The Endura Parking Garage luminaire offers precise optical distributions and is ideally suited to Parking Garage Lighting and Canopy Lighting applications.

Features & Benefits

  • Field replaceable LED light engine & optical bezel system
  • 6 lighting distributions puts light where it is needed, not wasted
  • Shape of the top housing is designed as a bird nesting deterrent and is a standard feature
  • Unique design allows the luminaire top to be installed separately and directly to a recessed or surface-mount junction box
  • Optional On-Board Occupancy Sensor provides the utmost in safety, security and control


Lumen Range
3,400 - 13,400
Dimming Protocol
0-10V Dimming
CRI Offering
Mounting Options
Ceiling (junction box)
Color Offering
Black Matte Textured, Black Gloss Smooth, Dark Bronze Matte Textured, Dark Bronze Gloss Smooth, Graphite Matte Textured, Light Grey Gloss Smooth, Platinum Silver Smooth, White Matte Textured, White Gloss Smooth, Verde Green Textured
DLC Standard, CSA, cULus
TAA (Buy American 52.225-11), Wildlife Lighting
Operating Temp
-30 to 25
Lumen Maintenance Rating
TAA (Buy American 52.225-11);Wildlife Lighting

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Product Name Color Temp CRI Lumens LM/W Watts Dist. Type Resources
EDR-24L-27-3K7-2X2-UNV3000 K70 CRI3278 lm11827 WType V Concentrated Spot
EDR-24L-27-3K7-4X4-UNV3000 K70 CRI3207 lm11627 WType V Concentrated Narrow
EDR-24L-27-3K7-5QM-UNV3000 K70 CRI3010 lm10927 WType V, Square Medium
EDR-24L-27-3K7-5QN-UNV3000 K70 CRI2824 lm10227 WType V, Square Narrow
EDR-24L-27-3K7-5QW-UNV3000 K70 CRI27 WType V, Square Wide
EDR-24L-27-3K7-5R-UNV3000 K70 CRI3061 lm11027 WType V, Rectangular
EDR-24L-27-3K7-5W-UNV3000 K70 CRI3041 lm11027 WType V, Round Wide
EDR-24L-27-3K7-5X3-UNV3000 K70 CRI3033 lm10927 WType V Concentrated Rectangular
EDR-24L-27-3K7-5X5-UNV3000 K70 CRI3100 lm11227 WType V Concentrated Medium
EDR-24L-27-4K7-2X2-UNV4000 K70 CRI3640 lm13127 WType V Concentrated Spot
EDR-24L-27-4K7-4X4-UNV4000 K70 CRI3561 lm12927 WType V Concentrated Narrow
EDR-24L-27-4K7-5QM-UNV4000 K70 CRI3341 lm12127 WType V, Square Medium
EDR-24L-27-4K7-5QN-UNV4000 K70 CRI3135 lm11327 WType V, Square Narrow
EDR-24L-27-4K7-5QW-UNV4000 K70 CRI27 WType V, Square Wide
EDR-24L-27-4K7-5R-UNV4000 K70 CRI3398 lm12327 WType V, Rectangular
EDR-24L-27-4K7-5W-UNV4000 K70 CRI3376 lm12227 WType V, Round Wide
EDR-24L-27-4K7-5X3-UNV4000 K70 CRI3367 lm12227 WType V Concentrated Rectangular
EDR-24L-27-4K7-5X5-UNV4000 K70 CRI3441 lm12427 WType V Concentrated Medium
EDR-24L-27-5K7-2X2-UNV5000 K70 CRI3567 lm12927 WType V Concentrated Spot
EDR-24L-27-5K7-4X4-UNV5000 K70 CRI3490 lm12627 WType V Concentrated Narrow
EDR-24L-27-5K7-5QM-UNV5000 K70 CRI3275 lm11827 WType V, Square Medium
EDR-24L-27-5K7-5QN-UNV5000 K70 CRI3072 lm11127 WType V, Square Narrow
EDR-24L-27-5K7-5QW-UNV5000 K70 CRI27 WType V, Square Wide
EDR-24L-27-5K7-5R-UNV5000 K70 CRI3330 lm12027 WType V, Rectangular
EDR-24L-27-5K7-5W-UNV5000 K70 CRI3309 lm11927 WType V, Round Wide
EDR-24L-27-5K7-5X3-UNV5000 K70 CRI3300 lm11927 WType V Concentrated Rectangular
EDR-24L-27-5K7-5X5-UNV5000 K70 CRI3373 lm12227 WType V Concentrated Medium
EDR-24L-55-3K7-2X2-UNV3000 K70 CRI6076 lm11155 WType V Concentrated Spot
EDR-24L-55-3K7-4X4-UNV3000 K70 CRI5944 lm10955 WType V Concentrated Narrow
EDR-24L-55-3K7-5QM-UNV3000 K70 CRI5578 lm10255 WType V, Square Medium
EDR-24L-55-3K7-5QN-UNV3000 K70 CRI5233 lm9655 WType V, Square Narrow
EDR-24L-55-3K7-5QW-UNV3000 K70 CRI55 WType V, Square Wide
EDR-24L-55-3K7-5R-UNV3000 K70 CRI5673 lm10455 WType V, Rectangular
EDR-24L-55-3K7-5W-UNV3000 K70 CRI5636 lm10355 WType V, Round Wide
EDR-24L-55-3K7-5X3-UNV3000 K70 CRI5621 lm10355 WType V Concentrated Rectangular
EDR-24L-55-3K7-5X5-UNV3000 K70 CRI5745 lm10555 WType V Concentrated Medium
EDR-24L-55-4K7-2X2-UNV4000 K70 CRI3746 lm12455 WType V Concentrated Spot
EDR-24L-55-4K7-4X4-UNV4000 K70 CRI6600 lm12155 WType V Concentrated Narrow
EDR-24L-55-4K7-5QM-UNV4000 K70 CRI6193 lm11455 WType V, Square Medium
EDR-24L-55-4K7-5QN-UNV4000 K70 CRI5810 lm10755 WType V, Square Narrow
EDR-24L-55-4K7-5QW-UNV4000 K70 CRI55 WType V, Square Wide
EDR-24L-55-4K7-5R-UNV4000 K70 CRI6298 lm11655 WType V, Rectangular
EDR-24L-55-4K7-5W-UNV4000 K70 CRI6257 lm11555 WType V, Round Wide
EDR-24L-55-4K7-5X3-UNV4000 K70 CRI6240 lm11455 WType V Concentrated Rectangular
EDR-24L-55-4K7-5X5-UNV4000 K70 CRI6378 lm11755 WType V Concentrated Medium
EDR-24L-55-5K7-2X2-UNV5000 K70 CRI6611 lm12155 WType V Concentrated Spot
EDR-24L-55-5K7-4X4-UNV5000 K70 CRI6468 lm11955 WType V Concentrated Narrow
EDR-24L-55-5K7-5QM-UNV5000 K70 CRI6069 lm11155 WType V, Square Medium
EDR-24L-55-5K7-5QN-UNV5000 K70 CRI5694 lm10455 WType V, Square Narrow
EDR-24L-55-5K7-5QW-UNV5000 K70 CRI55 WType V, Square Wide
EDR-24L-55-5K7-5R-UNV5000 K70 CRI6172 lm11355 WType V, Rectangular
EDR-24L-55-5K7-5W-UNV5000 K70 CRI6132 lm11355 WType V, Round Wide
EDR-24L-55-5K7-5X3-UNV5000 K70 CRI6115 lm11255 WType V Concentrated Rectangular
EDR-24L-55-5K7-5X5-UNV5000 K70 CRI6251 lm11555 WType V Concentrated Medium
EDR-36L-80-3K7-2X2-UNV3000 K70 CRI9114 lm11280 WType V Concentrated Spot
EDR-36L-80-3K7-4X4-UNV3000 K70 CRI8917 lm10980 WType V Concentrated Narrow
EDR-36L-80-3K7-5QM-UNV3000 K70 CRI8367 lm10280 WType V, Square Medium
EDR-36L-80-3K7-5QN-UNV3000 K70 CRI7850 lm9680 WType V, Square Narrow
EDR-36L-80-3K7-5QW-UNV3000 K70 CRI80 WType V, Square Wide
EDR-36L-80-3K7-5R-UNV3000 K70 CRI8509 lm10480 WType V, Rectangular
EDR-36L-80-3K7-5W-UNV3000 K70 CRI8454 lm10380 WType V, Round Wide
EDR-36L-80-3K7-5X3-UNV3000 K70 CRI8431 lm10380 WType V Concentrated Rectangular
EDR-36L-80-3K7-5X5-UNV3000 K70 CRI8617 lm10580 WType V Concentrated Medium
EDR-36L-80-4K7-2X2-UNV4000 K70 CRI10119 lm12480 WType V Concentrated Spot
EDR-36L-80-4K7-4X4-UNV4000 K70 CRI9900 lm12180 WType V Concentrated Narrow
EDR-36L-80-4K7-5QM-UNV4000 K70 CRI9289 lm11480 WType V, Square Medium
EDR-36L-80-4K7-5QN-UNV4000 K70 CRI8715 lm10780 WType V, Square Narrow
EDR-36L-80-4K7-5QW-UNV4000 K70 CRI80 WType V, Square Wide
EDR-36L-80-4K7-5R-UNV4000 K70 CRI9447 lm11680 WType V, Rectangular
EDR-36L-80-4K7-5W-UNV4000 K70 CRI9386 lm11580 WType V, Round Wide
EDR-36L-80-4K7-5X3-UNV4000 K70 CRI9360 lm11580 WType V Concentrated Rectangular
EDR-36L-80-4K7-5X5-UNV4000 K70 CRI9568 lm11780 WType V Concentrated Medium
EDR-36L-80-5K7-2X2-UNV5000 K70 CRI9916 lm12180 WType V Concentrated Spot
EDR-36L-80-5K7-4X4-UNV5000 K70 CRI9702 lm11980 WType V Concentrated Narrow
EDR-36L-80-5K7-5QM-UNV5000 K70 CRI9103 lm11180 WType V, Square Medium
EDR-36L-80-5K7-5QN-UNV5000 K70 CRI8541 lm10580 WType V, Square Narrow
EDR-36L-80-5K7-5QW-UNV5000 K70 CRI80 WType V, Square Wide
EDR-36L-80-5K7-5R-UNV5000 K70 CRI9258 lm11380 WType V, Rectangular
EDR-36L-80-5K7-5W-UNV5000 K70 CRI9198 lm11380 WType V, Round Wide
EDR-36L-80-5K7-5X3-UNV5000 K70 CRI9173 lm11280 WType V Concentrated Rectangular
EDR-36L-80-5K7-5X5-UNV5000 K70 CRI9376 lm11580 WType V Concentrated Medium
EDR-48L-110-3K7-2X2-UNV3000 K70 CRI12152 lm111110 WType V Concentrated Spot
EDR-48L-110-3K7-4X4-UNV3000 K70 CRI11889 lm108110 WType V Concentrated Narrow
EDR-48L-110-3K7-5QM-UNV3000 K70 CRI11156 lm102110 WType V, Square Medium
EDR-48L-110-3K7-5QN-UNV3000 K70 CRI10466 lm96110 WType V, Square Narrow
EDR-48L-110-3K7-5QW-UNV3000 K70 CRI110 WType V, Square Wide
EDR-48L-110-3K7-5R-UNV3000 K70 CRI11345 lm104110 WType V, Rectangular
EDR-48L-110-3K7-5W-UNV3000 K70 CRI11272 lm103110 WType V, Round Wide
EDR-48L-110-3K7-5X3-UNV3000 K70 CRI11241 lm103110 WType V Concentrated Rectangular
EDR-48L-110-3K7-5X5-UNV3000 K70 CRI11490 lm105110 WType V Concentrated Medium
EDR-48L-110-4K7-2X2-UNV4000 K70 CRI13492 lm123110 WType V Concentrated Spot
EDR-48L-110-4K7-4X4-UNV4000 K70 CRI13200 lm120110 WType V Concentrated Narrow
EDR-48L-110-4K7-5QM-UNV4000 K70 CRI12386 lm113110 WType V, Square Medium
EDR-48L-110-4K7-5QN-UNV4000 K70 CRI11620 lm107110 WType V, Square Narrow
EDR-48L-110-4K7-5QW-UNV4000 K70 CRI110 WType V, Square Wide
EDR-48L-110-4K7-5R-UNV4000 K70 CRI12596 lm116110 WType V, Rectangular
EDR-48L-110-4K7-5W-UNV4000 K70 CRI12514 lm115110 WType V, Round Wide
EDR-48L-110-4K7-5X3-UNV4000 K70 CRI12480 lm114110 WType V Concentrated Rectangular
EDR-48L-110-4K7-5X5-UNV4000 K70 CRI12757 lm117110 WType V Concentrated Medium
EDR-48L-110-5K7-2X2-UNV5000 K70 CRI13222 lm121110 WType V Concentrated Spot
EDR-48L-110-5K7-4X4-UNV5000 K70 CRI12936 lm118110 WType V Concentrated Narrow
EDR-48L-110-5K7-5QM-UNV5000 K70 CRI12138 lm110110 WType V, Square Medium
EDR-48L-110-5K7-5QN-UNV5000 K70 CRI11388 lm104110 WType V, Square Narrow
EDR-48L-110-5K7-5QW-UNV5000 K70 CRI110 WType V, Square Wide
EDR-48L-110-5K7-5R-UNV5000 K70 CRI12344 lm113110 WType V, Rectangular
EDR-48L-110-5K7-5W-UNV5000 K70 CRI12264 lm112110 WType V, Round Wide
EDR-48L-110-5K7-5X3-UNV5000 K70 CRI12231 lm112110 WType V Concentrated Rectangular
EDR-48L-110-5K7-5X5-UNV5000 K70 CRI12501 lm114110 WType V Concentrated Medium
EDR-24L-45-AM-2X2-UNV45 WType V Concentrated Spot
EDR-24L-45-AM-4X4-UNV45 WType V Concentrated Narrow
EDR-24L-45-AM-5QM-UNV45 WType V, Square Medium
EDR-24L-45-AM-5QN-UNV45 WType V, Square Narrow
EDR-24L-45-AM-5QW-UNV45 WType V, Square Wide
EDR-24L-45-AM-5R-UNV45 WType V, Rectangular
EDR-24L-45-AM-5W-UNV45 WType V, Round Wide
EDR-24L-45-AM-5X3-UNV45 WType V Concentrated Rectangular
EDR-24L-45-AM-5X5-UNV45 WType V Concentrated Medium
EDR-36L-65-AM-2X2-UNV65 WType V Concentrated Spot
EDR-36L-65-AM-4X4-UNV65 WType V Concentrated Narrow
EDR-36L-65-AM-5QM-UNV65 WType V, Square Medium
EDR-36L-65-AM-5QN-UNV65 WType V, Square Narrow
EDR-36L-65-AM-5QW-UNV65 WType V, Square Wide
EDR-36L-65-AM-5R-UNV65 WType V, Rectangular
EDR-36L-65-AM-5W-UNV65 WType V, Round Wide
EDR-36L-65-AM-5X3-UNV65 WType V Concentrated Rectangular
EDR-36L-65-AM-5X5-UNV65 WType V Concentrated Medium
EDR-48L-85-AM-2X2-UNV85 WType V Concentrated Spot
EDR-48L-85-AM-4X4-UNV85 WType V Concentrated Narrow
EDR-48L-85-AM-5QM-UNV85 WType V, Square Medium
EDR-48L-85-AM-5QN-UNV85 WType V, Square Narrow
EDR-48L-85-AM-5QW-UNV85 WType V, Square Wide
EDR-48L-85-AM-5R-UNV85 WType V, Rectangular
EDR-48L-85-AM-5W-UNV85 WType V, Round Wide
EDR-48L-85-AM-5X3-UNV85 WType V Concentrated Rectangular
EDR-48L-85-AM-5X5-UNV85 WType V Concentrated Medium
EDR-24L-27-3K7-5RW3000 K70 CRI3049 lm11327 W
EDR-24L-27-4K7-5RW4000 K70 CRI3384 lm12527 W
EDR-24L-27-5K7-5RW5000 K70 CRI3317 lm12327 W
EDR-24L-55-3K7-5RW3000 K70 CRI5650 lm10355 W
EDR-24L-55-4K7-5RW4000 K70 CRI6272 lm11455 W
EDR-24L-55-5K7-5RW5000 K70 CRI6147 lm11255 W
EDR-36L-110-3K7-5RW3000 K70 CRI11300 lm102110 W
EDR-36L-110-4K7-5RW4000 K70 CRI12543 lm113110 W
EDR-36L-110-5K7-5RW5000 K70 CRI12294 lm111110 W
EDR-48L-110-3K7-5RW3000 K70 CRI11300 lm102110 W
EDR-48L-110-4K7-5RW4000 K70 CRI12543 lm113110 W
EDR-48L-110-5K7-5RW5000 K70 CRI12294 lm111110 W
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