KicK Complements Architect’s Design Goals

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Olympia Place in Amherst, Massachusetts isn’t your typical student housing facility. Located right next door to the University of Massachusetts, Amherst campus, the 100,000-square-foot complex with 73 apartments was recognized by Architect magazine with a Residential Architect Design Award in the Student Housing Design category (click HERE for the story).  

The article details how the architect designed the complex to mirror traditional academic housing structures with a contemporary twist.

That’s where the KicK decorative post top from Architectural Area Lighting comes into play. Note the irregular property lines and dynamic outdoor spaces. The KicK complements the vertical massing with a sleek and contemporary look. It is being used to draw visitors in to the outdoor gathering areas.

The simplicity, elegance and form factor of the KicK complements the architect’s vision while meeting strict performance criterial. The KicK was the first luminaire in the world to feature an upward angle with zero uplight. The 3000K fixture also features a Dark Sky approved full cutoff optic to ensure compliance with municipal requirements.

Being an LEED certified facility for Homes Midrise Gold standards, the KicK supports the energy saving ambitions of the facility.


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