Versify™ – VSY

The VSY edge-lit troffer balances clean, streamlined architectural elements with high performance, making it the perfect fit for a wide variety of applications.

Features & Benefits

  • Architectural styling in an edge-lit luminaire
  • High efficiency acrylic lens featuring edge-lit technology
  • Stylish controls integration
  • UL Sanitation certified to NSF standards
  • IP5X rated, standard
  • Suitable for ISO Class 5-9 positive and negative pressure cleanrooms
  • Wet location listing option available


Product Technology
SpectraSync™ Color Tuning, NX Lighting Controls
Lumen Range
1,400 - 8,600
Dimming Protocol
0-10V Dimming, Lutron EcoSystem
CCT Offering
2700, 3000, 3500, 4000, 5000, 6500
CRI Offering
80, 90
Color Tuning
Tunable White
Mounting Options
Ceiling, Grid, Recessed, Surface, Suspended
Wattage Range
11 - 61
Efficacy Range
121 - 150
Color Offering
White, Black
Optics & Distributions
CSA, UL 924, DLC 5.1 Standard, DLC Premium
TAA (Buy American 52.225-11), IC, Chicago Plenum (CCEA), Damp, Wet, IP5X, ISO 5
5 year limited

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Product Name Color Temp CRI Lumens LM/W Watts Dist. Type Resources
VSY24-40HLHE-EDU4000 K80 CRI5744 lm14939 WAmbient
VSY24-40LWHE-EDU4000 K80 CRI4381 lm13133 WAmbient
VSY24-40MLHE-EDU4000 K80 CRI4893 lm13337 WAmbient
VSY24-40MWHE-EDU4000 K80 CRI3824 lm13129 WAmbient
VSY24-40VLHE-EDU4000 K80 CRI7309 lm15049 WAmbient
VSY24-40VWHE-EDU4000 K80 CRI3267 lm13025 WAmbient
VSY24-40XLHE-EDU4000 K80 CRI8035 lm13460 WAmbient
VSY24-40XWHE-EDU4000 K80 CRI2228 lm12618 WAmbient
VSY24-50HLHE-EDU5000 K80 CRI5744 lm14939 WAmbient
VSY24-50LWHE-EDU5000 K80 CRI4381 lm13133 WAmbient
VSY24-50MLHE-EDU5000 K80 CRI4893 lm13337 WAmbient
VSY24-50MWHE-EDU5000 K80 CRI3824 lm13129 WAmbient
VSY24-50VLHE-EDU5000 K80 CRI7309 lm15049 WAmbient
VSY24-50VWHE-EDU5000 K80 CRI3267 lm13025 WAmbient
VSY24-50XLHE-EDU5000 K80 CRI8354 lm14060 WAmbient
VSY24-50XWHE-EDU5000 K80 CRI2366 lm13518 WAmbient
VSY12-30HLHE-EDU3000 K80 CRI3551 lm13427 WAmbient
VSY12-30LWHE-EDU3000 K80 CRI2501 lm13019 WAmbient
VSY12-30MLHE-EDU3000 K80 CRI3209 lm13124 WAmbient
VSY12-30MWHE-EDU3000 K80 CRI1905 lm12515 WAmbient
VSY12-30VLHE-EDU3000 K80 CRI4306 lm13233 WAmbient
VSY12-30VWHE-EDU3000 K80 CRI1407 lm12611 WAmbient
VSY12-35HLHE-EDU3500 K80 CRI3636 lm13727 WAmbient
VSY12-35LWHE-EDU3500 K80 CRI2563 lm13319 WAmbient
VSY12-35MLHE-EDU3500 K80 CRI3288 lm13524 WAmbient
VSY12-35MWHE-EDU3500 K80 CRI1952 lm12815 WAmbient
VSY12-35VLHE-EDU3500 K80 CRI4413 lm13533 WAmbient
VSY12-35VWHE-EDU3500 K80 CRI1442 lm12911 WAmbient
VSY12-40HLHE-EDU4000 K80 CRI3699 lm14027 WAmbient
VSY12-40LWHE-EDU4000 K80 CRI2607 lm13519 WAmbient
VSY12-40MLHE-EDU4000 K80 CRI3344 lm13724 WAmbient
VSY12-40MWHE-EDU4000 K80 CRI1985 lm13015 WAmbient
VSY12-40VLHE-EDU4000 K80 CRI4487 lm13733 WAmbient
VSY12-40VWHE-EDU4000 K80 CRI1466 lm13111 WAmbient
VSY12-50HLHE-EDU5000 K80 CRI3699 lm14027 WAmbient
VSY12-50LWHE-EDU5000 K80 CRI2607 lm13519 WAmbient
VSY12-50MLHE-EDU5000 K80 CRI3344 lm13724 WAmbient
VSY12-50MWHE-EDU5000 K80 CRI1985 lm13015 WAmbient
VSY12-50VLHE-EDU5000 K80 CRI4275 lm13332 WAmbient
VSY12-50VWHE-EDU5000 K80 CRI1428 lm12911 WAmbient
VSY14-30HLHE-EDU3000 K80 CRI4987 lm13039 WAmbient
VSY14-30LWHE-EDU3000 K80 CRI4250 lm12833 WAmbient
VSY14-30MLHE-EDU3000 K80 CRI4728 lm13036 WAmbient
VSY14-30MWHE-EDU3000 K80 CRI3705 lm12729 WAmbient
VSY14-30VLHE-EDU3000 K80 CRI6516 lm13449 WAmbient
VSY14-30VWHE-EDU3000 K80 CRI3121 lm12425 WAmbient
VSY14-30XLHE-EDU3000 K80 CRI8249 lm13561 WAmbient
VSY14-30XWHE-EDU3000 K80 CRI2119 lm12118 WAmbient
VSY14-35HLHE-EDU3500 K80 CRI5109 lm13339 WAmbient
VSY14-35LWHE-EDU3500 K80 CRI4355 lm13133 WAmbient
VSY14-35MLHE-EDU3500 K80 CRI4844 lm13436 WAmbient
VSY14-35MWHE-EDU3500 K80 CRI3797 lm13129 WAmbient
VSY14-35VLHE-EDU3500 K80 CRI6672 lm13749 WAmbient
VSY14-35VWHE-EDU3500 K80 CRI3197 lm12725 WAmbient
VSY14-35XLHE-EDU3500 K80 CRI8455 lm13961 WAmbient
VSY14-35XWHE-EDU3500 K80 CRI2172 lm12418 WAmbient
VSY14-40HLHE-EDU4000 K80 CRI5196 lm13539 WAmbient
VSY14-40LWHE-EDU4000 K80 CRI4429 lm13333 WAmbient
VSY14-40MLHE-EDU4000 K80 CRI4927 lm13636 WAmbient
VSY14-40MWHE-EDU4000 K80 CRI3861 lm13329 WAmbient
VSY14-40VLHE-EDU4000 K80 CRI6788 lm14049 WAmbient
VSY14-40VWHE-EDU4000 K80 CRI3252 lm12925 WAmbient
VSY14-40XLHE-EDU4000 K80 CRI8595 lm14161 WAmbient
VSY14-40XWHE-EDU4000 K80 CRI2208 lm12618 WAmbient
VSY14-50HLHE-EDU5000 K80 CRI5196 lm13539 WAmbient
VSY14-50LWHE-EDU5000 K80 CRI4429 lm13333 WAmbient
VSY14-50MLHE-EDU5000 K80 CRI4927 lm13636 WAmbient
VSY14-50MWHE-EDU5000 K80 CRI3861 lm13329 WAmbient
VSY14-50VLHE-EDU5000 K80 CRI6788 lm14049 WAmbient
VSY14-50VWHE-EDU5000 K80 CRI3252 lm12925 WAmbient
VSY14-50XLHE-EDU5000 K80 CRI7943 lm13161 WAmbient
VSY14-50XWHE-EDU5000 K80 CRI2129 lm12118 WAmbient
VSY22-30HLHE-EDU3000 K80 CRI3667 lm14126 WAmbient
VSY22-30LWHE-EDU3000 K80 CRI2507 lm13019 WAmbient
VSY22-30MLHE-EDU3000 K80 CRI3197 lm13125 WAmbient
VSY22-30MWHE-EDU3000 K80 CRI1904 lm12515 WAmbient
VSY22-30VLHE-EDU3000 K80 CRI4501 lm13932 WAmbient
VSY22-30VWHE-EDU3000 K80 CRI1390 lm12411 WAmbient
VSY22-35HLHE-EDU3500 K80 CRI3754 lm14426 WAmbient
VSY22-35LWHE-EDU3500 K80 CRI2568 lm13319 WAmbient
VSY22-35MLHE-EDU3500 K80 CRI3276 lm13425 WAmbient
VSY22-35MWHE-EDU3500 K80 CRI1951 lm12815 WAmbient
VSY22-35VLHE-EDU3500 K80 CRI4613 lm14332 WAmbient
VSY22-35VWHE-EDU3500 K80 CRI1425 lm12711 WAmbient
VSY22-40HLHE-EDU4000 K80 CRI3819 lm14726 WAmbient
VSY22-40LWHE-EDU4000 K80 CRI2612 lm13619 WAmbient
VSY22-40MLHE-EDU4000 K80 CRI3331 lm13625 WAmbient
VSY22-40MWHE-EDU4000 K80 CRI1984 lm13015 WAmbient
VSY22-40VLHE-EDU4000 K80 CRI4690 lm14532 WAmbient
VSY22-40VWHE-EDU4000 K80 CRI1449 lm12911 WAmbient
VSY22-50HLHE-EDU5000 K80 CRI3819 lm14726 WAmbient
VSY22-50LWHE-EDU5000 K80 CRI2612 lm13619 WAmbient
VSY22-50MLHE-EDU5000 K80 CRI3331 lm13625 WAmbient
VSY22-50MWHE-EDU5000 K80 CRI1984 lm13015 WAmbient
VSY22-50VLHE-EDU5000 K80 CRI4657 lm14432 WAmbient
VSY22-50VWHE-EDU5000 K80 CRI1444 lm12911 WAmbient
VSY24-30HLHE-EDU3000 K80 CRI5513 lm14339 WAmbient
VSY24-30LWHE-EDU3000 K80 CRI4204 lm12633 WAmbient
VSY24-30MLHE-EDU3000 K80 CRI4696 lm12837 WAmbient
VSY24-30MWHE-EDU3000 K80 CRI3670 lm12529 WAmbient
VSY24-30VLHE-EDU3000 K80 CRI7017 lm14449 WAmbient
VSY24-30VWHE-EDU3000 K80 CRI3135 lm12425 WAmbient
VSY24-30XLHE-EDU3000 K80 CRI7711 lm12960 WAmbient
VSY24-30XWHE-EDU3000 K80 CRI2138 lm12118 WAmbient
VSY24-35HLHE-EDU3500 K80 CRI5648 lm14739 WAmbient
VSY24-35LWHE-EDU3500 K80 CRI4308 lm12933 WAmbient
VSY24-35MLHE-EDU3500 K80 CRI4812 lm13137 WAmbient
VSY24-35MWHE-EDU3500 K80 CRI3760 lm12829 WAmbient
VSY24-35VLHE-EDU3500 K80 CRI7185 lm14749 WAmbient
VSY24-35VWHE-EDU3500 K80 CRI3212 lm12825 WAmbient
VSY24-35XLHE-EDU3500 K80 CRI7904 lm13260 WAmbient
VSY24-35XWHE-EDU3500 K80 CRI2192 lm12418 WAmbient
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