Prevent Linear

Prevent Linear combines transportation-grade performance with architecturally-focused aesthetics & options.

Features & Benefits

  • Vandal Resistant with captive end caps
  • Unlit center piece connect and corner mount options available
  • X, T, L shape pattern options
  • Tamper resistant fasteners
  • Decorative end cap and lens banding options


Voltage Offering
Dimming Protocol
CCT Offering
2700, 3000, 3500, 4000, 5000
CRI Offering
80, 90
Color Tuning
Scheduled White, Tunable White
Mounting Options
Surface, Wall, Pendant
Wattage Range
Per foot: 10 - 90
Efficacy Range
112 - 158
Controls & Sensors
Occupancy, NX Lighting Controls
cULus, UL 924, ADA
IP66, IK10, ANSI 3G
5 year limited

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Product Name Color Temp CRI Lumens LM/W Watts Dist. Type Resources
PVNT-2-40-30K-83000 K80 CRI5184 lm13638.21 WType VS
PVNT-1-10-50K-85000 K80 CRI1838 lm13413.73 WType VS
PVNT-3-65-40K-84000 K80 CRI9523 lm14366.78 WType VS
PVNT-2-40-27K-8-2765T2700 K80 CRI5115 lm12740.29 WType VS
PVNT-4-55-35K-83500 K80 CRI7409 lm14053 WType VS
PVNT-4-90-40K-8-2765T4000 K80 CRI11736 lm12593.53 WType VS
PVNT-2-40-50K-8-2765T5000 K80 CRI5311 lm13339.86 WType VS
PVNT-4-35-35K-83500 K80 CRI5154 lm14335.97 WType VS
PVNT-1-10-27K-82700 K80 CRI1631 lm11913.73 WType VS
PVNT-3-25-27K-82700 K80 CRI3698 lm14026.43 WType VS
PVNT-2-25-35K-83500 K80 CRI3685 lm13726.96 WType VS
PVNT-1-15-40K-84000 K80 CRI2478 lm13718.14 WType VS
PVNT-3-45-50K-85000 K80 CRI6950 lm15245.8 WType VS
PVNT-1-15-40K-8-2765T4000 K80 CRI2308 lm11719.73 WType VS
PVNT-4-70-30K-83000 K80 CRI9293 lm12972 WType VS
PVNT-3-65-65K-8-2765T6500 K80 CRI9176 lm13170.12 WType VS
PVNT-3-65-30K-8-2765T3000 K80 CRI8720 lm12470.12 WType VS
PVNT-4-90-30K-83000 K80 CRI11532 lm12989.72 WType VS
PVNT-3-25-50K-85000 K80 CRI4166 lm15826.43 WType VS
PVNT-2-15-40K-84000 K80 CRI2561 lm14617.6 WType VS
PVNT-2-15-35K-83500 K80 CRI2474 lm14117.6 WType VS
PVNT-3-45-27K-82700 K80 CRI6169 lm13545.8 WType VS
PVNT-4-90-65K-8-2765T6500 K80 CRI12134 lm13093.53 WType VS
PVNT-4-90-27K-82700 K80 CRI11530 lm12989.72 WType VS
PVNT-3-65-35K-8-2765T3500 K80 CRI8801 lm12670.12 WType VS
PVNT-3-65-60K-8-2765T6000 K80 CRI9070 lm12970.12 WType VS
PVNT-4-70-35K-83500 K80 CRI9806 lm13672 WType VS
PVNT-1-15-35K-8-2765T3500 K80 CRI2289 lm11619.73 WType VS
PVNT-3-45-40K-84000 K80 CRI6738 lm14745.8 WType VS
PVNT-1-15-50K-85000 K80 CRI2556 lm14118.14 WType VS
PVNT-2-25-30K-83000 K80 CRI3492 lm13026.96 WType VS
PVNT-3-25-30K-83000 K80 CRI3699 lm14026.43 WType VS
PVNT-4-90-50K-85000 K80 CRI12989 lm14589.72 WType VS
PVNT-4-35-40K-84000 K80 CRI5334 lm14835.97 WType VS
PVNT-2-40-60K-8-2765T6000 K80 CRI5352 lm13439.79 WType VS
PVNT-4-90-35K-8-2765T3500 K80 CRI11639 lm12493.53 WType VS
PVNT-4-55-40K-84000 K80 CRI7668 lm14553 WType VS
PVNT-1-15-65K-8-2765T6500 K80 CRI2386 lm12119.73 WType VS
PVNT-3-65-35K-83500 K80 CRI9201 lm13866.78 WType VS
PVNT-1-15-27K-82700 K80 CRI2269 lm12518.14 WType VS
PVNT-2-40-27K-82700 K80 CRI5183 lm13638.08 WType VS
PVNT-2-40-35K-83500 K80 CRI5471 lm14338.22 WType VS
PVNT-1-10-40K-84000 K80 CRI1782 lm13013.73 WType VS
PVNT-3-65-50K-85000 K80 CRI9822 lm14766.78 WType VS
PVNT-2-40-30K-8-2765T3000 K80 CRI5145 lm12840.21 WType VS
PVNT-4-55-30K-83000 K80 CRI7022 lm13253 WType VS
PVNT-4-90-50K-8-2765T5000 K80 CRI11903 lm12793.53 WType VS
PVNT-2-40-40K-8-2765T4000 K80 CRI5236 lm13140.05 WType VS
PVNT-4-35-30K-83000 K80 CRI4885 lm13635.97 WType VS
PVNT-1-10-30K-83000 K80 CRI1632 lm11913.73 WType VS
PVNT-2-40-50K-85000 K80 CRI5840 lm15238.37 WType VS
PVNT-2-25-40K-84000 K80 CRI3814 lm14126.96 WType VS
PVNT-1-15-35K-83500 K80 CRI2394 lm13218.14 WType VS
PVNT-3-65-27K-82700 K80 CRI8719 lm13166.78 WType VS
PVNT-1-15-50K-8-2765T5000 K80 CRI2341 lm11919.73 WType VS
PVNT-4-70-27K-82700 K80 CRI9291 lm12972 WType VS
PVNT-4-90-27K-8-2765T2700 K80 CRI11466 lm12393.53 WType VS
PVNT-3-65-27K-8-2765T2700 K80 CRI8670 lm12470.12 WType VS
PVNT-4-55-27K-82700 K80 CRI7021 lm13253 WType VS
PVNT-4-90-35K-83500 K80 CRI12168 lm13689.72 WType VS
PVNT-3-25-40K-84000 K80 CRI4039 lm15326.43 WType VS
PVNT-2-15-50K-85000 K80 CRI2641 lm15017.6 WType VS
PVNT-2-15-30K-83000 K80 CRI2345 lm13317.6 WType VS
PVNT-3-45-30K-83000 K80 CRI6170 lm13545.8 WType VS
PVNT-1-15-27K-8-2765T2700 K80 CRI2255 lm11419.73 WType VS
PVNT-4-70-50K-85000 K80 CRI10467 lm14572 WType VS
PVNT-3-65-40K-8-2765T4000 K80 CRI8874 lm12770.12 WType VS
PVNT-3-65-50K-8-2765T5000 K80 CRI9001 lm12870.12 WType VS
PVNT-4-70-40K-84000 K80 CRI10148 lm14172 WType VS
PVNT-1-15-30K-8-2765T3000 K80 CRI2268 lm11519.73 WType VS
PVNT-3-45-35K-83500 K80 CRI6511 lm14245.8 WType VS
PVNT-2-15-27K-82700 K80 CRI2345 lm13317.6 WType VS
PVNT-2-25-27K-82700 K80 CRI3492 lm13026.96 WType VS
PVNT-3-25-35K-83500 K80 CRI3903 lm14826.43 WType VS
PVNT-4-90-40K-84000 K80 CRI12593 lm14089.72 WType VS
PVNT-4-35-50K-85000 K80 CRI5502 lm15335.97 WType VS
PVNT-2-40-65K-8-2765T6500 K80 CRI5414 lm13639.77 WType VS
PVNT-4-90-30K-8-2765T3000 K80 CRI11532 lm12393.53 WType VS
PVNT-4-55-50K-85000 K80 CRI7909 lm14953 WType VS
PVNT-1-15-60K-8-2765T6000 K80 CRI2359 lm12019.73 WType VS
PVNT-3-65-30K-83000 K80 CRI8720 lm13166.78 WType VS
PVNT-1-15-30K-83000 K80 CRI2269 lm12518.14 WType VS
PVNT-2-25-50K-85000 K80 CRI3934 lm14626.96 WType VS
PVNT-2-40-40K-84000 K80 CRI5661 lm14937.94 WType VS
PVNT-1-10-35K-83500 K80 CRI1722 lm12513.73 WType VS
PVNT-4-35-27K-82700 K80 CRI4884 lm13635.97 WType VS
PVNT-2-40-35K-8-2765T3500 K80 CRI5193 lm12940.13 WType VS
PVNT-4-90-60K-8-2765T6000 K80 CRI11995 lm12893.53 WType VS
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