CSE Magazine Recognizes Vanish and NXP2 with Product of the Year Awards

The readers of Consulting-Specifying Engineer (CSE) Magazine recently completed voting in the 2021 Product of the Year competition. Our Vanish series and NXP2 Lighting Control Panel both won awards.

The NXP2 series takes the Gold award in the Equipment-Level Sensors & Controls category. Our fully scalable lighting control panels save time, energy, and money for installers and users. These reliable panels can operate standalone or as a networked device. They include internal time clocks and feature one integrated 0-10V dimming channel per relay. The panels highlight SmartPORTs for direct connection of NX sensors and switches, plus include low voltage inputs and dry contact outputs for other systems such as building automation, security, fire, and safety.

<>p> These lighting control panels meet all code and energy requirements while being easy to install. Most importantly, they work with the controlHUBB app. The app makes it easy to program and control all NX Distributed Intelligence™ devices.


The Vanish series wins the Bronze award in the Lighting & Lighting Controls category. The first edge-lit LED canopy product for the petroleum industry uses light pipe technology. Imagine a luminaire that can virtually disappear into a gas station canopy. The low-profile, streamlined design produces an exceptional spectral power distribution, resulting in a well-lit, safe, and secure environment for customers.

The design of the Vanish series offers an efficacy up to 157 lumens per watt, far exceeding the industry’s performance expectations. The highest wattage model puts out up to 20,000 lumens. The luminaire itself is designed for easy installation and servicing, reducing cost for facility managers.

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