Curvilinear Cutoff

The Curvilinear features a simple geometric shape for architectural relevance and is ideal for retail outlets or automotive dealerships.

Features & Benefits

  • TIR Optics
  • Patented low profile luminaire
  • Available in 595nm, 3000K, 4000K and 5000K
  • Type 1, 2, 3, 4, 4W, 5QM, 5QN, 5R, 5W distributions
  • 0 - 10V dimming drivers standard
  • IP66 optic assembly


Lumen Range
1,286 - 24,572
Dimming Protocol
0-10V Dimming
CCT Offering
3000, 4000, 5000
CRI Offering
Mounting Options
Arm, Post Top
Wattage Range
28 - 208
Color Offering
BLS - Black Gloss Smooth, BLT - Black Matte Textured, DBS - Dark Bronze Gloss Smooth, DBT- Dark Bronze Matte Textured, GTT - Graphite Matte Textured, LG - Light Grey Matte Textured, LGS - Light Grey Gloss Smooth, PSS - Platinum Silver Gloss Smooth, VGT - Verde Green Matte Textured, WHS - White Gloss Smooth, WHT - White Matte Textured, CC – Custom Color
Optics & Distributions
Type I, Type II, Type III, Type IV, Type IV Wide, Type V Square Medium, Type V Square Narrow, Type V Rectangular, Type 5 Wide
IP66, TAA (Buy American 52.225-11), Wet
Operating Temp
-40 to 25

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Product Name Color Temp CRI Lumens LM/W Watts Dist. Type Resources
CC17x2-36L-225-3K7-2-BC3000 K70 CRI1442 lm5128.3 WType II
CC17x2-36L-225-3K7-2-CLR-BC3000 K70 CRI1282 lm4528.3 WType II
CC17x2-36L-225-3K7-2-CLR3000 K70 CRI2856 lm10128.3 WType II
CC17x2-36L-225-3K7-2-PL-BC3000 K70 CRI1176 lm4228.3 WType II
CC17x2-36L-225-3K7-2-PL3000 K70 CRI2620 lm9328.3 WType II
CC17x2-36L-225-3K7-23000 K70 CRI3212 lm11328.3 WType II
CC17x2-36L-225-3K7-3-BC3000 K70 CRI1438 lm5128.3 WType III
CC17x2-36L-225-3K7-3-CLR-BC3000 K70 CRI1279 lm4528.3 WType III
CC17x2-36L-225-3K7-3-CLR3000 K70 CRI2863 lm10128.3 WType III
CC17x2-36L-225-3K7-3-HDL3000 K70 CRI2117 lm7528.3 WType III
CC17x2-36L-225-3K7-3-PL-BC3000 K70 CRI1173 lm4128.3 WType III
CC17x2-36L-225-3K7-3-PL3000 K70 CRI2626 lm9328.3 WType III
CC17x2-36L-225-3K7-33000 K70 CRI3220 lm11428.3 WType III
CC17x2-36L-225-3K7-4-BC3000 K70 CRI1764 lm6228.3 WType IV
CC17x2-36L-225-3K7-4-CLR-BC3000 K70 CRI1569 lm5528.3 WType IV
CC17x2-36L-225-3K7-4-CLR3000 K70 CRI2812 lm9928.3 WType IV
CC17x2-36L-225-3K7-4-PL-BC3000 K70 CRI1439 lm5128.3 WType IV
CC17x2-36L-225-3K7-4-PL3000 K70 CRI2580 lm9128.3 WType IV
CC17x2-36L-225-3K7-43000 K70 CRI3163 lm11228.3 WType IV
CC17x2-36L-225-3K7-4W-BC3000 K70 CRI1286 lm4528.3 WType IV Wide
CC17x2-36L-225-3K7-4W-CLR-BC3000 K70 CRI1144 lm4028.3 WType IV Wide
CC17x2-36L-225-3K7-4W-CLR3000 K70 CRI2722 lm9628.3 WType IV Wide
CC17x2-36L-225-3K7-4W-PL-BC3000 K70 CRI1049 lm3728.3 WType IV Wide
CC17x2-36L-225-3K7-4W-PL3000 K70 CRI2497 lm8828.3 WType IV Wide
CC17x2-36L-225-3K7-4W3000 K70 CRI3061 lm10828.3 WType IV Wide
CC17x2-36L-225-3K7-5QM-CLR3000 K70 CRI2948 lm10428.3 WType V Square Medium
CC17x2-36L-225-3K7-5QM-PL3000 K70 CRI2705 lm9628.3 WType V Square Medium
CC17x2-36L-225-3K7-5QM3000 K70 CRI3316 lm11728.3 WType V Square Medium
CC17x2-36L-225-3K7-5QN-CLR3000 K70 CRI3000 lm10628.3 WType V Square Narrow
CC17x2-36L-225-3K7-5QN-PL3000 K70 CRI2753 lm9728.3 WType V Square Narrow
CC17x2-36L-225-3K7-5QN3000 K70 CRI3374 lm11928.3 WType V Square Narrow
CC17x2-36L-225-3K7-5R-CLR3000 K70 CRI2885 lm10228.3 WType V Rectangular
CC17x2-36L-225-3K7-5R-PL3000 K70 CRI2647 lm9428.3 WType V Rectangular
CC17x2-36L-225-3K7-5R3000 K70 CRI3245 lm11528.3 WType V Rectangular
CC17x2-36L-225-3K7-5W-CLR3000 K70 CRI2826 lm10028.3 WType V Wide (Round)
CC17x2-36L-225-3K7-5W-HDL3000 K70 CRI2090 lm7428.3 WType V Wide (Round)
CC17x2-36L-225-3K7-5W-PL3000 K70 CRI2592 lm9228.3 WType V Wide (Round)
CC17x2-36L-225-3K7-5W3000 K70 CRI3178 lm11228.3 WType V Wide (Round)
CC17x2-36L-225-3K7-FR-BC3000 K70 CRI1836 lm6528.3 WType I
CC17x2-36L-225-3K7-FR-CLR-BC3000 K70 CRI1632 lm5828.3 WType I
CC17x2-36L-225-3K7-FR-CLR3000 K70 CRI3051 lm10828.3 WType I
CC17x2-36L-225-3K7-FR-PL-BC3000 K70 CRI1498 lm5328.3 WType I
CC17x2-36L-225-3K7-FR-PL3000 K70 CRI2799 lm9928.3 WType I
CC17x2-36L-225-3K7-FR3000 K70 CRI3431 lm12128.3 WType I
CC17x2-36L-225-4K7-2-BC4000 K70 CRI1477 lm5228.3 WType II
CC17x2-36L-225-4K7-2-CLR-BC4000 K70 CRI1314 lm4628.3 WType II
CC17x2-36L-225-4K7-2-CLR4000 K70 CRI2925 lm10328.3 WType II
CC17x2-36L-225-4K7-2-PL-BC4000 K70 CRI1206 lm4328.3 WType II
CC17x2-36L-225-4K7-2-PL4000 K70 CRI2683 lm9528.3 WType II
CC17x2-36L-225-4K7-24000 K70 CRI3290 lm11628.3 WType II
CC17x2-36L-225-4K7-3-BC4000 K70 CRI1473 lm5228.3 WType III
CC17x2-36L-225-4K7-3-CLR-BC4000 K70 CRI1310 lm4628.3 WType III
CC17x2-36L-225-4K7-3-CLR4000 K70 CRI2932 lm10428.3 WType III
CC17x2-36L-225-4K7-3-HDL4000 K70 CRI2168 lm7728.3 WType III
CC17x2-36L-225-4K7-3-PL-BC4000 K70 CRI1201 lm4228.3 WType III
CC17x2-36L-225-4K7-3-PL4000 K70 CRI2690 lm9528.3 WType III
CC17x2-36L-225-4K7-34000 K70 CRI3299 lm11728.3 WType III
CC17x2-36L-225-4K7-4-BC4000 K70 CRI1807 lm6428.3 WType IV
CC17x2-36L-225-4K7-4-CLR-BC4000 K70 CRI1607 lm5728.3 WType IV
CC17x2-36L-225-4K7-4-CLR4000 K70 CRI2881 lm10228.3 WType IV
CC17x2-36L-225-4K7-4-PL-BC4000 K70 CRI1474 lm5228.3 WType IV
CC17x2-36L-225-4K7-4-PL4000 K70 CRI2643 lm9328.3 WType IV
CC17x2-36L-225-4K7-44000 K70 CRI3240 lm11428.3 WType IV
CC17x2-36L-225-4K7-4W-BC4000 K70 CRI1318 lm4728.3 WType IV Wide
CC17x2-36L-225-4K7-4W-CLR-BC4000 K70 CRI1172 lm4128.3 WType IV Wide
CC17x2-36L-225-4K7-4W-CLR4000 K70 CRI2788 lm9828.3 WType IV Wide
CC17x2-36L-225-4K7-4W-PL-BC4000 K70 CRI1076 lm3828.3 WType IV Wide
CC17x2-36L-225-4K7-4W-PL4000 K70 CRI2558 lm9028.3 WType IV Wide
CC17x2-36L-225-4K7-4W4000 K70 CRI3135 lm11128.3 WType IV Wide
CC17x2-36L-225-4K7-5QM-CLR4000 K70 CRI3021 lm10728.3 WType V Square Medium
CC17x2-36L-225-4K7-5QM-PL4000 K70 CRI2770 lm9828.3 WType V Square Medium
CC17x2-36L-225-4K7-5QM4000 K70 CRI3396 lm12028.3 WType V Square Medium
CC17x2-36L-225-4K7-5QN-CLR4000 K70 CRI3074 lm10928.3 WType V Square Narrow
CC17x2-36L-225-4K7-5QN-PL4000 K70 CRI2820 lm10028.3 WType V Square Narrow
CC17x2-36L-225-4K7-5QN4000 K70 CRI3456 lm12228.3 WType V Square Narrow
CC17x2-36L-225-4K7-5R-CLR4000 K70 CRI2955 lm10428.3 WType V Rectangular
CC17x2-36L-225-4K7-5R-PL4000 K70 CRI2711 lm9628.3 WType V Rectangular
CC17x2-36L-225-4K7-5R4000 K70 CRI3324 lm11728.3 WType V Rectangular
CC17x2-36L-225-4K7-5W-CLR4000 K70 CRI2895 lm10228.3 WType V Wide (Round)
CC17x2-36L-225-4K7-5W-HDL4000 K70 CRI2139 lm7628.3 WType V Wide (Round)
CC17x2-36L-225-4K7-5W-PL4000 K70 CRI2655 lm9428.3 WType V Wide (Round)
CC17x2-36L-225-4K7-5W4000 K70 CRI3255 lm11528.3 WType V Wide (Round)
CC17x2-36L-225-4K7-FR-BC4000 K70 CRI1880 lm6628.3 WType I
CC17x2-36L-225-4K7-FR-CLR-BC4000 K70 CRI1673 lm5928.3 WType I
CC17x2-36L-225-4K7-FR-CLR4000 K70 CRI3125 lm11028.3 WType I
CC17x2-36L-225-4K7-FR-PL-BC4000 K70 CRI1535 lm5428.3 WType I
CC17x2-36L-225-4K7-FR-PL4000 K70 CRI2867 lm10128.3 WType I
CC17x2-36L-225-4K7-FR4000 K70 CRI3514 lm12428.3 WType I
CC17x2-36L-225-5K7-2-BC5000 K70 CRI1554 lm5528.3 WType II
CC17x2-36L-225-5K7-2-CLR-BC5000 K70 CRI1382 lm4928.3 WType II
CC17x2-36L-225-5K7-2-CLR5000 K70 CRI3070 lm10828.3 WType II
CC17x2-36L-225-5K7-2-PL-BC5000 K70 CRI1268 lm4528.3 WType II
CC17x2-36L-225-5K7-2-PL5000 K70 CRI2816 lm9928.3 WType II
CC17x2-36L-225-5K7-25000 K70 CRI3461 lm12228.3 WType II
CC17x2-36L-225-5K7-3-BC5000 K70 CRI1550 lm5528.3 WType III
CC17x2-36L-225-5K7-3-CLR-BC5000 K70 CRI1378 lm4928.3 WType III
CC17x2-36L-225-5K7-3-CLR5000 K70 CRI3086 lm10928.3 WType III
CC17x2-36L-225-5K7-3-HDL5000 K70 CRI2281 lm8128.3 WType III
CC17x2-36L-225-5K7-3-PL-BC5000 K70 CRI1264 lm4528.3 WType III
CC17x2-36L-225-5K7-3-PL5000 K70 CRI2830 lm10028.3 WType III
CC17x2-36L-225-5K7-35000 K70 CRI3471 lm12328.3 WType III
CC17x2-36L-225-5K7-4-BC5000 K70 CRI1901 lm6728.3 WType IV
CC17x2-36L-225-5K7-4-CLR-BC5000 K70 CRI1690 lm6028.3 WType IV
CC17x2-36L-225-5K7-4-CLR5000 K70 CRI3031 lm10728.3 WType IV
CC17x2-36L-225-5K7-4-PL-BC5000 K70 CRI1551 lm5528.3 WType IV
CC17x2-36L-225-5K7-4-PL5000 K70 CRI2780 lm9828.3 WType IV
CC17x2-36L-225-5K7-45000 K70 CRI3409 lm12028.3 WType IV
CC17x2-36L-225-5K7-4W-BC5000 K70 CRI1386 lm4928.3 WType IV Wide
CC17x2-36L-225-5K7-4W-CLR-BC5000 K70 CRI1233 lm4428.3 WType IV Wide
CC17x2-36L-225-5K7-4W-CLR5000 K70 CRI2933 lm10428.3 WType IV Wide
CC17x2-36L-225-5K7-4W-PL-BC5000 K70 CRI1131 lm4028.3 WType IV Wide
CC17x2-36L-225-5K7-4W-PL5000 K70 CRI2691 lm9528.3 WType IV Wide
CC17x2-36L-225-5K7-4W5000 K70 CRI3299 lm11728.3 WType IV Wide
CC17x2-36L-225-5K7-5QM-CLR5000 K70 CRI3177 lm11228.3 WType V Square Medium
CC17x2-36L-225-5K7-5QM-PL5000 K70 CRI2915 lm10328.3 WType V Square Medium
CC17x2-36L-225-5K7-5QM5000 K70 CRI3573 lm12628.3 WType V Square Medium
CC17x2-36L-225-5K7-5QN-CLR5000 K70 CRI3233 lm11428.3 WType V Square Narrow
CC17x2-36L-225-5K7-5QN-PL5000 K70 CRI2967 lm10528.3 WType V Square Narrow
CC17x2-36L-225-5K7-5QN5000 K70 CRI3636 lm12828.3 WType V Square Narrow
CC17x2-36L-225-5K7-5R-CLR5000 K70 CRI3109 lm11028.3 WType V Rectangular
CC17x2-36L-225-5K7-5R-PL5000 K70 CRI2852 lm10128.3 WType V Rectangular
CC17x2-36L-225-5K7-5R5000 K70 CRI3497 lm12428.3 WType V Rectangular
CC17x2-36L-225-5K7-5W-CLR5000 K70 CRI3045 lm10828.3 WType V Wide (Round)
CC17x2-36L-225-5K7-5W-HDL5000 K70 CRI2251 lm8028.3 WType V Wide (Round)
CC17x2-36L-225-5K7-5W-PL5000 K70 CRI2793 lm9928.3 WType V Wide (Round)
CC17x2-36L-225-5K7-5W5000 K70 CRI3425 lm12128.3 WType V Wide (Round)
CC17x2-36L-225-5K7-FR-BC5000 K70 CRI1978 lm7028.3 WType I
CC17x2-36L-225-5K7-FR-CLR-BC5000 K70 CRI1759 lm6228.3 WType I
CC17x2-36L-225-5K7-FR-CLR5000 K70 CRI3288 lm11628.3 WType I
CC17x2-36L-225-5K7-FR-PL-BC5000 K70 CRI1615 lm5728.3 WType I
CC17x2-36L-225-5K7-FR-PL5000 K70 CRI3016 lm10728.3 WType I
CC17x2-36L-225-5K7-FR5000 K70 CRI3698 lm13128.3 WType I
CC17x2-36L-465-3K7-2-BC3000 K70 CRI2708 lm5153.4 WType II
CC17x2-36L-465-3K7-2-CLR-BC3000 K70 CRI2408 lm4553.4 WType II
CC17x2-36L-465-3K7-2-CLR3000 K70 CRI5363 lm10053.4 WType II
CC17x2-36L-465-3K7-2-PL-BC3000 K70 CRI2209 lm4153.4 WType II
CC17x2-36L-465-3K7-2-PL3000 K70 CRI4919 lm9253.4 WType II
CC17x2-36L-465-3K7-23000 K70 CRI6031 lm11353.4 WType II
CC17x2-36L-465-3K7-3-BC3000 K70 CRI2701 lm5153.4 WType III
CC17x2-36L-465-3K7-3-CLR-BC3000 K70 CRI2401 lm4553.4 WType III
CC17x2-36L-465-3K7-3-CLR3000 K70 CRI5376 lm10153.4 WType III
CC17x2-36L-465-3K7-3-HDL3000 K70 CRI3974 lm7453.4 WType III
CC17x2-36L-465-3K7-3-PL-BC3000 K70 CRI2203 lm4153.4 WType III
CC17x2-36L-465-3K7-3-PL3000 K70 CRI4932 lm9253.4 WType III
CC17x2-36L-465-3K7-33000 K70 CRI6046 lm11353.4 WType III
CC17x2-36L-465-3K7-4-BC3000 K70 CRI3312 lm6253.4 WType IV
CC17x2-36L-465-3K7-4-CLR-BC3000 K70 CRI2945 lm5553.4 WType IV
CC17x2-36L-465-3K7-4-CLR3000 K70 CRI5281 lm9953.4 WType IV
CC17x2-36L-465-3K7-4-PL-BC3000 K70 CRI2702 lm5153.4 WType IV
CC17x2-36L-465-3K7-4-PL3000 K70 CRI4845 lm9153.4 WType IV
CC17x2-36L-465-3K7-43000 K70 CRI5939 lm11153.4 WType IV
CC17x2-36L-465-3K7-4W-BC3000 K70 CRI2417 lm4553.4 WType IV Wide
CC17x2-36L-465-3K7-4W-CLR-BC3000 K70 CRI2148 lm4053.4 WType IV Wide
CC17x2-36L-465-3K7-4W-CLR3000 K70 CRI5748 lm10853.4 WType IV Wide
CC17x2-36L-465-3K7-4W-PL-BC3000 K70 CRI1970 lm3753.4 WType IV Wide
CC17x2-36L-465-3K7-4W-PL3000 K70 CRI4689 lm8853.4 WType IV Wide
CC17x2-36L-465-3K7-4W3000 K70 CRI5748 lm10853.4 WType IV Wide
CC17x2-36L-465-3K7-5QM-CLR3000 K70 CRI5536 lm10453.4 WType V Square Medium
CC17x2-36L-465-3K7-5QM-PL3000 K70 CRI5080 lm9553.4 WType V Square Medium
CC17x2-36L-465-3K7-5QM3000 K70 CRI6227 lm11753.4 WType V Square Medium
CC17x2-36L-465-3K7-5QN-CLR3000 K70 CRI5634 lm10653.4 WType V Square Narrow
CC17x2-36L-465-3K7-5QN-PL3000 K70 CRI5168 lm9753.4 WType V Square Narrow
CC17x2-36L-465-3K7-5QN3000 K70 CRI6337 lm11953.4 WType V Square Narrow
CC17x2-36L-465-3K7-5R-CLR3000 K70 CRI5418 lm10153.4 WType V Rectangular
CC17x2-36L-465-3K7-5R-PL3000 K70 CRI4970 lm9353.4 WType V Rectangular
CC17x2-36L-465-3K7-5R3000 K70 CRI6094 lm11453.4 WType V Rectangular
CC17x2-36L-465-3K7-5W-CLR3000 K70 CRI5306 lm9953.4 WType V Wide (Round)
CC17x2-36L-465-3K7-5W-HDL3000 K70 CRI3922 lm7353.4 WType V Wide (Round)
CC17x2-36L-465-3K7-5W-PL3000 K70 CRI4867 lm9153.4 WType V Wide (Round)
CC17x2-36L-465-3K7-5W3000 K70 CRI5966 lm11253.4 WType V Wide (Round)
CC17x2-36L-465-3K7-FR-BC3000 K70 CRI3447 lm6553.4 WType I
CC17x2-36L-465-3K7-FR-CLR-BC3000 K70 CRI3065 lm5753.4 WType I
CC17x2-36L-465-3K7-FR-CLR3000 K70 CRI5729 lm10753.4 WType I
CC17x2-36L-465-3K7-FR-PL-BC3000 K70 CRI2812 lm5353.4 WType I
CC17x2-36L-465-3K7-FR-PL3000 K70 CRI5256 lm9853.4 WType I
CC17x2-36L-465-3K7-FR3000 K70 CRI6443 lm12153.4 WType I
CC17x2-36L-465-4K7-2-BC4000 K70 CRI2774 lm5253.4 WType II
CC17x2-36L-465-4K7-2-CLR-BC4000 K70 CRI2466 lm4653.4 WType II
CC17x2-36L-465-4K7-2-CLR4000 K70 CRI5493 lm10353.4 WType II
CC17x2-36L-465-4K7-2-PL-BC4000 K70 CRI2262 lm4253.4 WType II
CC17x2-36L-465-4K7-2-PL4000 K70 CRI5039 lm9453.4 WType II
CC17x2-36L-465-4K7-24000 K70 CRI6177 lm11653.4 WType II
CC17x2-36L-465-4K7-3-BC4000 K70 CRI2766 lm5253.4 WType III
CC17x2-36L-465-4K7-3-CLR-BC4000 K70 CRI2459 lm4653.4 WType III
CC17x2-36L-465-4K7-3-CLR4000 K70 CRI5507 lm10353.4 WType III
CC17x2-36L-465-4K7-3-HDL4000 K70 CRI4072 lm7653.4 WType III
CC17x2-36L-465-4K7-3-PL-BC4000 K70 CRI2256 lm4253.4 WType III
CC17x2-36L-465-4K7-3-PL4000 K70 CRI5051 lm9553.4 WType III
CC17x2-36L-465-4K7-34000 K70 CRI6193 lm11653.4 WType III
CC17x2-36L-465-4K7-4-BC4000 K70 CRI3393 lm6453.4 WType IV
CC17x2-36L-465-4K7-4-CLR-BC4000 K70 CRI3017 lm5753.4 WType IV
CC17x2-36L-465-4K7-4-CLR4000 K70 CRI5409 lm10153.4 WType IV
CC17x2-36L-465-4K7-4-PL-BC4000 K70 CRI2767 lm5253.4 WType IV
CC17x2-36L-465-4K7-4-PL4000 K70 CRI4962 lm9353.4 WType IV
CC17x2-36L-465-4K7-44000 K70 CRI6083 lm11453.4 WType IV
CC17x2-36L-465-4K7-4W-BC4000 K70 CRI2475 lm4653.4 WType IV Wide
CC17x2-36L-465-4K7-4W-CLR-BC4000 K70 CRI2201 lm4153.4 WType IV Wide
CC17x2-36L-465-4K7-4W-CLR4000 K70 CRI5235 lm9853.4 WType IV Wide
CC17x2-36L-465-4K7-4W-PL-BC4000 K70 CRI2019 lm3853.4 WType IV Wide
CC17x2-36L-465-4K7-4W-PL4000 K70 CRI4803 lm9053.4 WType IV Wide
CC17x2-36L-465-4K7-4W4000 K70 CRI5888 lm11053.4 WType IV Wide
CC17x2-36L-465-4K7-5QM-CLR4000 K70 CRI5670 lm10653.4 WType V Square Medium
CC17x2-36L-465-4K7-5QM-PL4000 K70 CRI5202 lm9753.4 WType V Square Medium
CC17x2-36L-465-4K7-5QM4000 K70 CRI6377 lm11953.4 WType V Square Medium
CC17x2-36L-465-4K7-5QN-CLR4000 K70 CRI5771 lm10853.4 WType V Square Narrow
CC17x2-36L-465-4K7-5QN-PL4000 K70 CRI5294 lm9953.4 WType V Square Narrow
CC17x2-36L-465-4K7-5QN4000 K70 CRI6490 lm12253.4 WType V Square Narrow
CC17x2-36L-465-4K7-5R-CLR4000 K70 CRI5550 lm10453.4 WType V Rectangular
CC17x2-36L-465-4K7-5R-PL4000 K70 CRI5092 lm9553.4 WType V Rectangular
CC17x2-36L-465-4K7-5R4000 K70 CRI6242 lm11753.4 WType V Rectangular
CC17x2-36L-465-4K7-5W-CLR4000 K70 CRI5435 lm10253.4 WType V Wide (Round)
CC17x2-36L-465-4K7-5W-HDL4000 K70 CRI4019 lm7553.4 WType V Wide (Round)
CC17x2-36L-465-4K7-5W-PL4000 K70 CRI4985 lm9353.4 WType V Wide (Round)
CC17x2-36L-465-4K7-5W4000 K70 CRI6111 lm11453.4 WType V Wide (Round)
CC17x2-36L-465-4K7-FR-BC4000 K70 CRI3531 lm6653.4 WType I
CC17x2-36L-465-4K7-FR-CLR-BC4000 K70 CRI3140 lm5953.4 WType I
CC17x2-36L-465-4K7-FR-CLR4000 K70 CRI5868 lm11053.4 WType I
CC17x2-36L-465-4K7-FR-PL-BC4000 K70 CRI2880 lm5453.4 WType I
CC17x2-36L-465-4K7-FR-PL4000 K70 CRI5383 lm10153.4 WType I
CC17x2-36L-465-4K7-FR4000 K70 CRI6599 lm12453.4 WType I
CC17x2-36L-465-5K7-2-BC5000 K70 CRI2918 lm5553.4 WType II
CC17x2-36L-465-5K7-2-CLR-BC5000 K70 CRI2595 lm4953.4 WType II
CC17x2-36L-465-5K7-2-CLR5000 K70 CRI5779 lm10853.4 WType II
CC17x2-36L-465-5K7-2-PL-BC5000 K70 CRI2380 lm4553.4 WType II
CC17x2-36L-465-5K7-2-PL5000 K70 CRI5301 lm9953.4 WType II
CC17x2-36L-465-5K7-25000 K70 CRI6499 lm12253.4 WType II
CC17x2-36L-465-5K7-3-BC5000 K70 CRI2910 lm5553.4 WType III
CC17x2-36L-465-5K7-3-CLR-BC5000 K70 CRI2588 lm4853.4 WType III
CC17x2-36L-465-5K7-3-CLR5000 K70 CRI5794 lm10953.4 WType III
CC17x2-36L-465-5K7-3-HDL5000 K70 CRI4283 lm8053.4 WType III
CC17x2-36L-465-5K7-3-PL-BC5000 K70 CRI2374 lm4453.4 WType III
CC17x2-36L-465-5K7-3-PL5000 K70 CRI5315 lm10053.4 WType III
CC17x2-36L-465-5K7-35000 K70 CRI6516 lm12253.4 WType III
CC17x2-36L-465-5K7-4-BC5000 K70 CRI3570 lm6753.4 WType IV
CC17x2-36L-465-5K7-4-CLR-BC5000 K70 CRI3174 lm5953.4 WType IV
CC17x2-36L-465-5K7-4-CLR5000 K70 CRI5691 lm10753.4 WType IV
CC17x2-36L-465-5K7-4-PL-BC5000 K70 CRI2912 lm5553.4 WType IV
CC17x2-36L-465-5K7-4-PL5000 K70 CRI5221 lm9853.4 WType IV
CC17x2-36L-465-5K7-45000 K70 CRI6401 lm12053.4 WType IV
CC17x2-36L-465-5K7-4W-BC5000 K70 CRI2604 lm4953.4 WType IV Wide
CC17x2-36L-465-5K7-4W-CLR-BC5000 K70 CRI2316 lm4353.4 WType IV Wide
CC17x2-36L-465-5K7-4W-CLR5000 K70 CRI5508 lm10353.4 WType IV Wide
CC17x2-36L-465-5K7-4W-PL-BC5000 K70 CRI2124 lm4053.4 WType IV Wide
CC17x2-36L-465-5K7-4W-PL5000 K70 CRI5053 lm9553.4 WType IV Wide
CC17x2-36L-465-5K7-4W5000 K70 CRI6195 lm11653.4 WType IV Wide
CC17x2-36L-465-5K7-5QM-CLR5000 K70 CRI5966 lm11253.4 WType V Square Medium
CC17x2-36L-465-5K7-5QM-PL5000 K70 CRI5474 lm10353.4 WType V Square Medium
CC17x2-36L-465-5K7-5QM5000 K70 CRI6710 lm12653.4 WType V Square Medium
CC17x2-36L-465-5K7-5QN-CLR5000 K70 CRI6072 lm11453.4 WType V Square Narrow
CC17x2-36L-465-5K7-5QN-PL5000 K70 CRI5570 lm10453.4 WType V Square Narrow
CC17x2-36L-465-5K7-5QN5000 K70 CRI6828 lm12853.4 WType V Square Narrow
CC17x2-36L-465-5K7-5R-CLR5000 K70 CRI5840 lm10953.4 WType V Rectangular
CC17x2-36L-465-5K7-5R-PL5000 K70 CRI5357 lm10053.4 WType V Rectangular
CC17x2-36L-465-5K7-5R5000 K70 CRI6568 lm12353.4 WType V Rectangular
CC17x2-36L-465-5K7-5W-CLR5000 K70 CRI5717 lm10753.4 WType V Wide (Round)
CC17x2-36L-465-5K7-5W-HDL5000 K70 CRI4227 lm7953.4 WType V Wide (Round)
CC17x2-36L-465-5K7-5W-PL5000 K70 CRI5244 lm9853.4 WType V Wide (Round)
CC17x2-36L-465-5K7-5W5000 K70 CRI6430 lm12053.4 WType V Wide (Round)
CC17x2-36L-465-5K7-FR-BC5000 K70 CRI3715 lm7053.4 WType I
CC17x2-36L-465-5K7-FR-CLR-BC5000 K70 CRI3303 lm6253.4 WType I
CC17x2-36L-465-5K7-FR-CLR5000 K70 CRI6174 lm11653.4 WType I
CC17x2-36L-465-5K7-FR-PL-BC5000 K70 CRI3030 lm5753.4 WType I
CC17x2-36L-465-5K7-FR-PL5000 K70 CRI5664 lm10653.4 WType I
CC17x2-36L-465-5K7-FR5000 K70 CRI6944 lm13053.4 WType I
CC17x2-36L-730-3K7-2-BC3000 K70 CRI4066 lm4884.1 WType II
CC17x2-36L-730-3K7-2-CLR-BC3000 K70 CRI3616 lm4384.1 WType II
CC17x2-36L-730-3K7-2-CLR3000 K70 CRI8050 lm9684.1 WType II
CC17x2-36L-730-3K7-2-PL-BC3000 K70 CRI3317 lm3984.1 WType II
CC17x2-36L-730-3K7-2-PL3000 K70 CRI7385 lm8884.1 WType II
CC17x2-36L-730-3K7-23000 K70 CRI9055 lm10884.1 WType II
CC17x2-36L-730-3K7-3-BC3000 K70 CRI4055 lm4884.1 WType III
CC17x2-36L-730-3K7-3-CLR-BC3000 K70 CRI3606 lm4384.1 WType III
CC17x2-36L-730-3K7-3-CLR3000 K70 CRI8071 lm9684.1 WType III
CC17x2-36L-730-3K7-3-HDL3000 K70 CRI5968 lm7184.1 WType III
CC17x2-36L-730-3K7-3-PL-BC3000 K70 CRI3307 lm3984.1 WType III
CC17x2-36L-730-3K7-3-PL3000 K70 CRI7404 lm8884.1 WType III
CC17x2-36L-730-3K7-33000 K70 CRI9077 lm10785.0 WType III
CC17x2-36L-730-3K7-4-BC3000 K70 CRI4973 lm5984.1 WType IV
CC17x2-36L-730-3K7-4-CLR-BC3000 K70 CRI4422 lm5384.1 WType IV
CC17x2-36L-730-3K7-4-CLR3000 K70 CRI7929 lm9484.1 WType IV
CC17x2-36L-730-3K7-4-PL-BC3000 K70 CRI4056 lm4884.1 WType IV
CC17x2-36L-730-3K7-4-PL3000 K70 CRI7274 lm8684.1 WType IV
CC17x2-36L-730-3K7-43000 K70 CRI8917 lm10684.1 WType IV
CC17x2-36L-730-3K7-4W-BC3000 K70 CRI3627 lm4384.1 WType IV Wide
CC17x2-36L-730-3K7-4W-CLR-BC3000 K70 CRI3225 lm3884.1 WType IV Wide
CC17x2-36L-730-3K7-4W-CLR3000 K70 CRI7673 lm9184.1 WType IV Wide
CC17x2-36L-730-3K7-4W-PL-BC3000 K70 CRI2959 lm3584.1 WType IV Wide
CC17x2-36L-730-3K7-4W-PL3000 K70 CRI7039 lm8484.1 WType IV Wide
CC17x2-36L-730-3K7-4W3000 K70 CRI8630 lm10384.1 WType IV Wide
CC17x2-36L-730-3K7-5QM-CLR3000 K70 CRI8312 lm9984.1 WType V Square Medium
CC17x2-36L-730-3K7-5QM-PL3000 K70 CRI7625 lm9184.1 WType V Square Medium
CC17x2-36L-730-3K7-5QM3000 K70 CRI9348 lm11184.1 WType V Square Medium
CC17x2-36L-730-3K7-5QN-CLR3000 K70 CRI8459 lm10184.1 WType V Square Narrow
CC17x2-36L-730-3K7-5QN-PL3000 K70 CRI7760 lm9284.1 WType V Square Narrow
CC17x2-36L-730-3K7-5QN3000 K70 CRI9514 lm11384.1 WType V Square Narrow
CC17x2-36L-730-3K7-5R-CLR3000 K70 CRI8135 lm9784.1 WType V Rectangular
CC17x2-36L-730-3K7-5R-PL3000 K70 CRI7462 lm8984.1 WType V Rectangular
CC17x2-36L-730-3K7-5R3000 K70 CRI9149 lm10984.1 WType V Rectangular
CC17x2-36L-730-3K7-5W-CLR3000 K70 CRI7965 lm9584.1 WType V Wide (Round)
CC17x2-36L-730-3K7-5W-HDL3000 K70 CRI6008 lm7184.1 WType V Wide (Round)
CC17x2-36L-730-3K7-5W-PL3000 K70 CRI7306 lm8784.1 WType V Wide (Round)
CC17x2-36L-730-3K7-5W3000 K70 CRI8957 lm10784.1 WType V Wide (Round)
CC17x2-36L-730-3K7-FR-BC3000 K70 CRI5176 lm6284.1 WType I
CC17x2-36L-730-3K7-FR-CLR-BC3000 K70 CRI4603 lm5584.1 WType I
CC17x2-36L-730-3K7-FR-CLR3000 K70 CRI8602 lm10284.1 WType I
CC17x2-36L-730-3K7-FR-PL-BC3000 K70 CRI4222 lm5084.1 WType I
CC17x2-36L-730-3K7-FR-PL3000 K70 CRI7891 lm9484.1 WType I
CC17x2-36L-730-3K7-FR3000 K70 CRI9674 lm11584.1 WType I
CC17x2-36L-730-4K7-2-BC4000 K70 CRI4164 lm5084.1 WType II
CC17x2-36L-730-4K7-2-CLR-BC4000 K70 CRI3702 lm4484.1 WType II
CC17x2-36L-730-4K7-2-CLR4000 K70 CRI8246 lm9884.1 WType II
CC17x2-36L-730-4K7-2-PL-BC4000 K70 CRI3396 lm4084.1 WType II
CC17x2-36L-730-4K7-2-PL4000 K70 CRI7564 lm9084.1 WType II
CC17x2-36L-730-4K7-24000 K70 CRI9273 lm11084.1 WType II
CC17x2-36L-730-4K7-3-BC4000 K70 CRI4152 lm4984.1 WType III
CC17x2-36L-730-4K7-3-CLR-BC4000 K70 CRI3692 lm4484.1 WType III
CC17x2-36L-730-4K7-3-CLR4000 K70 CRI8267 lm9884.1 WType III
CC17x2-36L-730-4K7-3-HDL4000 K70 CRI6112 lm7384.1 WType III
CC17x2-36L-730-4K7-3-PL-BC4000 K70 CRI3387 lm4084.1 WType III
CC17x2-36L-730-4K7-3-PL4000 K70 CRI7583 lm9084.1 WType III
CC17x2-36L-730-4K7-34000 K70 CRI9297 lm11084.5 WType III
CC17x2-36L-730-4K7-4-BC4000 K70 CRI5093 lm6184.1 WType IV
CC17x2-36L-730-4K7-4-CLR-BC4000 K70 CRI4529 lm5484.1 WType IV
CC17x2-36L-730-4K7-4-CLR4000 K70 CRI8122 lm9784.1 WType IV
CC17x2-36L-730-4K7-4-PL-BC4000 K70 CRI4155 lm4984.1 WType IV
CC17x2-36L-730-4K7-4-PL4000 K70 CRI7449 lm8984.1 WType IV
CC17x2-36L-730-4K7-44000 K70 CRI9134 lm10984.1 WType IV
CC17x2-36L-730-4K7-4W-BC4000 K70 CRI3715 lm4484.1 WType IV Wide
CC17x2-36L-730-4K7-4W-CLR-BC4000 K70 CRI3304 lm3984.1 WType IV Wide
CC17x2-36L-730-4K7-4W-CLR4000 K70 CRI7859 lm9384.1 WType IV Wide
CC17x2-36L-730-4K7-4W-PL-BC4000 K70 CRI3031 lm3684.1 WType IV Wide
CC17x2-36L-730-4K7-4W-PL4000 K70 CRI7210 lm8684.1 WType IV Wide
CC17x2-36L-730-4K7-4W4000 K70 CRI8839 lm10584.1 WType IV Wide
CC17x2-36L-730-4K7-5QM-CLR4000 K70 CRI8514 lm10184.1 WType V Square Medium
CC17x2-36L-730-4K7-5QM-PL4000 K70 CRI7809 lm9384.1 WType V Square Medium
CC17x2-36L-730-4K7-5QM4000 K70 CRI9575 lm11484.1 WType V Square Medium
CC17x2-36L-730-4K7-5QN-CLR4000 K70 CRI8663 lm10384.1 WType V Square Narrow
CC17x2-36L-730-4K7-5QN-PL4000 K70 CRI7947 lm9484.1 WType V Square Narrow
CC17x2-36L-730-4K7-5QN4000 K70 CRI9743 lm11684.1 WType V Square Narrow
CC17x2-36L-730-4K7-5R-CLR4000 K70 CRI8332 lm9984.1 WType V Rectangular
CC17x2-36L-730-4K7-5R-PL4000 K70 CRI7643 lm9184.1 WType V Rectangular
CC17x2-36L-730-4K7-5R4000 K70 CRI9370 lm11184.1 WType V Rectangular
CC17x2-36L-730-4K7-5W-CLR4000 K70 CRI8159 lm9784.1 WType V Wide (Round)
CC17x2-36L-730-4K7-5W-HDL4000 K70 CRI6155 lm7384.1 WType V Wide (Round)
CC17x2-36L-730-4K7-5W-PL4000 K70 CRI7484 lm8984.1 WType V Wide (Round)
CC17x2-36L-730-4K7-5W4000 K70 CRI9175 lm10984.1 WType V Wide (Round)
CC17x2-36L-730-4K7-FR-BC4000 K70 CRI5300 lm6384.1 WType I
CC17x2-36L-730-4K7-FR-CLR-BC4000 K70 CRI4713 lm5684.1 WType I
CC17x2-36L-730-4K7-FR-CLR4000 K70 CRI8810 lm10584.1 WType I
CC17x2-36L-730-4K7-FR-PL-BC4000 K70 CRI4324 lm5184.1 WType I
CC17x2-36L-730-4K7-FR-PL4000 K70 CRI8081 lm9684.1 WType I
CC17x2-36L-730-4K7-FR4000 K70 CRI9908 lm11884.1 WType I
CC17x2-36L-730-5K7-2-BC5000 K70 CRI4381 lm5284.7 WType II
CC17x2-36L-730-5K7-2-CLR-BC5000 K70 CRI3897 lm4684.1 WType II
CC17x2-36L-730-5K7-2-CLR5000 K70 CRI8677 lm10384.1 WType II
CC17x2-36L-730-5K7-2-PL-BC5000 K70 CRI3575 lm4384.1 WType II
CC17x2-36L-730-5K7-2-PL5000 K70 CRI7960 lm9584.1 WType II
CC17x2-36L-730-5K7-25000 K70 CRI9757 lm11585.1 WType II
CC17x2-36L-730-5K7-3-BC5000 K70 CRI4369 lm5284.7 WType III
CC17x2-36L-730-5K7-3-CLR-BC5000 K70 CRI3886 lm4684.1 WType III
CC17x2-36L-730-5K7-3-CLR5000 K70 CRI8698 lm10284.9 WType III
CC17x2-36L-730-5K7-3-HDL5000 K70 CRI6431 lm7882.9 WType III
CC17x2-36L-730-5K7-3-PL-BC5000 K70 CRI3565 lm4284.1 WType III
CC17x2-36L-730-5K7-3-PL5000 K70 CRI7979 lm9484.6 WType III
CC17x2-36L-730-5K7-35000 K70 CRI9782 lm11585.2 WType III
CC17x2-36L-730-5K7-4-BC5000 K70 CRI5359 lm6582.9 WType IV
CC17x2-36L-730-5K7-4-CLR-BC5000 K70 CRI4766 lm5784.1 WType IV
CC17x2-36L-730-5K7-4-CLR5000 K70 CRI8544 lm10284.1 WType IV
CC17x2-36L-730-5K7-4-PL-BC5000 K70 CRI4372 lm5284.1 WType IV
CC17x2-36L-730-5K7-4-PL5000 K70 CRI7838 lm9384.1 WType IV
CC17x2-36L-730-5K7-45000 K70 CRI9610 lm11583.4 WType IV
CC17x2-36L-730-5K7-4W-BC5000 K70 CRI3909 lm4782.9 WType IV Wide
CC17x2-36L-730-5K7-4W-CLR-BC5000 K70 CRI3477 lm4184.1 WType IV Wide
CC17x2-36L-730-5K7-4W-CLR5000 K70 CRI8269 lm9884.1 WType IV Wide
CC17x2-36L-730-5K7-4W-PL-BC5000 K70 CRI3190 lm3884.1 WType IV Wide
CC17x2-36L-730-5K7-4W-PL5000 K70 CRI7586 lm9084.1 WType IV Wide
CC17x2-36L-730-5K7-4W5000 K70 CRI9300 lm11283.3 WType IV Wide
CC17x2-36L-730-5K7-5QM-CLR5000 K70 CRI8958 lm10784.1 WType V Square Medium
CC17x2-36L-730-5K7-5QM-PL5000 K70 CRI8217 lm9884.1 WType V Square Medium
CC17x2-36L-730-5K7-5QM5000 K70 CRI10074 lm12183.3 WType V Square Medium
CC17x2-36L-730-5K7-5QN-CLR5000 K70 CRI9116 lm10884.1 WType V Square Narrow
CC17x2-36L-730-5K7-5QN-PL5000 K70 CRI8363 lm9984.1 WType V Square Narrow
CC17x2-36L-730-5K7-5QN5000 K70 CRI10251 lm12383.4 WType V Square Narrow
CC17x2-36L-730-5K7-5R-CLR5000 K70 CRI8768 lm10484.1 WType V Rectangular
CC17x2-36L-730-5K7-5R-PL5000 K70 CRI8043 lm9684.1 WType V Rectangular
CC17x2-36L-730-5K7-5R5000 K70 CRI9859 lm11883.3 WType V Rectangular
CC17x2-36L-730-5K7-5W-CLR5000 K70 CRI8583 lm10284.1 WType V Wide (Round)
CC17x2-36L-730-5K7-5W-HDL5000 K70 CRI6476 lm7883.1 WType V Wide (Round)
CC17x2-36L-730-5K7-5W-PL5000 K70 CRI7874 lm9484.1 WType V Wide (Round)
CC17x2-36L-730-5K7-5W5000 K70 CRI9654 lm11683.1 WType V Wide (Round)
CC17x2-36L-730-5K7-FR-BC5000 K70 CRI5577 lm6684.8 WType I
CC17x2-36L-730-5K7-FR-CLR-BC5000 K70 CRI4960 lm5984.1 WType I
CC17x2-36L-730-5K7-FR-CLR5000 K70 CRI9270 lm11084.1 WType I
CC17x2-36L-730-5K7-FR-PL-BC5000 K70 CRI4550 lm5484.1 WType I
CC17x2-36L-730-5K7-FR-PL5000 K70 CRI8504 lm10184.1 WType I
CC17x2-36L-730-5K7-FR5000 K70 CRI10424 lm12285.3 WType I
CC21x2-72L-330-3K7-2-BC3000 K70 CRI5218 lm7074.1 WType II
CC21x2-72L-330-3K7-2-CLR-BC3000 K70 CRI4670 lm6374.1 WType II
CC21x2-72L-330-3K7-2-CLR3000 K70 CRI8192 lm11174.1 WType II
CC21x2-72L-330-3K7-2-PL-BC3000 K70 CRI4382 lm5974.1 WType II
CC21x2-72L-330-3K7-2-PL3000 K70 CRI7687 lm10474.1 WType II
CC21x2-72L-330-3K7-23000 K70 CRI9152 lm12474.1 WType II
CC21x2-72L-330-3K7-3-BC3000 K70 CRI5081 lm6974.1 WType III
CC21x2-72L-330-3K7-3-CLR-BC3000 K70 CRI4548 lm6174.1 WType III
CC21x2-72L-330-3K7-3-CLR3000 K70 CRI7902 lm10774.1 WType III
CC21x2-72L-330-3K7-3-HDL3000 K70 CRI5944 lm8074.1 WType III
CC21x2-72L-330-3K7-3-PL-BC3000 K70 CRI4268 lm5874.1 WType III
CC21x2-72L-330-3K7-3-PL3000 K70 CRI7414 lm10074.1 WType III
CC21x2-72L-330-3K7-33000 K70 CRI8827 lm11974.1 WType III
CC21x2-72L-330-3K7-4-BC3000 K70 CRI6065 lm8274.1 WType IV
CC21x2-72L-330-3K7-4-CLR-BC3000 K70 CRI5430 lm7374.1 WType IV
CC21x2-72L-330-3K7-4-CLR3000 K70 CRI7866 lm10674.1 WType IV
CC21x2-72L-330-3K7-4-PL-BC3000 K70 CRI5095 lm6974.1 WType IV
CC21x2-72L-330-3K7-4-PL3000 K70 CRI7381 lm10074.1 WType IV
CC21x2-72L-330-3K7-43000 K70 CRI8787 lm11974.1 WType IV
CC21x2-72L-330-3K7-4W-BC3000 K70 CRI5268 lm7174.1 WType IV Wide
CC21x2-72L-330-3K7-4W-CLR-BC3000 K70 CRI4716 lm6474.1 WType IV Wide
CC21x2-72L-330-3K7-4W-CLR3000 K70 CRI8252 lm11174.1 WType IV Wide
CC21x2-72L-330-3K7-4W-PL-BC3000 K70 CRI4425 lm6074.1 WType IV Wide
CC21x2-72L-330-3K7-4W-PL3000 K70 CRI7743 lm10474.1 WType IV Wide
CC21x2-72L-330-3K7-4W3000 K70 CRI9218 lm12474.1 WType IV Wide
CC21x2-72L-330-3K7-5QM-CLR3000 K70 CRI8188 lm11074.1 WType V Square Medium
CC21x2-72L-330-3K7-5QM-PL3000 K70 CRI7683 lm10474.1 WType V Square Medium
CC21x2-72L-330-3K7-5QM3000 K70 CRI9148 lm12374.1 WType V Square Medium
CC21x2-72L-330-3K7-5QN-CLR3000 K70 CRI8629 lm11674.1 WType V Square Narrow