Cypher - Pedestrian Scale

The large 14" Pedestrian Scale Cypher offers 3 lumen packages 2,500, 3,500 or 4,500 nominal lumens appropriate for mounting heights of 8 to 20'

Features & Benefits

  • IES Type I, II, III, IV, wall grazer, spot/column and pencil beam distributions
  • Up, down and side lighting optics for up to 360° of illumination
  • RGBW or Static white luminous accent options
  • Multiple fascia panels, finishes and distribution options
  • Integral battery backup, photocell, motion sensing, and SiteSync wireless control options


Mounting Options
Color Offering
BLS - Black Gloss Smooth, BLT - Black Matte Textured, DBS - Dark Bronze Gloss Smooth, DBT- Dark Bronze Matte Textured, GTT - Graphite Matte Textured, LG - Light Grey Matte Textured, LGS - Light Grey Gloss Smooth, PSS - Platinum Silver Gloss Smooth, VGT - Verde Green Matte Textured, WHS - White Gloss Smooth, WHT - White Matte Textured, CC – Custom Color
TAA (Buy American 52.225-11)

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Product Name Color Temp CRI Lumens LM/W Watts Dist. Type Resources
CY2-25-3K7-3-3-WG-R3000 K70 CRI2343 lm9026.0 WType III-Wall Graze
CY2-45-5K7-2-SP-SP-R5000 K70 CRI4313 lm8352.0 WSpot/Column
CY2-25-4K7-5-4-WG-R4000 K70 CRI2376 lm9126.0 WType IV-Wall Graze
CY2-45-5K7-1-2D-R5000 K70 CRI4137 lm8052.0 WType 2 Diffused
CY2-35-5K7-2-WG-WG-R5000 K70 CRI3953 lm9940.0 WWall Graze
CY2-45-3K7-1-3D-R3000 K70 CRI3466 lm6752.0 WType 3 Diffused
CY2-25-3K7-5-2-PB-R3000 K70 CRI1707 lm6626.0 WType II-Pencil Beam
CY2-25-4K7-1-1-R4000 K70 CRI2596 lm10026.0 WType I
CY2-35-3K7-3-3-SP-R3000 K70 CRI3262 lm8240.0 WType III-Spot/Column
CY2-45-5K7-5-2-PB-R5000 K70 CRI3524 lm6852.0 WType II-Pencil Beam
CY2-25-4K7-2-2-2-R4000 K70 CRI2353 lm9126.0 WType II
CY2-25-5K7-3-2-PB-R5000 K70 CRI2359 lm9126.0 WType II-Pencil Beam
CY2-35-3K7-5-4-SP-R3000 K70 CRI3077 lm7740.0 WType IV-Spot/Column
CY2-45-3K7-3-3-PB-R3000 K70 CRI3889 lm7552.0 WType III-Pencil Beam
CY2-35-4K7-1-SP-R4000 K70 CRI3070 lm7740.0 WSpot/Column
CY2-25-5K7-1-4D-R5000 K70 CRI2197 lm8426.0 WType 4 Diffused
CY2-45-4K7-2-3-3-R4000 K70 CRI4405 lm8552.0 WType III
CY2-35-4K7-2-1D-1D-R4000 K70 CRI3222 lm8140.0 WType I Diffused
CY2-45-3K7-5-2-SP-R3000 K70 CRI4022 lm7752.0 WType II-Spot/Column
CY2-35-5K7-5-4-PB-R5000 K70 CRI2683 lm6740.0 WType IV-Pencil Beam
CY2-35-4K7-2-3D-3D-R4000 K70 CRI2800 lm7040.0 WType III Diffused
CY2-45-4K7-2-1-1-R4000 K70 CRI4561 lm8852.0 WType I
CY2-35-3K7-1-1D-R3000 K70 CRI3101 lm7840.0 WType 1 Diffused
CY2-35-4K7-1-3-R4000 K70 CRI3546 lm8940.0 WType III
CY2-45-3K7-3-4-SP-R3000 K70 CRI4003 lm7752.0 WType IV-Spot/Column
CY2-35-4K7-3-4-WG-R4000 K70 CRI3289 lm8240.0 WType IV-Wall Graze
CY2-35-4K7-5-2-WG-R4000 K70 CRI3414 lm8540.0 WType II-Wall Graze
CY2-45-5K7-4-WG-WG-R5000 K70 CRI5083 lm9852.0 WWall Graze
CY2-25-5K7-2-4-4-R5000 K70 CRI2512 lm9726.0 WType IV
CY2-25-4K7-2-4-4-R4000 K70 CRI2299 lm8826.0 WType IV
CY2-45-4K7-5-3-WG-R4000 K70 CRI4478 lm8652.0 WType III-Wall Graze
CY2-35-3K7-3-4-WG-R3000 K70 CRI3165 lm7940.0 WType IV-Wall Graze
CY2-45-4K7-3-4-SP-R4000 K70 CRI4159 lm8052.0 WType IV-Spot/Column
CY2-25-4K7-1-3-R4000 K70 CRI2507 lm9626.0 WType III
CY2-45-3K7-1-1D-R3000 K70 CRI3988 lm7752.0 WType 1 Diffused
CY2-45-3K7-2-1-1-R3000 K70 CRI4390 lm8452.0 WType I
CY2-35-5K7-2-3D-3D-R5000 K70 CRI3059 lm7640.0 WType III Diffused
CY2-45-5K7-1-4D-R5000 K70 CRI3996 lm7752.0 WType 4 Diffused
CY2-25-5K7-5-3-PB-R5000 K70 CRI1990 lm7726.0 WType III-Pencil Beam
CY2-45-5K7-3-2-WG-R5000 K70 CRI4715 lm9152.0 WType II-Wall Graze
CY2-25-3K7-3-2-SP-R3000 K70 CRI2246 lm8626.0 WType II-Spot/Column
CY2-35-3K7-2-1D-1D-R3000 K70 CRI3101 lm7840.0 WType I Diffused
CY2-45-5K7-2-3-3-R5000 K70 CRI4812 lm9352.0 WType III
CY2-25-4K7-5-3-SP-R4000 K70 CRI2345 lm9026.0 WType III-Spot/Column
CY2-45-4K7-1-SP-R4000 K70 CRI3948 lm7652.0 WSpot/Column
CY2-35-5K7-3-3-PB-R5000 K70 CRI3432 lm8640.0 WType III-Pencil Beam
CY2-45-3K7-1-WG-R3000 K70 CRI4479 lm8652.0 WWall Graze
CY2-25-3K7-5-3-SP-R3000 K70 CRI2258 lm8726.0 WType III-Spot/Column
CY2-25-3K7-1-4-R3000 K70 CRI2213 lm8526.0 WType IV
CY2-35-3K7-3-2-PB-R3000 K70 CRI2940 lm7340.0 WType II-Pencil Beam
CY2-45-5K7-5-3-SP-R5000 K70 CRI4661 lm9052.0 WType III-Spot/Column
CY2-25-3K7-4-SP-SP-R3000 K70 CRI2089 lm8026.0 WSpot/Column
CY2-25-3K7-2-2-2-R3000 K70 CRI2265 lm8726.0 WType II
CY2-25-5K7-3-3-SP-R5000 K70 CRI2617 lm10126.0 WType III-Spot/Column
CY2-35-3K7-5-3-PB-R3000 K70 CRI2480 lm6240.0 WType III-Pencil Beam
CY2-45-3K7-2-WG-WG-R3000 K70 CRI4479 lm8652.0 WWall Graze
CY2-35-5K7-1-2-R5000 K70 CRI3635 lm9140.0 WType II
CY2-25-5K7-1-2D-R5000 K70 CRI2274 lm8726.0 WType 2 Diffused
CY2-45-4K7-2-SP-SP-R4000 K70 CRI3948 lm7652.0 WSpot/Column
CY2-45-3K7-5-3-WG-R3000 K70 CRI4310 lm8352.0 WType III-Wall Graze
CY2-25-4K7-3-3-WG-R4000 K70 CRI2434 lm9426.0 WType III-Wall Graze
CY2-35-5K7-5-2-WG-R5000 K70 CRI3729 lm9340.0 WType II-Wall Graze
CY2-35-4K7-2-WG-WG-R4000 K70 CRI3618 lm9040.0 WWall Graze
CY2-35-3K7-1-3D-R3000 K70 CRI2695 lm6740.0 WType 3 Diffused
CY2-35-4K7-1-1-R4000 K70 CRI3672 lm9240.0 WType I
CY2-35-4K7-3-3-SP-R4000 K70 CRI3389 lm8540.0 WType III-Spot/Column
CY2-35-4K7-5-4-PB-R4000 K70 CRI2456 lm6140.0 WType IV-Pencil Beam
CY2-25-5K7-2-2-2-R5000 K70 CRI2570 lm9926.0 WType II
CY2-25-4K7-3-2-PB-R4000 K70 CRI2159 lm8326.0 WType II-Pencil Beam
CY2-45-4K7-5-2-SP-R4000 K70 CRI4179 lm8052.0 WType II-Spot/Column
CY2-45-4K7-3-3-PB-R4000 K70 CRI4041 lm7852.0 WType III-Pencil Beam
CY2-25-4K7-1-SP-R4000 K70 CRI2171 lm8326.0 WSpot/Column
CY2-35-5K7-1-4D-R5000 K70 CRI3107 lm7840.0 WType 4 Diffused
CY2-45-3K7-2-3-3-R3000 K70 CRI4240 lm8252.0 WType III
CY2-35-5K7-2-1D-1D-R5000 K70 CRI3519 lm8840.0 WType I Diffused
CY2-25-5K7-5-4-SP-R5000 K70 CRI2469 lm9526.0 WType IV-Spot/Column
CY2-45-5K7-3-4-PB-R5000 K70 CRI4196 lm8152.0 WType IV-Pencil Beam
CY2-25-3K7-2-4D-4D-R3000 K70 CRI1936 lm7426.0 WType IV Diffused
CY2-35-3K7-2-3D-3D-R3000 K70 CRI2695 lm6740.0 WType III Diffused
CY2-45-5K7-2-1-1-R5000 K70 CRI4982 lm9652.0 WType I
CY2-25-3K7-1-1D-R3000 K70 CRI2193 lm8426.0 WType 1 Diffused
CY2-25-4K7-5-2-PB-R4000 K70 CRI1773 lm6826.0 WType II-Pencil Beam
CY2-45-4K7-1-3-R4000 K70 CRI4405 lm8652.0 WType III
CY2-35-5K7-3-4-SP-R5000 K70 CRI3533 lm8840.0 WType IV-Spot/Column
CY2-35-5K7-3-4-WG-R5000 K70 CRI3593 lm9040.0 WType IV-Wall Graze
CY2-45-4K7-1-2D-R4000 K70 CRI3787 lm7352.0 WType 2 Diffused
CY2-25-3K7-5-4-WG-R3000 K70 CRI2287 lm8826.0 WType IV-Wall Graze
CY2-25-3K7-1-2-R3000 K70 CRI2265 lm8726.0 WType II
CY2-45-4K7-4-WG-WG-R4000 K70 CRI4653 lm8952.0 WWall Graze
CY2-35-3K7-2-4-4-R3000 K70 CRI3131 lm7840.0 WType IV
CY2-45-5K7-5-4-WG-R5000 K70 CRI4722 lm9152.0 WType IV-Wall Graze
CY2-25-3K7-2-4-4-R3000 K70 CRI2213 lm8526.0 WType IV
CY2-25-5K7-3-4-WG-R5000 K70 CRI2540 lm9826.0 WType IV-Wall Graze
CY2-45-5K7-3-4-SP-R5000 K70 CRI4543 lm8752.0 WType IV-Spot/Column
CY2-25-5K7-5-4-WG-R5000 K70 CRI2596 lm10026.0 WType IV-Wall Graze
CY2-35-5K7-2-1-1-R5000 K70 CRI4011 lm10040.0 WType I
CY2-45-3K7-2-3D-3D-R3000 K70 CRI3466 lm6752.0 WType III Diffused
CY2-35-5K7-1-4-R5000 K70 CRI3553 lm8940.0 WType IV
CY2-25-4K7-1-WG-R4000 K70 CRI2558 lm9826.0 WWall Graze
CY2-45-4K7-3-2-WG-R4000 K70 CRI4316 lm8352.0 WType II-Wall Graze
CY2-45-4K7-5-2-PB-R4000 K70 CRI3226 lm6252.0 WType II-Pencil Beam
CY2-25-4K7-3-2-SP-R4000 K70 CRI2334 lm9026.0 WType II-Spot/Column
CY2-25-5K7-2-1D-1D-R5000 K70 CRI2488 lm9626.0 WType I Diffused
CY2-35-4K7-5-4-SP-R4000 K70 CRI3197 lm8040.0 WType IV-Spot/Column
CY2-35-4K7-3-3-PB-R4000 K70 CRI3142 lm7940.0 WType III-Pencil Beam
CY2-35-3K7-1-WG-R3000 K70 CRI3483 lm8740.0 WWall Graze
CY2-35-3K7-1-4-R3000 K70 CRI3131 lm7840.0 WType IV
CY2-35-4K7-3-2-PB-R4000 K70 CRI3054 lm7640.0 WType II-Pencil Beam
CY2-35-5K7-5-2-SP-R5000 K70 CRI3550 lm8940.0 WType II-Spot/Column
CY2-25-4K7-4-SP-SP-R4000 K70 CRI2171 lm8426.0 WSpot/Column
CY2-25-4K7-3-3-SP-R4000 K70 CRI2396 lm9226.0 WType III-Spot/Column
CY2-45-3K7-5-4-PB-R3000 K70 CRI3040 lm5852.0 WType IV-Pencil Beam
CY2-45-4K7-2-WG-WG-R4000 K70 CRI4653 lm8952.0 WWall Graze
CY2-25-5K7-1-2-R5000 K70 CRI2570 lm9926.0 WType II
CY2-35-5K7-1-2D-R5000 K70 CRI3217 lm8040.0 WType 2 Diffused
CY2-45-3K7-2-SP-SP-R3000 K70 CRI3800 lm7352.0 WSpot/Column
CY2-35-3K7-5-2-WG-R3000 K70 CRI3286 lm8240.0 WType II-Wall Graze
CY2-25-5K7-3-3-WG-R5000 K70 CRI2659 lm10226.0 WType III-Wall Graze
CY2-25-3K7-2-2D-2D-R3000 K70 CRI2004 lm7726.0 WType II Diffused
CY2-45-5K7-5-3-WG-R5000 K70 CRI4892 lm9452.0 WType III-Wall Graze
CY2-35-3K7-2-WG-WG-R3000 K70 CRI3483 lm8740.0 WWall Graze
CY2-25-3K7-1-3D-R3000 K70 CRI1906 lm7326.0 WType 3 Diffused
CY2-25-3K7-5-3-WG-R3000 K70 CRI2369 lm9126.0 WType III-Wall Graze
CY2-45-4K7-1-1-R4000 K70 CRI4561 lm8852.0 WType I
CY2-35-5K7-3-3-SP-R5000 K70 CRI3702 lm9340.0 WType III-Spot/Column
CY2-45-4K7-1-4D-R4000 K70 CRI3658 lm7052.0 WType 4 Diffused
CY2-25-4K7-5-3-PB-R4000 K70 CRI1822 lm7026.0 WType III-Pencil Beam
CY2-45-5K7-2-2D-2D-R5000 K70 CRI4137 lm8052.0 WType II Diffused
CY2-35-3K7-2-2-2-R3000 K70 CRI3203 lm8040.0 WType II
CY2-25-3K7-3-2-PB-R3000 K70 CRI2078 lm8026.0 WType II-Pencil Beam
CY2-45-5K7-3-3-PB-R5000 K70 CRI4414 lm8552.0 WType III-Pencil Beam
CY2-25-5K7-5-3-SP-R5000 K70 CRI2562 lm9926.0 WType III-Spot/Column
CY2-45-5K7-1-SP-R5000 K70 CRI4313 lm8452.0 WSpot/Column
CY2-35-5K7-2-3-3-R5000 K70 CRI3874 lm9740.0 WType III
CY2-45-3K7-2-1D-1D-R3000 K70 CRI3988 lm7752.0 WType I Diffused
CY2-45-3K7-1-1-R3000 K70 CRI4390 lm8452.0 WType I
CY2-25-4K7-1-3D-R4000 K70 CRI1980 lm7626.0 WType 3 Diffused
CY2-45-4K7-3-4-PB-R4000 K70 CRI3841 lm7452.0 WType IV-Pencil Beam
CY2-45-4K7-5-3-SP-R4000 K70 CRI4267 lm8252.0 WType III-Spot/Column
CY2-25-4K7-2-4D-4D-R4000 K70 CRI2011 lm7726.0 WType IV Diffused
CY2-25-5K7-2-3D-3D-R5000 K70 CRI2163 lm8326.0 WType III Diffused
CY2-45-5K7-1-1D-R5000 K70 CRI4526 lm8852.0 WType 1 Diffused
CY2-35-4K7-5-3-PB-R4000 K70 CRI2577 lm6440.0 WType III-Pencil Beam
CY2-35-4K7-3-4-SP-R4000 K70 CRI3234 lm8140.0 WType IV-Spot/Column
CY2-45-3K7-3-4-WG-R3000 K70 CRI4071 lm7852.0 WType IV-Wall Graze
CY2-35-4K7-1-2D-R4000 K70 CRI2945 lm7440.0 WType 2 Diffused
CY2-35-3K7-1-2-R3000 K70 CRI3203 lm8040.0 WType II
CY2-45-3K7-4-WG-WG-R3000 K70 CRI4479 lm8652.0 WWall Graze
CY2-35-4K7-2-4-4-R4000 K70 CRI3252 lm8140.0 WType IV
CY2-35-5K7-5-3-WG-R5000 K70 CRI3804 lm9540.0 WType III-Wall Graze
CY2-25-4K7-3-4-WG-R4000 K70 CRI2325 lm8926.0 WType IV-Wall Graze
CY2-45-3K7-5-2-WG-R3000 K70 CRI4226 lm8152.0 WType II-Wall Graze
CY2-35-4K7-2-1-1-R4000 K70 CRI3672 lm9240.0 WType I
CY2-45-4K7-2-3D-3D-R4000 K70 CRI3601 lm6952.0 WType III Diffused
CY2-25-5K7-1-4-R5000 K70 CRI2512 lm9726.0 WType IV
CY2-35-4K7-1-WG-R4000 K70 CRI3618 lm9040.0 WWall Graze
CY2-45-3K7-3-2-WG-R3000 K70 CRI4154 lm8052.0 WType II-Wall Graze
CY2-35-3K7-5-4-PB-R3000 K70 CRI2364 lm5940.0 WType IV-Pencil Beam
CY2-25-5K7-3-2-SP-R5000 K70 CRI2550 lm9826.0 WType II-Spot/Column
CY2-25-4K7-2-1D-1D-R4000 K70 CRI2278 lm8826.0 WType I Diffused
CY2-45-5K7-5-2-SP-R5000 K70 CRI4565 lm8852.0 WType II-Spot/Column
CY2-35-3K7-3-3-PB-R3000 K70 CRI3024 lm7640.0 WType III-Pencil Beam
CY2-25-3K7-1-WG-R3000 K70 CRI2462 lm9526.0 WWall Graze
CY2-25-3K7-5-2-SP-R3000 K70 CRI2211 lm8526.0 WType II-Spot/Column
CY2-45-3K7-1-4-R3000 K70 CRI4026 lm7752.0 WType IV
CY2-35-5K7-3-2-PB-R5000 K70 CRI3337 lm8340.0 WType II-Pencil Beam
CY2-45-5K7-1-2-R5000 K70 CRI4675 lm9052.0 WType II
CY2-25-4K7-5-4-SP-R4000 K70 CRI2260 lm8726.0 WType IV-Spot/Column
CY2-45-5K7-2-4D-4D-R5000 K70 CRI3996 lm7752.0 WType IV Diffused
CY2-25-5K7-4-SP-SP-R5000 K70 CRI2371 lm9126.0 WSpot/Column
CY2-25-3K7-3-4-PB-R3000 K70 CRI2032 lm7826.0 WType IV-Pencil Beam
CY2-25-3K7-3-3-SP-R3000 K70 CRI2306 lm8926.0 WType III-Spot/Column
CY2-45-5K7-2-WG-WG-R5000 K70 CRI5083 lm9852.0 WWall Graze
CY2-25-5K7-5-2-PB-R5000 K70 CRI1937 lm7526.0 WType II-Pencil Beam
CY2-45-5K7-1-3-R5000 K70 CRI4812 lm9552.0 WType III
CY2-35-5K7-2-SP-SP-R5000 K70 CRI3354 lm8440.0 WSpot/Column
CY2-45-3K7-1-3-R3000 K70 CRI4240 lm8252.0 WType III
CY2-25-4K7-1-1D-R4000 K70 CRI2278 lm8826.0 WType 1 Diffused
CY2-35-3K7-3-3-WG-R3000 K70 CRI3315 lm8340.0 WType III-Wall Graze
CY2-45-4K7-5-4-WG-R4000 K70 CRI4323 lm8352.0 WType IV-Wall Graze
CY2-25-4K7-2-2D-2D-R4000 K70 CRI2082 lm8026.0 WType II Diffused
CY2-25-5K7-2-WG-WG-R5000 K70 CRI2795 lm10826.0 WWall Graze
CY2-35-3K7-5-4-WG-R3000 K70 CRI3235 lm8140.0 WType IV-Wall Graze
CY2-45-3K7-3-3-SP-R3000 K70 CRI4195 lm8152.0 WType III-Spot/Column
CY2-35-4K7-1-4D-R4000 K70 CRI2844 lm7140.0 WType 4 Diffused
CY2-25-5K7-1-SP-R5000 K70 CRI2371 lm9126.0 WSpot/Column
CY2-45-4K7-2-2D-2D-R4000 K70 CRI3787 lm7352.0 WType II Diffused
CY2-35-4K7-2-2-2-R4000 K70 CRI3328 lm8340.0 WType II
CY2-45-3K7-5-2-PB-R3000 K70 CRI3105 lm6052.0 WType II-Pencil Beam
CY2-35-5K7-5-4-SP-R5000 K70 CRI3492 lm8740.0 WType IV-Spot/Column
CY2-35-4K7-2-3-3-R4000 K70 CRI3546 lm8940.0 WType III
CY2-45-4K7-2-1D-1D-R4000 K70 CRI4143 lm8052.0 WType I Diffused
CY2-35-3K7-1-1-R3000 K70 CRI3534 lm8840.0 WType I
CY2-35-4K7-1-3D-R4000 K70 CRI2800 lm7040.0 WType 3 Diffused
CY2-45-3K7-3-4-PB-R3000 K70 CRI3697 lm7152.0 WType IV-Pencil Beam
CY2-35-4K7-5-2-SP-R4000 K70 CRI3249 lm8140.0 WType II-Spot/Column
CY2-45-5K7-4-SP-SP-R5000 K70 CRI4313 lm8352.0 WSpot/Column
CY2-25-5K7-2-4D-4D-R5000 K70 CRI2197 lm8526.0 WType IV Diffused
CY2-25-4K7-2-3D-3D-R4000 K70 CRI1980 lm7626.0 WType III Diffused
CY2-45-4K7-5-4-PB-R4000 K70 CRI3158 lm6152.0 WType IV-Pencil Beam
CY2-35-3K7-3-4-SP-R3000 K70 CRI3113 lm7840.0 WType IV-Spot/Column
CY2-45-4K7-3-4-WG-R4000 K70 CRI4229 lm8152.0 WType IV-Wall Graze
CY2-25-4K7-1-2D-R4000 K70 CRI2082 lm8026.0 WType 2 Diffused
CY2-45-3K7-1-2-R3000 K70 CRI4119 lm7952.0 WType II
CY2-35-5K7-4-WG-WG-R5000 K70 CRI3953 lm9940.0 WWall Graze
CY2-35-5K7-2-4-4-R5000 K70 CRI3553 lm8940.0 WType IV
CY2-45-5K7-1-4-R5000 K70 CRI4569 lm8852.0 WType IV
CY2-25-5K7-5-2-WG-R5000 K70 CRI2636 lm10126.0 WType II-Wall Graze
CY2-45-5K7-3-2-SP-R5000 K70 CRI4638 lm8952.0 WType II-Spot/Column
CY2-25-3K7-3-2-WG-R3000 K70 CRI2284 lm8826.0 WType II-Wall Graze
CY2-25-3K7-3-4-WG-R3000 K70 CRI2238 lm8626.0 WType IV-Wall Graze
CY2-35-3K7-2-1-1-R3000 K70 CRI3534 lm8840.0 WType I
CY2-45-5K7-2-3D-3D-R5000 K70 CRI3934 lm7652.0 WType III Diffused
CY2-25-4K7-5-3-WG-R4000 K70 CRI2462 lm9526.0 WType III-Wall Graze
CY2-45-4K7-1-WG-R4000 K70 CRI4653 lm8952.0 WWall Graze
CY2-35-5K7-3-2-WG-R5000 K70 CRI3666 lm9240.0 WType II-Wall Graze
CY2-45-3K7-1-SP-R3000 K70 CRI3800 lm7352.0 WSpot/Column
CY2-25-3K7-5-3-PB-R3000 K70 CRI1753 lm6726.0 WType III-Pencil Beam
CY2-25-3K7-1-4D-R3000 K70 CRI1936 lm7426.0 WType 4 Diffused
CY2-35-3K7-3-2-SP-R3000 K70 CRI3178 lm7940.0 WType II-Spot/Column
CY2-45-5K7-5-3-PB-R5000 K70 CRI3620 lm7052.0 WType III-Pencil Beam
CY2-25-3K7-4-WG-WG-R3000 K70 CRI2462 lm9526.0 WWall Graze
CY2-25-3K7-2-1D-1D-R3000 K70 CRI2193 lm8426.0 WType I Diffused
CY2-25-5K7-3-3-PB-R5000 K70 CRI2426 lm9326.0 WType III-Pencil Beam
CY2-35-3K7-5-3-SP-R3000 K70 CRI3193 lm8040.0 WType III-Spot/Column
CY2-45-3K7-3-2-PB-R3000 K70 CRI3781 lm7352.0 WType II-Pencil Beam
CY2-35-5K7-1-1D-R5000 K70 CRI3519 lm8840.0 WType 1 Diffused
CY2-25-5K7-1-3-R5000 K70 CRI2739 lm10726.0 WType III
CY2-45-4K7-2-4D-4D-R4000 K70 CRI3658 lm7052.0 WType IV Diffused
CY2-35-3K7-4-SP-SP-R3000 K70 CRI2955 lm7440.0 WSpot/Column
CY2-45-3K7-5-3-SP-R3000 K70 CRI4107 lm7952.0 WType III-Spot/Column
CY2-25-4K7-3-4-PB-R4000 K70 CRI2111 lm8126.0 WType IV-Pencil Beam
CY2-35-5K7-5-3-PB-R5000 K70 CRI2815 lm7040.0 WType III-Pencil Beam
CY2-35-4K7-2-SP-SP-R4000 K70 CRI3070 lm7740.0 WSpot/Column
CY2-35-3K7-1-3-R3000 K70 CRI3413 lm8540.0 WType III
CY2-35-4K7-1-1D-R4000 K70 CRI3222 lm8140.0 WType 1 Diffused
CY2-35-4K7-3-3-WG-R4000 K70 CRI3444 lm8640.0 WType III-Wall Graze
CY2-35-4K7-5-3-WG-R4000 K70 CRI3482 lm8740.0 WType III-Wall Graze
CY2-25-5K7-2-2D-2D-R5000 K70 CRI2274 lm8726.0 WType II Diffused
CY2-25-4K7-2-WG-WG-R4000 K70 CRI2558 lm9826.0 WWall Graze
CY2-45-4K7-5-2-WG-R4000 K70 CRI4390 lm8452.0 WType II-Wall Graze
CY2-45-4K7-3-3-SP-R4000 K70 CRI4358 lm8452.0 WType III-Spot/Column
CY2-25-4K7-1-4D-R4000 K70 CRI2011 lm7726.0 WType 4 Diffused
CY2-35-5K7-1-SP-R5000 K70 CRI3354 lm8440.0 WSpot/Column
CY2-45-3K7-2-2D-2D-R3000 K70 CRI3645 lm7052.0 WType II Diffused
CY2-35-5K7-2-2-2-R5000 K70 CRI3635 lm9140.0 WType II
CY2-25-5K7-5-4-PB-R5000 K70 CRI1896 lm7326.0 WType IV-Pencil Beam
CY2-45-5K7-3-3-WG-R5000 K70 CRI4838 lm9352.0 WType III-Wall Graze
CY2-25-3K7-2-SP-SP-R3000 K70 CRI2089 lm8026.0 WSpot/Column
CY2-35-3K7-2-3-3-R3000 K70 CRI3413 lm8540.0 WType III
CY2-45-5K7-2-1D-1D-R5000 K70 CRI4526 lm8752.0 WType I Diffused
CY2-25-3K7-1-1-R3000 K70 CRI2499 lm9626.0 WType I
CY2-25-4K7-5-2-SP-R4000 K70 CRI2297 lm8826.0 WType II-Spot/Column
CY2-45-4K7-1-3D-R4000 K70 CRI3601 lm6952.0 WType 3 Diffused
CY2-35-5K7-3-4-PB-R5000 K70 CRI3263 lm8240.0 WType IV-Pencil Beam
CY2-45-4K7-1-2-R4000 K70 CRI4280 lm8252.0 WType II
CY2-25-3K7-5-4-SP-R3000 K70 CRI2175 lm8426.0 WType IV-Spot/Column
CY2-25-3K7-1-2D-R3000 K70 CRI2004 lm7726.0 WType 2 Diffused
CY2-45-4K7-4-SP-SP-R4000 K70 CRI3948 lm7652.0 WSpot/Column
CY2-35-3K7-2-4D-4D-R3000 K70 CRI2738 lm6840.0 WType IV Diffused
CY2-45-5K7-5-4-SP-R5000 K70 CRI4491 lm8652.0 WType IV-Spot/Column
CY2-25-3K7-2-3D-3D-R3000 K70 CRI1906 lm7326.0 WType III Diffused
CY2-25-5K7-3-4-SP-R5000 K70 CRI2497 lm9626.0 WType IV-Spot/Column
CY2-45-5K7-3-4-WG-R5000 K70 CRI4620 lm8952.0 WType IV-Wall Graze
CY2-35-3K7-5-2-PB-R3000 K70 CRI2414 lm6040.0 WType II-Pencil Beam
CY2-35-4K7-4-WG-WG-R4000 K70 CRI3618 lm9040.0 WWall Graze
CY2-45-3K7-2-4-4-R3000 K70 CRI4026 lm7752.0 WType IV
CY2-35-5K7-1-3D-R5000 K70 CRI3059 lm7640.0 WType 3 Diffused
CY2-25-5K7-1-1-R5000 K70 CRI2836 lm10926.0 WType I
CY2-45-4K7-3-2-SP-R4000 K70 CRI4246 lm8252.0 WType II-Spot/Column
CY2-45-3K7-5-4-WG-R3000 K70 CRI4161 lm8052.0 WType IV-Wall Graze
CY2-25-4K7-3-2-WG-R4000 K70 CRI2373 lm9126.0 WType II-Wall Graze
CY2-25-5K7-2-1-1-R5000 K70 CRI2836 lm10926.0 WType I
CY2-35-4K7-5-4-WG-R4000 K70 CRI3361 lm8440.0 WType IV-Wall Graze
CY2-35-4K7-3-2-WG-R4000 K70 CRI3356 lm8440.0 WType II-Wall Graze
CY2-35-3K7-1-SP-R3000 K70 CRI2955 lm7440.0 WSpot/Column
CY2-35-3K7-1-4D-R3000 K70 CRI2738 lm6840.0 WType 4 Diffused
CY2-35-4K7-3-2-SP-R4000 K70 CRI3301 lm8340.0 WType II-Spot/Column
CY2-35-5K7-5-2-PB-R5000 K70 CRI2740 lm6940.0 WType II-Pencil Beam
CY2-25-4K7-4-WG-WG-R4000 K70 CRI2558 lm9826.0 WWall Graze
CY2-25-4K7-3-3-PB-R4000 K70 CRI2221 lm8526.0 WType III-Pencil Beam
CY2-45-3K7-5-4-SP-R3000 K70 CRI3957 lm7652.0 WType IV-Spot/Column
CY2-45-4K7-3-2-PB-R4000 K70 CRI3928 lm7652.0 WType II-Pencil Beam
CY2-25-5K7-1-1D-R5000 K70 CRI2488 lm9626.0 WType 1 Diffused
CY2-35-5K7-1-3-R5000 K70 CRI3874 lm9740.0 WType III
CY2-45-3K7-2-4D-4D-R3000 K70 CRI3521 lm6852.0 WType IV Diffused
CY2-35-4K7-4-SP-SP-R4000 K70 CRI3070 lm7740.0 WSpot/Column
CY2-35-3K7-5-2-SP-R3000 K70 CRI3128 lm7840.0 WType II-Spot/Column
CY2-25-5K7-3-4-PB-R5000 K70 CRI2307 lm8926.0 WType IV-Pencil Beam
CY2-25-3K7-2-3-3-R3000 K70 CRI2413 lm9326.0 WType III
CY2-45-5K7-5-4-PB-R5000 K70 CRI3450 lm6652.0 WType IV-Pencil Beam
CY2-35-3K7-2-SP-SP-R3000 K70 CRI2955 lm7440.0 WSpot/Column
CY2-25-3K7-1-3-R3000 K70 CRI2413 lm9326.0 WType III
CY2-25-3K7-5-4-PB-R3000 K70 CRI1671 lm6426.0 WType IV-Pencil Beam
CY2-45-4K7-1-1D-R4000 K70 CRI4143 lm8052.0 WType 1 Diffused
CY2-35-5K7-3-3-WG-R5000 K70 CRI3762 lm9440.0 WType III-Wall Graze
CY2-45-4K7-1-4-R4000 K70 CRI4183 lm8052.0 WType IV
CY2-25-4K7-5-2-WG-R4000 K70 CRI2413 lm9326.0 WType II-Wall Graze
CY2-45-5K7-2-2-2-R5000 K70 CRI4675 lm9052.0 WType II
CY2-35-3K7-2-2D-2D-R3000 K70 CRI2835 lm7140.0 WType II Diffused
CY2-25-3K7-2-WG-WG-R3000 K70 CRI2462 lm9526.0 WWall Graze
CY2-45-5K7-3-3-SP-R5000 K70 CRI4761 lm9252.0 WType III-Spot/Column
CY2-25-5K7-5-3-WG-R5000 K70 CRI2689 lm10326.0 WType III-Wall Graze
CY2-45-5K7-1-WG-R5000 K70 CRI5083 lm9952.0 WWall Graze
CY2-35-5K7-2-2D-2D-R5000 K70 CRI3217 lm8040.0 WType II Diffused
CY2-45-3K7-2-2-2-R3000 K70 CRI4119 lm7952.0 WType II
CY2-35-5K7-1-WG-R5000 K70 CRI3953 lm9940.0 WWall Graze
CY2-25-4K7-1-4-R4000 K70 CRI2299 lm8826.0 WType IV
CY2-45-4K7-3-3-WG-R4000 K70 CRI4429 lm8552.0 WType III-Wall Graze
CY2-45-4K7-5-3-PB-R4000 K70 CRI3314 lm6452.0 WType III-Pencil Beam
CY2-25-4K7-2-SP-SP-R4000 K70 CRI2171 lm8426.0 WSpot/Column
CY2-25-5K7-2-3-3-R5000 K70 CRI2739 lm10526.0 WType III
CY2-35-4K7-5-3-SP-R4000 K70 CRI3318 lm8340.0 WType III-Spot/Column
CY2-35-4K7-3-4-PB-R4000 K70 CRI2987 lm7540.0 WType IV-Pencil Beam
CY2-35-4K7-1-2-R4000 K70 CRI3328 lm8340.0 WType II
CY2-35-3K7-1-2D-R3000 K70 CRI2835 lm7140.0 WType 2 Diffused
CY2-45-3K7-4-SP-SP-R3000 K70 CRI3800 lm7352.0 WSpot/Column
CY2-35-4K7-2-4D-4D-R4000 K70 CRI2844 lm7140.0 WType IV Diffused
CY2-35-5K7-5-3-SP-R5000 K70 CRI3624 lm9140.0 WType III-Spot/Column
CY2-25-4K7-3-4-SP-R4000 K70 CRI2286 lm8826.0 WType IV-Spot/Column
CY2-45-3K7-5-3-PB-R3000 K70 CRI3190 lm6152.0 WType III-Pencil Beam
CY2-35-3K7-4-WG-WG-R3000 K70 CRI3483 lm8740.0 WWall Graze
CY2-45-4K7-2-4-4-R4000 K70 CRI4183 lm8052.0 WType IV
CY2-25-5K7-1-3D-R5000 K70 CRI2163 lm8326.0 WType 3 Diffused
CY2-35-5K7-1-1-R5000 K70 CRI4011 lm10040.0 WType I
CY2-45-3K7-3-2-SP-R3000 K70 CRI4087 lm7952.0 WType II-Spot/Column
CY2-35-3K7-5-3-WG-R3000 K70 CRI3352 lm8440.0 WType III-Wall Graze
CY2-25-5K7-3-2-WG-R5000 K70 CRI2592 lm10026.0 WType II-Wall Graze
CY2-25-3K7-2-1-1-R3000 K70 CRI2499 lm9626.0 WType I
CY2-25-4K7-2-1-1-R4000 K70 CRI2596 lm10026.0 WType I