One Sensor, No Limits: Current Launches New NX Dual Tech OMNI Module

Specifiers and contractors: This system does it all, it’s what you asked for.

GREENVILLE, S.C., Nov. 17, 2022 — Lighting pros crave convenience and control and Current provides both with the NX Dual Tech OMNI (NXSMDT-OMNI) smart occupancy sensor—new to the NX Lighting Controls portfolio designed exclusively for specifiers and contractors.

An easily adjustable, highly versatile and truly multifaceted digital sensor, NX Dual Tech OMNI has the ability to function in passive infrared (PIR), ultrasonic and dual technology modes as well as to manipulate its sensitivity. The module further provides plug-and-play connection with NX Room Control Devices as well as seamless integration with NX Wireless and NX Wired enabled luminaires for diverse end applications.

“Comprehensive lighting control packages often have you jumping through hoops, where you need coordinators to bridge systems, or different UIs are brought together in ways that add cost and complication,” said Tom Veltri, Director of Product Management, Controls & Software for Current. “Our philosophy is to remove boundaries and bottlenecks and empower users. We do this by eliminating operational dependencies on software, gateways and servers. Now you can scale to any environment without getting bogged down in linking disparate systems. These smart sensors are also individually addressable using the setup tool in our free app. What we’ve created is a digital root package to design incredible environmental experiences.”

Specifiers Love This

NX Dual Tech OMNI runs the gambit on control options so customers can deploy solutions across multiple applications using a single SKU. The module houses a PIR motion sensor, ultrasonic sensor and dual-stack radio providing both Bluetooth® and 2.4GHz wireless capability. This makes programming easy using the NX Lighting Controls Mobile App or an NX Area Controller. And with handy diagram blocks that can be quickly dropped into layouts, project planning is a cinch for specifiers who choose NX Dual Tech OMNI sensors.

A proprietary technology feature—IntelliSCOPE™—further allows fine-tuning of system parameters for optimal motion detection. IntelliSCOPE gives users the ability to make real-time sensitivity adjustments to prevent faults and inaccuracies, such as false “ons” or detections triggered by exact motions or object profiles the system can be trained to recognize (or to forget when rethinking how spaces should function). This also activates deeper energy savings when devices stay powered down until needed, or lights are not accidentally switched on when HVAC units kick in.

Current’s dual-technology approach combining PIR sensors and detection accuracy calibration puts the DT-OMNI sensor module in a class by itself for users who value ease of installation and next-generation capabilities when specifying networked lighting controls.

System capabilities include on/off switching, continuous dimming, multiple daylight harvesting modes, occupancy sensing and scheduling. Detection technologies can also be adjusted to perform independently or together. The module has a sleek modern profile suited to indoor spaces and is available in white, black, and gray options to meet architectural needs. 

Contractors Are Covered

Once installed, contractors can put their ladders away when programming NX Dual Tech OMNI modules. Adjustments are streamlined with this system that communicates via the NX App or NX Area Controllers, letting lighting pros walk the facility to perform their work in a fraction of the time, all from the floor.

And with a large network of Current field service engineers across the country, installers can get the hands-on assistance they need to guarantee a smooth start-up and proper commissioning of system capabilities without extra training investment.

Get More Control

NX Dual Tech OMNI is the latest networked solution within the NX Lighting Controls line that includes in-fixture and wall/circuit-level options, giving customers more flexibility to provide intuitive zonal, room-based or network control via wireless, wired or hybrid configurations.

Stay tuned to for even more NX Lighting Controls solutions focused on specifiers and contractors, including new easy-connect packages for wireless room control coming soon.

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