType III
PKWM-STR-Y4VC-32LED-3K-3503000 K3365 lm88.5526315789473738 WType IV
PKWM-STR-Y4VC-32LED-3K-5253000 K4623 lm79.7068965517241458 WType IV
PKWM-STR-Y4VC-32LED-4K-3504000 K3451 lm90.815789473684238 WType IV
PKWM-STR-Y4VC-32LED-4K-5254000 K4742 lm81.7586206896551758 WType IV
PKWM-STR-Y4VC-32LED-5K-3505000 K3490 lm91.8421052631578938 WType IV
PKWM-STR-Y4VC-32LED-5K-5255000 K4796 lm82.689655172413858 WType IV
PKWM-STR-Y4VD-32LED-3K-3503000 K2027 lm53.342105263157938 WType IV
PKWM-STR-Y4VD-32LED-3K-5253000 K2785 lm48.0172413793103458 WType IV
PKWM-STR-Y4VD-32LED-4K-3504000 K2079 lm54.7105263157894738 WType IV
PKWM-STR-Y4VD-32LED-4K-5254000 K2856 lm49.24137931034482658 WType IV
PKWM-STR-Y4VD-32LED-5K-3505000 K2103 lm55.342105263157938 WType IV
PKWM-STR-Y4VD-32LED-5K-5255000 K2889 lm49.81034482758620658 WType IV
PKWM-STR-Y5VC-32LED-3K-3503000 K3633 lm95.6052631578947438 WType V
PKWM-STR-Y5VC-32LED-3K-5253000 K4992 lm86.0689655172413858 WType V
PKWM-STR-Y5VC-32LED-4K-3504000 K3726 lm98.0526315789473738 WType V
PKWM-STR-Y5VC-32LED-4K-5254000 K5120 lm88.2758620689655258 WType V
PKWM-STR-Y5VC-32LED-5K-3505000 K3769 lm99.184210526315838 WType V
PKWM-STR-Y5VC-32LED-5K-5255000 K5179 lm89.2931034482758658 WType V
PKWM-STR-Y5VD-32LED-3K-3503000 K2106 lm55.42105263157894538 WType V
PKWM-STR-Y5VD-32LED-3K-5253000 K2894 lm49.8965517241379358 WType V
PKWM-STR-Y5VD-32LED-4K-3504000 K2160 lm56.842105263157938 WType V
PKWM-STR-Y5VD-32LED-4K-5254000 K2968 lm51.17241379310344558 WType V
PKWM-STR-Y5VD-32LED-5K-3505000 K2185 lm57.538 WType V
PKWM-STR-Y5VD-32LED-5K-5255000 K3002 lm51.75862068965517458 WType V
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