ArcheTypeX® Wall Luinaire

The TypeX® wall luminaire family utilizes LEAR modules and versatile luminaire functionality for focused up or down grazer and wall wash illumination.

Features & Benefits

  • Type 1-4, Grazer and Wall Wash or Spot distributions
  • AGi32 v16 integration for user-defined distributions
  • 0-70° tilt and 355° of independent module rotation
  • 3 quick mount wall sizes with uplight or downlight configurations
  • 10° housing adjustment for Wall (−5 to +5)
  • IP66 sealed optical chamber


Voltage Offering
Lumen Range
1 - 2,500
Dimming Protocol
0-10V;10%;Dusk to Dawn
CCT Offering
3000, 4000, 5000
CRI Offering
Mounting Options
Wall (surface)
Wattage Range
31 - 300
Color Offering
Black, Dark Bronze, Graphite, Light Gray, Platinum Silver, White
Optics & Distributions
Type II, Type III, Type IV, Wide, Medium, Narrow, Ajustable
Controls & Sensors
On/Off, Luminaire Grouping, Occupancy, Photocontrol, NX Lighting Controls, wiSCAPE
Operating Temp
-40 to 40

Product Documents

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Installation Guides

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Product Name Color Temp CRI Lumens LM/W Watts Dist. Type Resources
ARWX09SP-3K503000 K70 CRI2516 lm5248.0 WSpot
ARWX16D2-4K704000 K70 CRI18289 lm87211.0 WType II
ARWX09D2-3K503000 K70 CRI7211 lm8486.0 WType II
ARWX25D4-5K455000 K70 CRI20330 lm95213.0 WType IV
ARWX09DW-4K654000 K70 CRI12276 lm112110.0 WWall Wash
ARWX25W-5K405000 K70 CRI25101 lm132190.0 WWall Wash
ARWX16SP-4K504000 K70 CRI5658 lm6785.0 WSpot
ARWX16SP-5K755000 K70 CRI7668 lm60128.0 WSpot
ARWX25DG-5K455000 K70 CRI27777 lm130213.0 WGrazer
ARWX16DG-3K703000 K70 CRI21590 lm102211.0 WGrazer
ARWX25D3-5K505000 K70 CRI21956 lm93236.0 WType III
ARWX09D1-4K454000 K70 CRI7709 lm9978.0 WType I
ARWX16D3-4K354000 K70 CRI10296 lm94110.0 WType III
ARWX09D4-4K454000 K70 CRI7300 lm9478.0 WType IV
ARWX09SP-4K754000 K70 CRI4135 lm5772.0 WSpot
ARWX16D1-5K655000 K70 CRI17603 lm90196.0 WType I
ARWX09D2-5K555000 K70 CRI8890 lm9594.0 WType II
ARWX25SP-4K454000 K70 CRI8766 lm73120.0 WSpot
ARWX09DG-5K605000 K70 CRI11670 lm116101.0 WGrazer
ARWX16D4-5K655000 K70 CRI16358 lm83196.0 WType IV
ARWX25D1-5K405000 K70 CRI19879 lm105190.0 WType I
ARWX16W-5K605000 K70 CRI20596 lm113182.0 WWall Wash
ARWX16W-3K353000 K70 CRI11934 lm108110.0 WWall Wash
ARWX25D2-5K555000 K70 CRI23787 lm91260.0 WType II
ARWX16D4-3K403000 K70 CRI10092 lm81124.0 WType IV
ARWX09DG-3K353000 K70 CRI6768 lm10962.0 WGrazer
ARWX09D3-5K405000 K70 CRI6914 lm9970.0 WType III
ARWX16D1-3K403000 K70 CRI10860 lm88124.0 WType I
ARWX16D1-3K603000 K70 CRI15054 lm83182.0 WType I
ARWX09D3-4K604000 K70 CRI9228 lm91101.0 WType III
ARWX25SP-5K755000 K70 CRI12005 lm60200.0 WSpot
ARWX09DG-3K553000 K70 CRI9535 lm10194.0 WGrazer
ARWX16D4-3K603000 K70 CRI13988 lm77182.0 WType IV
ARWX25D2-5K355000 K70 CRI16440 lm98167.0 WType II
ARWX16W-3K553000 K70 CRI17403 lm104167.0 WWall Wash
ARWX16W-5K405000 K70 CRI14756 lm119124.0 WWall Wash
ARWX25D1-5K605000 K70 CRI27536 lm97283.0 WType I
ARWX16D4-5K455000 K70 CRI12294 lm89138.0 WType IV
ARWX09DG-5K405000 K70 CRI9034 lm12970.0 WGrazer
ARWX25SP-4K654000 K70 CRI10665 lm62171.0 WSpot
ARWX09D3-3K353000 K70 CRI5381 lm8762.0 WType III
ARWX16D1-5K455000 K70 CRI13230 lm96138.0 WType I
ARWX09SP-5K355000 K70 CRI2834 lm8334.0 WSpot
ARWX09D4-3K653000 K70 CRI8804 lm80110.0 WType IV
ARWX16D3-4K554000 K70 CRI14816 lm89167.0 WType III
ARWX09D1-3K653000 K70 CRI9297 lm85110.0 WType I
ARWX25D3-4K604000 K70 CRI22907 lm81283.0 WType III
ARWX16DG-4K504000 K70 CRI17193 lm113152.0 WGrazer
ARWX25DG-4K554000 K70 CRI30218 lm116260.0 WGrazer
ARWX25D1-3K353000 K70 CRI16277 lm97167.0 WType I
ARWX16SP-3K903000 K70 CRI6543 lm42154.0 WSpot
ARWX25W-5K605000 K70 CRI32211 lm114283.0 WWall Wash
ARWX09DW-4K454000 K70 CRI9844 lm12678.0 WWall Wash
ARWX25SP-3K353000 K70 CRI5961 lm6493.0 WSpot
ARWX09D2-3K703000 K70 CRI9323 lm79118.0 WType II
ARWX16D2-4K504000 K70 CRI14167 lm93152.0 WType II
ARWX09SP-3K703000 K70 CRI3136 lm4767.0 WSpot
ARWX09D4-5K705000 K70 CRI10671 lm90118.0 WType IV
ARWX16D2-5K505000 K70 CRI14527 lm96152.0 WType II
ARWX09D1-5K705000 K70 CRI11268 lm95118.0 WType I
ARWX25D4-4K554000 K70 CRI22771 lm88260.0 WType IV
ARWX09DW-5K455000 K70 CRI10226 lm13178.0 WWall Wash
ARWX25W-4K504000 K70 CRI29058 lm123236.0 WWall Wash
ARWX16SP-4K704000 K70 CRI6864 lm57120.0 WSpot
ARWX16SP-5K555000 K70 CRI6619 lm7292.0 WSpot
ARWX25W-3K353000 K70 CRI20248 lm121167.0 WWall Wash
ARWX16DG-3K503000 K70 CRI16008 lm105152.0 WGrazer
ARWX25D4-3K403000 K70 CRI16850 lm89190.0 WType IV
ARWX09D1-4K654000 K70 CRI10267 lm93110.0 WType I
ARWX16D3-3K553000 K70 CRI13778 lm83167.0 WType III
ARWX09D4-4K654000 K70 CRI9723 lm88110.0 WType IV
ARWX09SP-4K554000 K70 CRI3372 lm6453.0 WSpot
ARWX16D2-3K453000 K70 CRI12074 lm87138.0 WType II
ARWX09D2-5K355000 K70 CRI6144 lm9962.0 WType II
ARWX25SP-3K803000 K70 CRI9136 lm43213.0 WSpot
ARWX09DW-3K403000 K70 CRI7755 lm11170.0 WWall Wash
ARWX16SP-3K453000 K70 CRI4262 lm5775.0 WSpot
ARWX25D1-4K504000 K70 CRI22853 lm97236.0 WType I
ARWX25DG-3K403000 K70 CRI23230 lm122190.0 WGrazer
ARWX16DG-5K555000 K70 CRI19890 lm119167.0 WGrazer
ARWX25D3-3K453000 K70 CRI18421 lm86213.0 WType III
ARWX16D3-5K605000 K70 CRI16332 lm90182.0 WType III
ARWX09D3-5K605000 K70 CRI9577 lm95101.0 WType III
ARWX09SP-5K805000 K70 CRI4536 lm5977.0 WSpot
ARWX16D1-4K404000 K70 CRI11817 lm95124.0 WType I
ARWX09D3-4K404000 K70 CRI6657 lm9570.0 WType III
ARWX25SP-5K555000 K70 CRI10076 lm70143.2 WSpot
ARWX09DG-4K354000 K70 CRI7782 lm12662.0 WGrazer
ARWX16D4-4K404000 K70 CRI10980 lm89124.0 WType IV
ARWX25D2-4K454000 K70 CRI19486 lm91213.0 WType II
ARWX16W-4K354000 K70 CRI12984 lm118110.0 WWall Wash
ARWX16W-4K604000 K70 CRI20093 lm110182.0 WWall Wash
ARWX25D2-3K503000 K70 CRI20162 lm85236.0 WType II
ARWX16D4-4K654000 K70 CRI15952 lm81196.0 WType IV
ARWX09DG-4K604000 K70 CRI11290 lm112101.0 WGrazer
ARWX25SP-4K854000 K70 CRI12241 lm54226.0 WSpot
ARWX09D3-3K553000 K70 CRI7811 lm8394.0 WType III
ARWX16D1-4K654000 K70 CRI17167 lm88196.0 WType I
ARWX09SP-5K555000 K70 CRI3590 lm6853.0 WSpot
ARWX09D4-3K453000 K70 CRI6596 lm8578.0 WType IV
ARWX16D3-5K355000 K70 CRI10442 lm95110.0 WType III
ARWX09D1-3K453000 K70 CRI6965 lm8978.0 WType I
ARWX25D3-4K404000 K70 CRI17677 lm93190.0 WType III
ARWX16DG-4K704000 K70 CRI23189 lm110211.0 WGrazer
ARWX25DG-4K354000 K70 CRI21637 lm130167.0 WGrazer
ARWX25D1-3K553000 K70 CRI23466 lm90260.0 WType I
ARWX16SP-3K703000 K70 CRI5529 lm46120.0 WSpot
ARWX09DW-3K653000 K70 CRI11091 lm101110.0 WWall Wash
ARWX25SP-3K553000 K70 CRI7372 lm51143.2 WSpot
ARWX09D2-4K504000 K70 CRI7963 lm9386.0 WType II
ARWX16D2-3K703000 K70 CRI17028 lm81211.0 WType II
ARWX09SP-3K903000 K70 CRI3707 lm4386.0 WSpot
ARWX09D4-5K505000 K70 CRI8269 lm9686.0 WType IV
ARWX16D2-5K705000 K70 CRI18747 lm89211.0 WType II
ARWX09D1-5K505000 K70 CRI8732 lm10286.0 WType I
ARWX25D4-4K354000 K70 CRI15832 lm95167.0 WType IV
ARWX09DW-5K655000 K70 CRI12688 lm115110.0 WWall Wash
ARWX25W-3K603000 K70 CRI29289 lm103283.0 WWall Wash
ARWX16SP-4K904000 K70 CRI8070 lm52154.0 WSpot
ARWX16SP-5K355000 K70 CRI4979 lm8360.0 WSpot
ARWX25W-3K553000 K70 CRI27828 lm107260.0 WWall Wash
ARWX09DW-5K705000 K70 CRI13419 lm114118.0 WWall Wash
ARWX25D4-3K603000 K70 CRI23255 lm82283.0 WType IV
ARWX09D1-5K455000 K70 CRI8008 lm10378.0 WType I
ARWX16D3-3K353000 K70 CRI9463 lm86110.0 WType III
ARWX09D4-5K455000 K70 CRI7584 lm9778.0 WType IV
ARWX09SP-4K354000 K70 CRI2608 lm7734.0 WSpot
ARWX16D2-3K653000 K70 CRI16075 lm82196.0 WType II
ARWX09D2-4K554000 K70 CRI8565 lm9194.0 WType II
ARWX25SP-3K603000 K70 CRI7725 lm48160.0 WSpot
ARWX09DW-3K603000 K70 CRI10459 lm104101.0 WWall Wash
ARWX16SP-3K653000 K70 CRI5276 lm48111.0 WSpot
ARWX25D1-3K603000 K70 CRI25104 lm89283.0 WType I
ARWX25DG-3K603000 K70 CRI29810 lm105283.0 WGrazer
ARWX16DG-5K355000 K70 CRI13035 lm119110.0 WGrazer
ARWX25D3-4K354000 K70 CRI15682 lm94167.0 WType III
ARWX09D1-3K403000 K70 CRI6309 lm9070.0 WType I
ARWX16D3-5K405000 K70 CRI11701 lm94124.0 WType III
ARWX09D4-3K403000 K70 CRI5974 lm8570.0 WType IV
ARWX09SP-5K605000 K70 CRI3779 lm6558.0 WSpot
ARWX16D1-4K604000 K70 CRI16188 lm89182.0 WType I
ARWX09D3-3K603000 K70 CRI8356 lm83101.0 WType III
ARWX25SP-5K355000 K70 CRI8147 lm8893.0 WSpot
ARWX09DG-4K554000 K70 CRI10554 lm11294.0 WGrazer
ARWX16D4-4K604000 K70 CRI15042 lm83182.0 WType IV
ARWX25D2-3K553000 K70 CRI21686 lm83260.0 WType II
ARWX16W-4K554000 K70 CRI18692 lm112167.0 WWall Wash
ARWX16W-4K404000 K70 CRI14550 lm117124.0 WWall Wash
ARWX25D2-4K404000 K70 CRI17650 lm93190.0 WType II
ARWX16D4-4K454000 K70 CRI12122 lm88138.0 WType IV
ARWX09DG-4K404000 K70 CRI8697 lm12470.0 WGrazer
ARWX25SP-5K505000 K70 CRI9594 lm72133.0 WSpot
ARWX09D3-4K354000 K70 CRI5956 lm9662.0 WType III
ARWX16D1-4K454000 K70 CRI13045 lm95138.0 WType I
ARWX09SP-5K755000 K70 CRI4347 lm6072.0 WSpot
ARWX09D3-5K655000 K70 CRI10156 lm92110.0 WType III
ARWX16D3-5K555000 K70 CRI15193 lm91167.0 WType III
ARWX25D3-3K503000 K70 CRI20017 lm85236.0 WType III
ARWX16DG-5K505000 K70 CRI17624 lm116152.0 WGrazer
ARWX25DG-3K453000 K70 CRI25417 lm119213.0 WGrazer
ARWX25D1-4K454000 K70 CRI21084 lm99213.0 WType I
ARWX16SP-3K503000 K70 CRI4515 lm5385.0 WSpot
ARWX09DW-3K453000 K70 CRI8561 lm11078.0 WWall Wash
ARWX25SP-3K753000 K70 CRI8783 lm44200.0 WSpot
ARWX09D2-4K704000 K70 CRI10318 lm87118.0 WType II
ARWX16D2-3K503000 K70 CRI13174 lm87152.0 WType II
ARWX09SP-4K504000 K70 CRI3112 lm6548.0 WSpot
ARWX09D4-4K704000 K70 CRI10324 lm87118.0 WType IV
ARWX16D3-3K503000 K70 CRI12803 lm84152.0 WType III
ARWX09D1-4K704000 K70 CRI10902 lm92118.0 WType I
ARWX25D4-3K453000 K70 CRI18603 lm87213.0 WType IV
ARWX16DG-3K453000 K70 CRI14678 lm106138.0 WGrazer
ARWX25W-3K403000 K70 CRI22824 lm120190.0 WWall Wash
ARWX16SP-5K505000 K70 CRI5987 lm7085.0 WSpot
ARWX16SP-4K754000 K70 CRI7165 lm56128.0 WSpot
ARWX25W-4K454000 K70 CRI26644 lm125213.0 WWall Wash
ARWX09DW-5K505000 K70 CRI11150 lm13086.0 WWall Wash
ARWX25D4-4K504000 K70 CRI21170 lm90236.0 WType IV
ARWX09D1-5K655000 K70 CRI10655 lm97110.0 WType I
ARWX16D2-5K555000 K70 CRI15625 lm94167.0 WType II
ARWX09D4-5K655000 K70 CRI10090 lm92110.0 WType IV
ARWX09SP-3K753000 K70 CRI3279 lm4672.0 WSpot
ARWX16D2-4K454000 K70 CRI13136 lm95138.0 WType II
ARWX09D2-4K354000 K70 CRI5915 lm9562.0 WType II
ARWX25SP-3K403000 K70 CRI6314 lm59107.0 WSpot
ARWX09DW-4K404000 K70 CRI8917 lm12770.0 WWall Wash
ARWX16SP-3K853000 K70 CRI6290 lm43145.0 WSpot
ARWX25D1-3K403000 K70 CRI18190 lm96190.0 WType I
ARWX25DG-4K504000 K70 CRI29104 lm123236.0 WGrazer
ARWX16DG-4K554000 K70 CRI19403 lm116167.0 WGrazer
ARWX25D3-4K554000 K70 CRI21424 lm82260.0 WType III
ARWX09D1-3K603000 K70 CRI8767 lm87101.0 WType I
ARWX16D3-4K604000 K70 CRI15927 lm88182.0 WType III
ARWX09D4-3K603000 K70 CRI8302 lm82101.0 WType IV
ARWX09SP-5K405000 K70 CRI3023 lm8038.0 WSpot
ARWX16D1-5K405000 K70 CRI11984 lm97124.0 WType I
ARWX09D3-3K403000 K70 CRI6013 lm8670.0 WType III
ARWX25SP-4K704000 K70 CRI10938 lm58187.0 WSpot
ARWX09DG-5K355000 K70 CRI8084 lm13062.0 WGrazer
ARWX16D4-5K405000 K70 CRI11136 lm90124.0 WType IV
ARWX25D2-3K353000 K70 CRI15043 lm90167.0 WType II
ARWX16W-5K355000 K70 CRI13169 lm120110.0 WWall Wash
ARWX16W-3K603000 K70 CRI18708 lm103182.0 WWall Wash
ARWX25D2-4K604000 K70 CRI24302 lm86283.0 WType II
ARWX16D4-3K653000 K70 CRI14834 lm76196.0 WType IV
ARWX09DG-3K603000 K70 CRI10201 lm101101.0 WGrazer
ARWX25SP-5K705000 K70 CRI11523 lm62187.0 WSpot
ARWX09D3-4K554000 K70 CRI8626 lm9294.0 WType III
ARWX16D1-3K653000 K70 CRI15964 lm81196.0 WType I
ARWX16D1-3K353000 K70 CRI9719 lm88110.0 WType I
ARWX09D3-5K455000 K70 CRI7633 lm9878.0 WType III
ARWX16D4-3K353000 K70 CRI9031 lm82110.0 WType IV
ARWX25D2-5K605000 K70 CRI25447 lm90283.0 WType II
ARWX16DG-5K705000 K70 CRI23770 lm113211.0 WGrazer
ARWX16W-5K655000 K70 CRI21661 lm111196.0 WWall Wash
ARWX25D1-5K355000 K70 CRI17789 lm107167.0 WType I
ARWX16D4-5K705000 K70 CRI17299 lm82211.0 WType IV
ARWX09DG-5K655000 K70 CRI12375 lm113110.0 WGrazer
ARWX25SP-4K404000 K70 CRI8332 lm78107.0 WSpot
ARWX09D2-5K505000 K70 CRI8265 lm9686.0 WType II
ARWX16D1-5K705000 K70 CRI18617 lm88211.0 WType I
ARWX09SP-4K704000 K70 CRI3944 lm5967.0 WSpot
ARWX09D4-4K504000 K70 CRI7968 lm9386.0 WType IV
ARWX16D3-3K703000 K70 CRI16492 lm78211.0 WType III
ARWX09D1-4K504000 K70 CRI8414 lm9886.0 WType I
ARWX25D3-5K555000 K70 CRI22434 lm86260.0 WType III
ARWX16DG-3K653000 K70 CRI20424 lm104196.0 WGrazer
ARWX25DG-5K505000 K70 CRI30293 lm128236.0 WGrazer
ARWX16SP-5K705000 K70 CRI7332 lm61120.0 WSpot
ARWX16SP-4K554000 K70 CRI6156 lm6792.0 WSpot
ARWX25W-5K355000 K70 CRI22268 lm133167.0 WWall Wash
ARWX09DW-4K704000 K70 CRI12983 lm110118.0 WWall Wash
ARWX25D4-5K405000 K70 CRI18415 lm97190.0 WType IV
ARWX09D2-3K453000 K70 CRI6592 lm8578.0 WType II
ARWX16D2-5K355000 K70 CRI10799 lm98110.0 WType II
ARWX09SP-3K453000 K70 CRI2423 lm5643.0 WSpot
ARWX09SP-3K553000 K70 CRI2708 lm5153.0 WSpot
ARWX16D2-4K654000 K70 CRI17287 lm88196.0 WType II
ARWX09D2-3K553000 K70 CRI7757 lm8394.0 WType II
ARWX25D4-5K505000 K70 CRI22168 lm94236.0 WType IV
ARWX09DW-4K604000 K70 CRI11576 lm115101.0 WWall Wash
ARWX25W-5K455000 K70 CRI27464 lm129213.0 WWall Wash
ARWX16SP-4K454000 K70 CRI5356 lm7175.0 WSpot
ARWX16SP-5K805000 K70 CRI8004 lm58137.0 WSpot
ARWX25DG-5K405000 K70 CRI25387 lm134190.0 WGrazer
ARWX16DG-4K354000 K70 CRI12853 lm117110.0 WGrazer
ARWX25D3-5K455000 K70 CRI20132 lm95213.0 WType III
ARWX09D1-4K404000 K70 CRI6983 lm10070.0 WType I
ARWX16D3-4K404000 K70 CRI11537 lm93124.0 WType III
ARWX09D4-4K404000 K70 CRI6613 lm9470.0 WType IV
ARWX09SP-4K804000 K70 CRI4325 lm5677.0 WSpot
ARWX16D1-5K605000 K70 CRI16600 lm91182.0 WType I
ARWX09D2-5K605000 K70 CRI9510 lm94101.0 WType II
ARWX25SP-4K504000 K70 CRI9201 lm69133.0 WSpot
ARWX09DG-5K555000 K70 CRI10908 lm11694.0 WGrazer
ARWX16D4-5K605000 K70 CRI15425 lm85182.0 WType IV
ARWX25D1-5K455000 K70 CRI21946 lm103213.0 WType I
ARWX16W-5K555000 K70 CRI19160 lm115167.0 WWall Wash
ARWX16W-3K403000 K70 CRI13373 lm108124.0 WWall Wash
ARWX25D2-5K505000 K70 CRI22115 lm94236.0 WType II
ARWX16D4-3K453000 K70 CRI11141 lm81138.0 WType IV
ARWX09DG-3K403000 K70 CRI7564 lm10870.0 WGrazer
ARWX09D3-5K355000 K70 CRI6187 lm10062.0 WType III
ARWX16D1-3K453000 K70 CRI11990 lm87138.0 WType I
ARWX16D1-3K553000 K70 CRI14071 lm84167.0 WType I
ARWX09D3-4K654000 K70 CRI9786 lm89110.0 WType III
ARWX25SP-5K805000 K70 CRI12487 lm59213.0 WSpot
ARWX09DG-3K503000 K70 CRI9105 lm10686.0 WGrazer
ARWX16D4-3K553000 K70 CRI13075 lm78167.0 WType IV
ARWX25D2-5K405000 K70 CRI18372 lm97190.0 WType II
ARWX16W-3K503000 K70 CRI16135 lm106152.0 WWall Wash
ARWX16W-5K455000 K70 CRI16325 lm118138.0 WWall Wash
ARWX25D1-5K555000 K70 CRI25739 lm99260.0 WType I
ARWX16D4-5K505000 K70 CRI13405 lm88152.0 WType IV
ARWX09DG-5K455000 K70 CRI9973 lm12878.0 WGrazer
ARWX25SP-4K604000 K70 CRI10069 lm63160.0 WSpot
ARWX09D2-5K705000 K70 CRI10665 lm90118.0 WType II
ARWX16D1-5K505000 K70 CRI14426 lm95152.0 WType I
ARWX09SP-4K904000 K70 CRI4707 lm5586.0 WSpot
ARWX09D4-3K703000 K70 CRI9328 lm79118.0 WType IV
ARWX16D3-4K504000 K70 CRI13768 lm91152.0 WType III
ARWX09D1-3K703000 K70 CRI9850 lm83118.0 WType I
ARWX25D3-5K355000 K70 CRI16323 lm98167.0 WType III
ARWX16DG-4K454000 K70 CRI15764 lm114138.0 WGrazer
ARWX25DG-4K604000 K70 CRI31805 lm112283.0 WGrazer
ARWX16SP-5K905000 K70 CRI8676 lm56154.0 WSpot
ARWX16SP-4K354000 K70 CRI4753 lm7960.0 WSpot
ARWX25W-5K555000 K70 CRI30604 lm118260.0 WWall Wash
ARWX09DW-4K504000 K70 CRI10734 lm12586.0 WWall Wash
ARWX25D4-5K605000 K70 CRI25508 lm90283.0 WType IV
ARWX09D2-3K653000 K70 CRI8800 lm80110.0 WType II
ARWX16D2-4K554000 K70 CRI15238 lm91167.0 WType II
ARWX09SP-3K653000 K70 CRI2994 lm4862.0 WSpot
ARWX09SP-3K353000 K70 CRI2138 lm6334.0 WSpot
ARWX16D2-5K455000 K70 CRI13323 lm97138.0 WType II
ARWX09D2-3K353000 K70 CRI5344 lm8662.0 WType II
ARWX25D4-4K604000 K70 CRI24360 lm86283.0 WType IV
ARWX09DW-5K405000 K70 CRI9262 lm13270.0 WWall Wash
ARWX25W-4K554000 K70 CRI29690 lm114260.0 WWall Wash
ARWX16SP-4K654000 K70 CRI6562 lm59111.0 WSpot
ARWX16SP-5K605000 K70 CRI6659 lm65102.0 WSpot
ARWX25DG-5K605000 K70 CRI32784 lm116283.0 WGrazer
ARWX16DG-3K553000 K70 CRI18066 lm108167.0 WGrazer
ARWX25D4-3K353000 K70 CRI15079 lm90167.0 WType IV
ARWX09D1-4K604000 K70 CRI9682 lm96101.0 WType I
ARWX16D3-3K603000 K70 CRI14811 lm81182.0 WType III
ARWX09D4-4K604000 K70 CRI9168 lm91101.0 WType IV
ARWX09SP-4K604000 K70 CRI3562 lm6158.0 WSpot
ARWX16D2-3K403000 K70 CRI10936 lm88124.0 WType II
ARWX09D2-5K405000 K70 CRI6866 lm9870.0 WType II
ARWX25SP-3K853000 K70 CRI9489 lm42226.0 WSpot
ARWX09DW-3K353000 K70 CRI6940 lm11262.0 WWall Wash
ARWX16SP-3K403000 K70 CRI4009 lm5968.0 WSpot
ARWX25D1-4K554000 K70 CRI24581 lm95260.0 WType I
ARWX25DG-3K353000 K70 CRI20608 lm123167.0 WGrazer
ARWX16DG-5K605000 K70 CRI21381 lm117182.0 WGrazer
ARWX25D3-3K403000 K70 CRI16837 lm89190.0 WType III
ARWX16D3-5K655000 K70 CRI17176 lm88196.0 WType III
ARWX09D3-5K555000 K70 CRI8952 lm9594.0 WType III
ARWX09SP-5K855000 K70 CRI4725 lm5882.0 WSpot
ARWX16D1-4K354000 K70 CRI10574 lm96110.0 WType I
ARWX09D3-4K454000 K70 CRI7348 lm9478.0 WType III
ARWX25SP-5K605000 K70 CRI10558 lm66160.0 WSpot
ARWX09DG-3K703000 K70 CRI11441 lm97118.0 WGrazer
ARWX16D4-4K354000 K70 CRI9826 lm89110.0 WType IV
ARWX25D2-4K504000 K70 CRI21120 lm89236.0 WType II
ARWX16W-3K703000 K70 CRI20798 lm99211.0 WWall Wash
ARWX16W-4K654000 K70 CRI21131 lm108196.0 WWall Wash
ARWX25D2-3K453000 K70 CRI18559 lm87213.0 WType II
ARWX16D4-4K704000 K70 CRI16876 lm80211.0 WType IV
ARWX09DG-4K654000 K70 CRI11973 lm109110.0 WGrazer
ARWX25SP-4K804000 K70 CRI11807 lm55213.0 WSpot
ARWX09D3-3K503000 K70 CRI7262 lm8486.0 WType III
ARWX16D1-4K704000 K70 CRI18162 lm86211.0 WType I
ARWX09SP-5K505000 K70 CRI3335 lm6948.0 WSpot
ARWX09D4-3K503000 K70 CRI7215 lm8486.0 WType IV
ARWX16D3-4K704000 K70 CRI17713 lm84211.0 WType III
ARWX09D1-3K503000 K70 CRI7619 lm8986.0 WType I
ARWX25D3-4K454000 K70 CRI19341 lm91213.0 WType III
ARWX16DG-4K654000 K70 CRI21936 lm112196.0 WGrazer
ARWX25DG-4K404000 K70 CRI24390 lm128190.0 WGrazer
ARWX25D1-3K503000 K70 CRI21816 lm92236.0 WType I
ARWX16SP-3K753000 K70 CRI5783 lm45128.0 WSpot
ARWX09DW-3K703000 K70 CRI11730 lm99118.0 WWall Wash
ARWX25SP-3K503000 K70 CRI7019 lm53133.0 WSpot
ARWX09D2-4K454000 K70 CRI7297 lm9478.0 WType II
ARWX16D2-4K354000 K70 CRI10648 lm97110.0 WType II
ARWX09SP-3K853000 K70 CRI3564 lm4382.0 WSpot
ARWX09D4-5K555000 K70 CRI8894 lm9594.0 WType IV
ARWX16D2-5K655000 K70 CRI17727 lm90196.0 WType II
ARWX09D1-5K555000 K70 CRI9392 lm10094.0 WType I
ARWX25D4-4K404000 K70 CRI17692 lm93190.0 WType IV
ARWX09DW-5K605000 K70 CRI11965 lm118101.0 WWall Wash
ARWX25W-4K354000 K70 CRI21603 lm129167.0 WWall Wash
ARWX16SP-4K854000 K70 CRI7768 lm54145.0 WSpot
ARWX16SP-5K405000 K70 CRI5315 lm7868.0 WSpot
ARWX25W-3K503000 K70 CRI27235 lm115236.0 WWall Wash
ARWX16DG-3K353000 K70 CRI11813 lm107110.0 WGrazer
ARWX25D4-3K553000 K70 CRI21738 lm84260.0 WType IV
ARWX09D1-5K405000 K70 CRI7254 lm10470.0 WType I
ARWX16D3-3K403000 K70 CRI10604 lm86124.0 WType III
ARWX09D4-5K405000 K70 CRI6869 lm9870.0 WType IV
ARWX09SP-4K404000 K70 CRI2799 lm7438.0 WSpot
ARWX16D2-3K603000 K70 CRI15159 lm83182.0 WType II
ARWX09D2-4K604000 K70 CRI9163 lm91101.0 WType II
ARWX25SP-3K653000 K70 CRI8194 lm48171.0 WSpot
ARWX09DW-3K553000 K70 CRI9776 lm10494.0 WWall Wash
ARWX16SP-3K603000 K70 CRI5022 lm49102.0 WSpot
ARWX25D1-4K354000 K70 CRI17090 lm102167.0 WType I
ARWX25DG-3K553000 K70 CRI28323 lm109260.0 WGrazer
ARWX16DG-5K405000 K70 CRI14607 lm118124.0 WGrazer
ARWX25D3-3K603000 K70 CRI21470 lm76283.0 WType III
ARWX09D1-3K353000 K70 CRI5645 lm9162.0 WType I
ARWX16D3-5K455000 K70 CRI12946 lm94138.0 WType III
ARWX09D4-3K353000 K70 CRI5147 lm8362.0 WType IV
ARWX09SP-5K655000 K70 CRI3968 lm6462.0 WSpot
ARWX16D1-4K554000 K70 CRI15132 lm91167.2 WType I
ARWX09D3-3K653000 K70 CRI8861 lm81110.0 WType III
ARWX25SP-5K405000 K70 CRI8629 lm81107.0 WSpot
ARWX09DG-4K504000 K70 CRI10469 lm12286.0 WGrazer
ARWX16D4-4K554000 K70 CRI14061 lm84167.0 WType IV
ARWX25D2-3K603000 K70 CRI23200 lm82283.0 WType II
ARWX16W-4K504000 K70 CRI17555 lm115152.0 WWall Wash
ARWX16W-4K454000 K70 CRI16097 lm117138.0 WWall Wash
ARWX25D2-4K354000 K70 CRI15794 lm95167.0 WType II
ARWX16D4-4K504000 K70 CRI13073 lm86152.0 WType IV
ARWX09DG-4K454000 K70 CRI9601 lm12378.0 WGrazer
ARWX25SP-5K455000 K70 CRI9112 lm76120.0 WSpot
ARWX09D3-3K703000 K70 CRI9389 lm80118.0 WType III
ARWX16D1-4K504000 K70 CRI14068 lm93152.0 WType I
ARWX09SP-5K705000 K70 CRI4158 lm6267.0 WSpot
ARWX09D3-5K705000 K70 CRI10741 lm91118.0 WType III
ARWX16D3-5K505000 K70 CRI14117 lm93152.0 WType III
ARWX25D3-3K553000 K70 CRI20453 lm79260.0 WType III
ARWX16DG-5K455000 K70 CRI16160 lm117138.0 WGrazer
ARWX25DG-3K503000 K70 CRI27719 lm117236.0 WGrazer
ARWX25D1-4K404000 K70 CRI19099 lm101190.0 WType I
ARWX16SP-3K553000 K70 CRI4992 lm5492.0 WSpot
ARWX09DW-3K503000 K70 CRI9335 lm10986.0 WWall Wash
ARWX25SP-3K703000 K70 CRI8430 lm45187.0 WSpot
ARWX09D2-4K654000 K70 CRI9717 lm88110.0 WType II
ARWX16D2-3K553000 K70 CRI14170 lm85167.0 WType II
ARWX09SP-4K454000 K70 CRI2990 lm7043.0 WSpot
ARWX09D4-5K355000 K70 CRI6147 lm9962.0 WType IV
ARWX16D3-3K453000 K70 CRI11731 lm85138.0 WType III
ARWX09D1-5K355000 K70 CRI6491 lm10562.0 WType I
ARWX25D4-3K503000 K70 CRI20210 lm86236.0 WType IV
ARWX16DG-3K403000 K70 CRI13267 lm107124.0 WGrazer
ARWX25W-3K453000 K70 CRI24972 lm117213.0 WWall Wash
ARWX16SP-5K455000 K70 CRI5651 lm7575.0 WSpot
ARWX16SP-4K804000 K70 CRI7467 lm55137.0 WSpot
ARWX25W-4K404000 K70 CRI24352 lm128190.0 WWall Wash
ARWX09DW-5K555000 K70 CRI11184 lm11994.0 WWall Wash
ARWX25D4-4K454000 K70 CRI19532 lm92213.0 WType IV
ARWX09D1-5K605000 K70 CRI10047 lm99101.0 WType I
ARWX16D2-5K605000 K70 CRI16716 lm92182.0 WType II
ARWX09D4-5K605000 K70 CRI9515 lm94101.0 WType IV
ARWX09SP-3K803000 K70 CRI3422 lm4477.0 WSpot
ARWX16D2-4K404000 K70 CRI11899 lm96124.0 WType II
ARWX09D2-4K404000 K70 CRI6610 lm9470.0 WType II
ARWX25SP-3K453000 K70 CRI6666 lm56120.0 WSpot
ARWX09DW-4K354000 K70 CRI7979 lm12962.0 WWall Wash
ARWX16SP-3K803000 K70 CRI6036 lm44137.0 WSpot
ARWX25D1-3K453000 K70 CRI20081 lm94213.0 WType I
ARWX25DG-4K454000 K70 CRI26686 lm125213.0 WGrazer
ARWX16DG-4K604000 K70 CRI20858 lm115182.0 WGrazer
ARWX25D3-4K504000 K70 CRI20968 lm89236.0 WType III
ARWX09D1-3K553000 K70 CRI8195 lm