LiteBox® Standard LBRST

LiteBox® Standard canless direct install downlighting can be used in New Construction, Remodel and Retrofit applications and offers color trim accessories.

Features & Benefits

  • 4”, 6", and 8" aperture delivering 650 to 3000 lumens
  • Spun aluminum white trim
  • Available in Warm White or Cool White Switchable CCT configurations
  • Decorative color trim rings for Non-conductive dead-front applications
  • Optional support pans for joist or T-Grid ceilings


4, 6, 8
Aperture Shape
Lumen Range
650 - 3,000
Dimming Protocol
0-10V Dimming
CCT Offering
2700, 3000, 3500, 4000, 5000
CRI Offering
Switchable Technology
Switchable Lumen;Switchable CCT
Mounting Options
Housing Options
New Construction;Remodel/Retrofit
Wattage Range
8 - 37
Efficacy Range
74 - 106 LPW
Optics & Distributions
Extra Wide
cULus, Title 24 JA8, ENERGY STAR®
Wet, Non-IC, IC
Lumen Maintenance Rating
L90 @ 60,000 hours
5 year limited

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Product Name Color Temp CRI Lumens LM/W Watts Dist. Type Resources
LBRST-4RD-M-LSSLCWCS9-WH_1000LM_4000K4000 K90 CRI1174 lm8213.4 WExtra Wide
LBRST-4RD-M-LSSLCWCS9-WH_1000LM_5000K5000 K90 CRI1135 lm7514.1 WExtra Wide
LBRST-4RD-M-LSSLCWCS9-WH_650LM_4000K4000 K90 CRI779 lm1128.3 WExtra Wide
LBRST-4RD-M-LSSLCWCS9-WH_650LM_5000K5000 K90 CRI772 lm828.7 WExtra Wide
LBRST-4RD-M-LSSLWWCS9-WH_1000LM_2700K2700 K90 CRI971 lm6813.8 WExtra Wide
LBRST-4RD-M-LSSLWWCS9-WH_1000LM_3000K3000 K90 CRI1063 lm7513.1 WExtra Wide
LBRST-4RD-M-LSSLWWCS9-WH_1000LM_3500K3500 K90 CRI1033 lm7513.8 WExtra Wide
LBRST-4RD-M-LSSLWWCS9-WH_650LM_2700K2700 K90 CRI677 lm778.5 WExtra Wide
LBRST-4RD-M-LSSLWWCS9-WH_650LM_3000K3000 K90 CRI711 lm828.1 WExtra Wide
LBRST-4RD-M-LSSLWWCS9-WH_650LM_3500K3500 K90 CRI706 lm828.5 WExtra Wide
LBRST-6RD-M-LSSLCWCS9-WH_1200LM_4000K4000 K90 CRI1326 lm8912.9 WExtra Wide
LBRST-6RD-M-LSSLCWCS9-WH_1200LM_5000K5000 K90 CRI1310 lm8613.5 WExtra Wide
LBRST-6RD-M-LSSLCWCS9-WH_1800LM_4000K4000 K90 CRI1945 lm8620.5 WExtra Wide
LBRST-6RD-M-LSSLCWCS9-WH_1800LM_5000K5000 K90 CRI1864 lm8021.6 WExtra Wide
LBRST-6RD-M-LSSLCWCS9-WH_850LM_4000K4000 K90 CRI903 lm1068.5 WExtra Wide
LBRST-6RD-M-LSSLCWCS9-WH_850LM_5000K5000 K90 CRI908 lm1008.8 WExtra Wide
LBRST-6RD-M-LSSLWWCS9-WH_1200LM_2700K2700 K90 CRI1136 lm7913.4 WExtra Wide
LBRST-6RD-M-LSSLWWCS9-WH_1200LM_3000K3000 K90 CRI1225 lm8612.8 WExtra Wide
LBRST-6RD-M-LSSLWWCS9-WH_1200LM_3500K3500 K90 CRI1211 lm8613.4 WExtra Wide
LBRST-6RD-M-LSSLWWCS9-WH_1800LM_2700K2700 K90 CRI1587 lm7121.3 WExtra Wide
LBRST-6RD-M-LSSLWWCS9-WH_1800LM_3000K3000 K90 CRI1786 lm8020.3 WExtra Wide
LBRST-6RD-M-LSSLWWCS9-WH_1800LM_3500K3500 K90 CRI1728 lm7721.3 WExtra Wide
LBRST-6RD-M-LSSLWWCS9-WH_850LM_2700K2700 K90 CRI795 lm888.8 WExtra Wide
LBRST-6RD-M-LSSLWWCS9-WH_850LM_3000K3000 K90 CRI841 lm948.4 WExtra Wide
LBRST-6RD-M-LSSLWWCS9-WH_850LM_3500K3500 K90 CRI842 lm948.7 WExtra Wide
LBRST-8RD-M-30LCWCS9-WH_3000LM_4000K4000 K90 CRI3287 lm8934.8 WExtra Wide
LBRST-8RD-M-30LCWCS9-WH_3000LM_5000K5000 K90 CRI3125 lm8236.6 WExtra Wide
LBRST-8RD-M-30LWWCS9-WH_3000LM_2700K2700 K90 CRI2760 lm7336.6 WExtra Wide
LBRST-8RD-M-30LWWCS9-WH_3000LM_3000K3000 K90 CRI3038 lm8234.8 WExtra Wide
LBRST-8RD-M-30LWWCS9-WH_3000LM_3500K3500 K90 CRI2910 lm8036.8 WExtra Wide
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