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Dual-Lite Technical Support and Field Service

Technical Support and Field Service (Warranty, troubleshooting, specifications and startups)


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Inverter Warranty
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Our Experience

Creating life safety solutions that shape the industry comes naturally for Dual-Lite. In 1940, the company started with a unique idea: construct an exit sign using dry cells that could operate in normal and emergency modes. That patented concept of dual operation inspired the company’s name. The loss of life in the worst nightclub fire in history spurred a nationwide uproar that led to stricter enforcement and addition of safety requirements. Dual-Lite responded by establishing itself as an industry force.

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Built-in energy security guaranteed by authentic Dual-Lite quality and a preventive maintenance program. Meeting the complex energy needs of today’s business facilities requires continuous, reliable power supplied by a system that’s totally compatible with any load. A central lighting inverter system from Dual-Lite answers that call with high efficiency performance. Our Inverter Warranty and Technical Support Team has more than thirty years of experience to provide the prompt, polite and knowledgeable support you need to protect your facilities and its occupants – 24/7.

Service Support

Service & Support capabilities:

Nationwide network of factory trained and certified Authorized Service Centers | On-site inverter Startup | Telephone Support | Onsite Support

Our network of Authorized Service Centers provide startup, user training, warranty and technical support services local to you. Their extensive experience and training allow them to provide fast and efficient support for your Dual-Lite inverter systems.

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