Matrix MAF

NEMA 2x2, 4x4, and 6x6 distributions make the Matrix the choice for high lumen, high mounting height applications with outputs exceeding 60,000 lumens.

Features & Benefits

  • Up to 60,000 lumen output
  • Adjustable knuckle with 5° increments
  • Complimenting aesthetic to Matrix Area luminaire
  • Protective glass lens
  • Superior optical and glare control options
  • Tennis Court optics provide maximum illumination specifically targeting the court area


Color Offering
Black Matte Textured, Black Gloss Smooth, Dark Bronze Matte Textured, Dark Bronze Gloss Smooth, Graphite Matte Textured, Light Grey Gloss Smooth, Platinum Silver Smooth, White Matte Textured, White Gloss Smooth, Verde Green Textured
Controls & Sensors
7-pin ANSI C136.41 Dimming Receptacle, ENERGENI, Occupancy, Photocontrol, NX Lighting Controls, wiSCAPE
TAA (Buy American 52.225-11)

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Product Name Color Temp CRI Lumens LM/W Watts Dist. Type Resources
18.00260_MA-F-148L-425-4K7-W_Knuckle_Visor4000 K70 CRI44142 lm102425 W6x6 Flood
MA-F-104L-300-5K7-N5000 K70 CRI33617 lm113300 W2X2 Flood
MA-F-192L-550-5K7-N5000 K70 CRI62062 lm113550 W2X2 Flood
MA-F-104L-265-3K7-M3000 K70 CRI27834 lm99265 W4x4 Flood
MA-F-148L-470-4K7-TC4000 K70 CRI470 W
MA-F-148L-425-4K7-W4000 K70 CRI44142 lm102425 W6x6 Flood
MA-F-148L-470-3K7-W3000 K70 CRI47676 lm93470 W6x6 Flood
MA-F-192L-550-3K7-M3000 K70 CRI56220 lm95550 W4x4 Flood
MA-F-148L-380-4K7-N4000 K70 CRI42208 lm112380 W2X2 Flood
MA-F-148L-425-3K7-TC3000 K70 CRI425 W
MA-F-104L-300-3K7-N3000 K70 CRI32450 lm104300 W2X2 Flood
MA-F-192L-610-5K7-W5000 K70 CRI64073 lm102610 W6x6 Flood
MA-F-104L-265-5K7-M5000 K70 CRI28834 lm108265 W4x4 Flood
MA-F-148L-380-5K7-M5000 K70 CRI41034 lm108380 W4x4 Flood
MA-F-192L-490-5K7-M5000 K70 CRI53233 lm108490 W4x4 Flood
MA-F-192L-490-5K7-TC5000 K70 CRI490 W
MA-F-192L-490-4K7-M4000 K70 CRI51385 lm104490 W4x4 Flood
MA-F-148L-425-3K7-N3000 K70 CRI46179 lm103425 W2X2 Flood
MA-F-104L-300-3K7-TC3000 K70 CRI300 W
MA-F-104L-265-4K7-N4000 K70 CRI29660 lm112265 W2X2 Flood
MA-F-104L-330-4K7-M4000 K70 CRI32891 lm97330 W4x4 Flood
MA-F-104L-330-5K7-TC5000 K70 CRI330 W
MA-F-104L-330-3K7-W3000 K70 CRI33502 lm94330 W6x6 Flood
MA-F-192L-550-4K7-W4000 K70 CRI57265 lm102550 W6x6 Flood
MA-F-192L-610-4K7-TC4000 K70 CRI610 W
MA-F-148L-425-5K7-N5000 K70 CRI47840 lm113425 W2X2 Flood
MA-F-148L-425-5K7-W5000 K70 CRI45729 lm106425 W6x6 Flood
MA-F-192L-610-3K7-TC3000 K70 CRI610 W
MA-F-192L-550-4K7-N4000 K70 CRI59909 lm109550 W2X2 Flood
MA-F-148L-380-3K7-M3000 K70 CRI39610 lm98380 W4x4 Flood
MA-F-104L-330-4K7-TC4000 K70 CRI330 W
MA-F-104L-300-4K7-W4000 K70 CRI31019 lm103300 W6x6 Flood
MA-F-104L-265-4K7-W4000 K70 CRI28351 lm106265 W6x6 Flood
MA-F-104L-300-4K7-TC4000 K70 CRI300 W
MA-F-148L-425-3K7-M3000 K70 CRI43336 lm95425 W4x4 Flood
MA-F-192L-490-4K7-N4000 K70 CRI54757 lm112490 W2X2 Flood
MA-F-192L-550-3K7-TC3000 K70 CRI550 W
MA-F-148L-470-5K7-W5000 K70 CRI49390 lm102470 W6x6 Flood
MA-F-148L-380-5K7-N5000 K70 CRI43726 lm116380 W2X2 Flood
MA-F-192L-610-4K7-W4000 K70 CRI61850 lm99610 W6x6 Flood
MA-F-104L-300-3K7-W3000 K70 CRI31019 lm98300 W6x6 Flood
MA-F-148L-380-5K7-TC5000 K70 CRI380 W
MA-F-148L-380-4K7-M4000 K70 CRI39610 lm104380 W4x4 Flood
MA-F-192L-550-3K7-N3000 K70 CRI59909 lm103550 W2X2 Flood
MA-F-104L-265-3K7-TC3000 K70 CRI265 W
MA-F-148L-470-3K7-N3000 K70 CRI49877 lm99470 W2X2 Flood
MA-F-148L-470-4K7-M4000 K70 CRI46806 lm97470 W4x4 Flood
MA-F-148L-470-5K7-TC5000 K70 CRI470 W
MA-F-192L-550-5K7-M5000 K70 CRI58241 lm105550 W4x4 Flood
MA-F-104L-300-5K7-W5000 K70 CRI32134 lm106300 W6x6 Flood
18.00427_MA-F-148L-425-4K7-N4000 K70 CRI46179 lm109425 W2X2 Flood
MA-F-104L-300-5K7-M5000 K70 CRI31547 lm105300 W4x4 Flood
MA-F-192L-550-5K7-W5000 K70 CRI59324 lm106550 W6x6 Flood
MA-F-104L-265-3K7-N3000 K70 CRI29660 lm107265 W2X2 Flood
MA-F-148L-470-3K7-TC3000 K70 CRI470 W
MA-F-148L-425-4K7-N4000 K70 CRI46179 lm109425 W2X2 Flood
MA-F-192L-490-3K7-M3000 K70 CRI51385 lm98490 W4x4 Flood
MA-F-192L-490-3K7-W3000 K70 CRI52340 lm100490 W6x6 Flood
MA-F-148L-380-4K7-W4000 K70 CRI40346 lm106380 W6x6 Flood
MA-F-148L-425-4K7-TC4000 K70 CRI425 W
MA-F-104L-300-3K7-M3000 K70 CRI30453 lm97300 W4x4 Flood
MA-F-192L-610-5K7-N5000 K70 CRI67031 lm109610 W2X2 Flood
MA-F-104L-265-5K7-N5000 K70 CRI30726 lm116265 W2X2 Flood
18.00258_MA-F-148L-425-4K7-M_Knuckle_Visor4000 K70 CRI43336 lm101425 W4x4 Flood
MA-F-104L-330-5K7-N5000 K70 CRI36308 lm109330 W2X2 Flood
MA-F-192L-490-5K7-N5000 K70 CRI56725 lm116490 W2X2 Flood
MA-F-192L-490-4K7-TC4000 K70 CRI490 W
MA-F-148L-470-4K7-W4000 K70 CRI47676 lm99470 W6x6 Flood
MA-F-148L-425-3K7-W3000 K70 CRI44142 lm97425 W6x6 Flood
MA-F-104L-265-5K7-TC5000 K70 CRI265 W
MA-F-104L-265-4K7-M4000 K70 CRI27834 lm104265 W4x4 Flood
MA-F-104L-330-4K7-N4000 K70 CRI35048 lm105330 W2X2 Flood
MA-F-148L-380-3K7-TC3000 K70 CRI380 W
MA-F-104L-330-3K7-N3000 K70 CRI35048 lm100330 W2X2 Flood
MA-F-192L-610-4K7-M4000 K70 CRI60721 lm97610 W4x4 Flood
MA-F-192L-610-5K7-TC5000 K70 CRI610 W
MA-F-148L-425-5K7-M5000 K70 CRI44894 lm105425 W4x4 Flood
MA-F-148L-470-5K7-M5000 K70 CRI48488 lm101470 W4x4 Flood
MA-F-192L-550-5K7-TC5000 K70 CRI550 W
MA-F-192L-550-4K7-M4000 K70 CRI56220 lm101550 W4x4 Flood
MA-F-148L-380-3K7-N3000 K70 CRI42208 lm106380 W2X2 Flood
MA-F-104L-330-3K7-TC3000 K70 CRI330 W
MA-F-104L-300-4K7-N4000 K70 CRI32450 lm109300 W2X2 Flood
MA-F-104L-300-4K7-M4000 K70 CRI30453 lm101300 W4x4 Flood
MA-F-104L-300-5K7-TC5000 K70 CRI300 W
MA-F-148L-380-3K7-W3000 K70 CRI40346 lm100380 W6x6 Flood
MA-F-192L-490-4K7-W4000 K70 CRI52340 lm106490 W6x6 Flood
MA-F-192L-550-4K7-TC4000 K70 CRI550 W
MA-F-148L-470-5K7-N5000 K70 CRI51670 lm109470 W2X2 Flood
MA-F-148L-380-5K7-W5000 K70 CRI41796 lm109380 W6x6 Flood
MA-F-192L-610-4K7-N4000 K70 CRI64705 lm105610 W2X2 Flood
MA-F-104L-330-3K7-M3000 K70 CRI32891 lm93330 W4x4 Flood
MA-F-148L-380-4K7-TC4000 K70 CRI380 W
MA-F-104L-330-4K7-W4000 K70 CRI33502 lm99330 W6x6 Flood
MA-F-192L-550-3K7-W3000 K70 CRI57265 lm97550 W6x6 Flood
MA-F-104L-265-4K7-TC4000 K70 CRI265 W
MA-F-148L-470-3K7-M3000 K70 CRI46806 lm92470 W4x4 Flood
MA-F-148L-470-4K7-N4000 K70 CRI49877 lm105470 W2X2 Flood
MA-F-192L-490-3K7-TC3000 K70 CRI490 W
MA-F-192L-490-5K7-W5000 K70 CRI54222 lm109490 W6x6 Flood
MA-F-104L-330-5K7-M5000 K70 CRI34073 lm101330 W4x4 Flood
18.00428_MA-F-148L-425-4K7-N_Louvers4000 K70 CRI46179 lm109425 W2X2 Flood
MA-F-104L-265-5K7-W5000 K70 CRI29370 lm109265 W6x6 Flood
MA-F-192L-610-5K7-M5000 K70 CRI62904 lm101610 W4x4 Flood
MA-F-104L-265-3K7-W3000 K70 CRI28351 lm101265 W6x6 Flood
MA-F-148L-425-5K7-TC5000 K70 CRI425 W
MA-F-148L-425-4K7-M4000 K70 CRI43336 lm101425 W4x4 Flood
MA-F-192L-490-3K7-N3000 K70 CRI54757 lm106490 W2X2 Flood
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