Installation-Friendly Room Control With The FX Room Controller

Built-In Time Clock for Scheduling Removes the Need for Additional Devices

Greenville, SC – September 8, 2020 – Announcing the release of the newly improved FX Room Controller, a vital component for room optimization and control in conjunction with the use of NX Distributed Intelligence™ System Devices.

The FX Room Controller is the first of its kind in the industry with a built-in time clock for scheduling capability of room controls without the need for additional network components or a central time server.

The new FX Room Controller is part of the NX Room Controller family and it fundamentally changes the architectural role of the controller and the ease of installation for electrical contractors and specifiers. Not only does the FX Room Controller expand the device support and capabilities through additional connections, the device is also equipped with built-in scheduling capabilities, and power metering, adding significant value in energy cost savings and run-time efficiency.

Ease of Installation

The FX Room Controller has all of the abilities of the previous NX Room Controller but it is significantly easier to configure and install for facility-wide lighting control.

The FX Room Controller reduces installation complexity through “plug and play installation” in which NX-enabled luminaires, occupancy sensors, daylight sensors, and other manual controls can be connected through SmartPORT™ technology, and optimized through self-configuration as the controller automatically recognizes the connected devices and assigns the room controls to a logical lighting sequence.

The FX Room Controller also offers the ability of NX Zone expansion through additional FX Port Functionality allowing up to 32 Room Controllers to be connected through the FX bus, effectively more than doubling the previous controller’s connective abilities.

Built-In Scheduling Capabilities

The FX Room Controller can be easily accessed and configured through the use of “NXBTC,” or an NX Digital Smart Sensor. The FX Room Controller also hosts a built-in time clock which allows devices to run scheduled events without the need of a central time server or gateway.

The FX Room Controller does this by separating the infrastructure into “Zones” wherein subsequent rooms are automated by the NX according to the system’s schedule. Similarly, the FX Room Controller can automate fixtures through a dimming interface based on the capabilities of the luminaires connected to the Room Controller on a schedule.

Energy Savings

The FX Room Controller complies with energy code requirements including ASHRAE 90.1, IECC, and Title 24 regulations. Users can even track their power usage to better manage energy consumption using the NXAC and BACnet™.

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