Smallest adjustable architectural cove product on the market

Smallest Cove on the Market

With a 1 7/8” x 3 1/8" compact cross section, the Cove30 is designed to fit almost anywhere

Cove30 FP Smallest
Cove30 FP AIM

Tool-less Hot Aim Adjustment

30° vertical adjustment range along 8 set points. At lowest position, peak intensity is at 117°

Optional Extruded Cove System

Provides consistency and convenience with full Cove30 integration. Seam-welded inside and outside corners available.

Cove30 FP Extruded

Versatile Configurations

Cove30 FP Field Cove30 FP Field

Field Build Cove (By Others)

Cove30 FP KS Cove30 FP KS

Knife-Edge (KS)

Cove30 FP KP Cove30 FP KP

Knife-Edge Mud-In

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Dim to Warm

Dim to Warm mimics the familiar warming effect that occurs with traditional incandescent sources as they are dimmed. (Available with 2200K-3000K)


Tunable White

Tunable White offers you the ability to tailor correlated color temperature (CCT) to your personal preference, enhancing task visibility, material and colors and the aesthetics of the space. (Available with 2700K-5000K or 2700K-6500K)


Scheduled White

Scheduled White creates an environment that mimics the rhythm of natural light or follows an alternative user-defined schedule throughout the day, enhancing an occupant's mood and well-being. (Available with 2700K-5000K or 2700K-6500K)


The power to configure and control in your pocket.