ArcheTypeX® Flood Luninaire

The TypeX® flood light family utilizes LEAR modules to create a powerful, customizable tool for implementing a designer’s vision for nighttime facade lighting.

Features & Benefits

  • Wide, Vertical, Medium and Narrow Flood or Spot distributions in horizontal and vertical mount
  • AGi32 v16 integration for user-defined distributions
  • 0-70° tilt and 355° of independent module rotation
  • 3 tenon mounted sizes, ARFX09, ARFX16, ARFX25
  • 35° housing adjustment (−5 to +30)
  • IP66 sealed optical chamber


Voltage Offering
Lumen Range
5,001 - 50,000
Dimming Protocol
CCT Offering
3000, 4000, 5000
CRI Offering
Mounting Options
Knuckle Slipfitter
Wattage Range
31 - 300
Color Offering
Black, Dark Bronze, Light Gray, Platinum Silver, White, Custom Color (RAL#)
Optics & Distributions
Wide, Medium, Narrow, Vertical, Adjustable
Controls & Sensors
On/Off, Luminaire Grouping, Lumen Maintenance Compensation, 7-pin ANSI C136.41 Dimming Receptacle, Photocontrol, wiSCAPE, NX Lighting Controls, Occupancy
Operating Temp
-40 to 40

Product Documents

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Installation Guides

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Product Name Color Temp CRI Lumens LM/W Watts Dist. Type Resources
ARFX16NF-3K703000 K70 CRI19309 lm92211.0 WNarrow Flood
ARFX09VF-3K703000 K70 CRI10331 lm88118.0 WVertical Flood
ARFX16VF-5K505000 K70 CRI17488 lm115152.0 WVertical Flood
ARFX09MF-5K455000 K70 CRI9231 lm11878.0 WMedium Flood
ARFX25SP-3K703000 K70 CRI6876 lm37187.0 WSpot
ARFX25SP-5K455000 K70 CRI8240 lm69120.0 WSpot
ARFX09MF-3K403000 K70 CRI6794 lm9770.0 WMedium Flood
ARFX16WF-4K554000 K70 CRI15621 lm94167.0 WWide Flood
ARFX09SP-5K405000 K70 CRI2639 lm6938 WSpot
ARFX16SP-3K353000 K70 CRI2844 lm4760.0 WSpot
ARFX16MF-4K654000 K70 CRI20773 lm106196.0 WMedium Flood
ARFX09WF-3K353000 K70 CRI5984 lm9762.0 WWide Flood
ARFX16VF-3K453000 K70 CRI13673 lm99138.0 WVertical Flood
ARFX09NF-4K504000 K70 CRI10238 lm11986.0 WNarrow Flood
ARFX25NF-4K454000 K70 CRI24572 lm115213.0 WNarrow Flood
ARFX25VF-4K454000 K70 CRI23768 lm112213.0 WVertical Flood
ARFX25WF-4K604000 K70 CRI29654 lm105283.0 WWide Flood
ARFX25MF-3K603000 K70 CRI27967 lm99283.0 WMedium Flood
ARFX09SP-3K753000 K70 CRI2646 lm3772 WSpot
ARFX16SP-4K604000 K70 CRI5488 lm54102.0 WSpot
ARFX09WF-5K605000 K70 CRI11311 lm112101.0 WWide Flood
ARFX09WF-5K405000 K70 CRI8107 lm11670.0 WWide Flood
ARFX16SP-4K804000 K70 CRI6473 lm47137.0 WSpot
ARFX25MF-4K504000 K70 CRI27140 lm115236.0 WMedium Flood
ARFX25WF-4K404000 K70 CRI21145 lm111190.0 WWide Flood
ARFX25VF-5K355000 K70 CRI20331 lm122167.0 WVertical Flood
ARFX25NF-3K553000 K70 CRI26998 lm104260.0 WNarrow Flood
ARFX09NF-4K704000 K70 CRI13238 lm112118.0 WNarrow Flood
ARFX16SP-5K855000 K70 CRI7392 lm51145.0 WSpot
ARFX09WF-3K553000 K70 CRI8485 lm9094.0 WWide Flood
ARFX16MF-4K454000 K70 CRI15458 lm112138.0 WMedium Flood
ARFX16SP-3K553000 K70 CRI3768 lm4192.0 WSpot
ARFX09SP-4K804000 K70 CRI3577 lm4677 WSpot
ARFX16WF-5K355000 K70 CRI11954 lm109110.0 WWide Flood
ARFX25SP-5K655000 K70 CRI10168 lm59171.0 WSpot
ARFX25SP-3K503000 K70 CRI5719 lm43133.0 WSpot
ARFX09MF-5K655000 K70 CRI12583 lm114110.0 WMedium Flood
ARFX16VF-4K704000 K70 CRI22037 lm104211.0 WVertical Flood
ARFX09VF-4K504000 K70 CRI9694 lm11386.0 WVertical Flood
ARFX16NF-3K503000 K70 CRI14757 lm97152.0 WNarrow Flood
ARFX16NF-4K504000 K70 CRI17463 lm115152.0 WNarrow Flood
ARFX09VF-3K503000 K70 CRI7938 lm9286.0 WVertical Flood
ARFX16VF-5K705000 K70 CRI23197 lm110211.0 WVertical Flood
ARFX09MF-4K654000 K70 CRI12186 lm111110.0 WMedium Flood
ARFX25SP-4K354000 K70 CRI6693 lm7293.0 WSpot
ARFX25SP-4K804000 K70 CRI10284 lm48213.0 WSpot
ARFX09MF-3K603000 K70 CRI9389 lm93101.0 WMedium Flood
ARFX16WF-4K354000 K70 CRI10975 lm100110.0 WWide Flood
ARFX09SP-5K605000 K70 CRI3277 lm5758 WSpot
ARFX16NF-5K555000 K70 CRI19114 lm114167.0 WNarrow Flood
ARFX16MF-5K455000 K70 CRI15125 lm110138.0 WMedium Flood
ARFX09VF-5K555000 K70 CRI10780 lm11594.0 WVertical Flood
ARFX16VF-3K653000 K70 CRI18226 lm93196.0 WVertical Flood
ARFX09NF-3K703000 K70 CRI10816 lm92118.0 WNarrow Flood
ARFX25NF-5K355000 K70 CRI20350 lm122167.0 WNarrow Flood
ARFX25VF-3K553000 K70 CRI27597 lm106260.0 WVertical Flood
ARFX25WF-5K505000 K70 CRI27079 lm115236.0 WWide Flood
ARFX25MF-3K403000 K70 CRI19595 lm103190.0 WMedium Flood
ARFX09SP-4K354000 K70 CRI2258 lm6634 WSpot
ARFX16SP-4K404000 K70 CRI4216 lm6268.0 WSpot
ARFX16MF-3K403000 K70 CRI11984 lm97124.0 WMedium Flood
ARFX09WF-4K604000 K70 CRI10969 lm109101.0 WWide Flood
ARFX16SP-5K405000 K70 CRI4638 lm6868.0 WSpot
ARFX09SP-3K353000 K70 CRI1809 lm5334 WSpot
ARFX25MF-5K405000 K70 CRI23401 lm123190.0 WMedium Flood
ARFX25WF-3K503000 K70 CRI25153 lm107236.0 WWide Flood
ARFX25VF-5K555000 K70 CRI30141 lm116260.0 WVertical Flood
ARFX25NF-3K353000 K70 CRI18206 lm109167.0 WNarrow Flood
ARFX09NF-5K505000 K70 CRI10514 lm12286.0 WNarrow Flood
ARFX16SP-5K655000 K70 CRI6308 lm57111.0 WSpot
ARFX09WF-4K354000 K70 CRI7553 lm12262.0 WWide Flood
ARFX16MF-3K653000 K70 CRI17196 lm88196.0 WMedium Flood
ARFX16SP-3K753000 K70 CRI4309 lm34128.0 WSpot
ARFX09SP-4K604000 K70 CRI2980 lm5158 WSpot
ARFX16WF-5K555000 K70 CRI17757 lm106167.0 WWide Flood
ARFX25SP-5K855000 K70 CRI11751 lm52226.0 WSpot
ARFX25NF-5K605000 K70 CRI32373 lm114283.0 WNarrow Flood
ARFX09NF-3K453000 K70 CRI7669 lm9878.0 WNarrow Flood
ARFX16VF-4K504000 K70 CRI16765 lm110152.0 WVertical Flood
ARFX09VF-4K704000 K70 CRI12534 lm106118.0 WVertical Flood
ARFX16MF-5K705000 K70 CRI22062 lm105211.0 WMedium Flood
ARFX16NF-4K704000 K70 CRI22954 lm109211.0 WNarrow Flood
ARFX09SP-5K855000 K70 CRI4098 lm5082 WSpot
ARFX16WF-3K503000 K70 CRI13323 lm88152.0 WWide Flood
ARFX09MF-4K454000 K70 CRI9272 lm11978.0 WMedium Flood
ARFX25SP-4K554000 K70 CRI8289 lm58143.0 WSpot
ARFX25SP-4K604000 K70 CRI8688 lm54160.0 WSpot
ARFX09MF-4K404000 K70 CRI8626 lm12370.0 WMedium Flood
ARFX16WF-3K553000 K70 CRI14342 lm86167.0 WWide Flood
ARFX09SP-5K805000 K70 CRI3934 lm5177 WSpot
ARFX16NF-5K355000 K70 CRI12867 lm117110.0 WNarrow Flood
ARFX16MF-5K655000 K70 CRI20705 lm106196.0 WMedium Flood
ARFX09VF-5K355000 K70 CRI7479 lm12162.0 WVertical Flood
ARFX16VF-4K454000 K70 CRI15423 lm112138.0 WVertical Flood
ARFX09NF-3K503000 K70 CRI8310 lm9786.0 WNarrow Flood
ARFX25NF-5K555000 K70 CRI30169 lm116260.0 WNarrow Flood
ARFX25VF-3K353000 K70 CRI18610 lm111167.0 WVertical Flood
ARFX16WF-5K605000 K70 CRI19097 lm105182.0 WWide Flood
ARFX09SP-4K554000 K70 CRI2830 lm5353 WSpot
ARFX16SP-3K803000 K70 CRI4444 lm32137.0 WSpot
ARFX16MF-3K603000 K70 CRI16115 lm89182.0 WMedium Flood
ARFX09WF-4K404000 K70 CRI8263 lm11870.0 WWide Flood
ARFX16SP-5K605000 K70 CRI6037 lm59102.0 WSpot
ARFX09NF-5K555000 K70 CRI11418 lm12194.0 WNarrow Flood
ARFX25MF-5K605000 K70 CRI33090 lm117283.0 WMedium Flood
ARFX25VF-5K605000 K70 CRI32338 lm114283.0 WVertical Flood
ARFX25WF-3K453000 K70 CRI22911 lm108213.0 WWide Flood
ARFX25MF-5K455000 K70 CRI25998 lm122213.0 WMedium Flood
ARFX09NF-5K705000 K70 CRI13942 lm118118.0 WNarrow Flood
ARFX16SP-5K455000 K70 CRI5014 lm6775.0 WSpot
ARFX09WF-4K554000 K70 CRI10264 lm10994.0 WWide Flood
ARFX16MF-3K453000 K70 CRI12900 lm93138.0 WMedium Flood
ARFX16SP-4K354000 K70 CRI3874 lm6560.0 WSpot
ARFX09SP-4K404000 K70 CRI2399 lm6338 WSpot
ARFX25MF-3K353000 K70 CRI17470 lm105167.0 WMedium Flood
ARFX25WF-5K555000 K70 CRI29207 lm112260.0 WWide Flood
ARFX09SP-5K905000 K70 CRI4263 lm5086 WSpot
ARFX25VF-3K503000 K70 CRI25401 lm108236.0 WVertical Flood
ARFX25NF-5K405000 K70 CRI22890 lm120190.0 WNarrow Flood
ARFX09NF-3K653000 K70 CRI10195 lm93110.0 WNarrow Flood
ARFX16VF-3K703000 K70 CRI19371 lm92211.0 WVertical Flood
ARFX09VF-5K505000 K70 CRI9927 lm11586.0 WVertical Flood
ARFX16MF-5K505000 K70 CRI16632 lm109152.0 WMedium Flood
ARFX16NF-5K505000 K70 CRI17672 lm116152.0 WNarrow Flood
ARFX09SP-5K655000 K70 CRI3442 lm5662 WSpot
ARFX16WF-3K703000 K70 CRI17433 lm83211.0 WWide Flood
ARFX09MF-3K653000 K70 CRI9998 lm91110.0 WMedium Flood
ARFX25SP-4K754000 K70 CRI9885 lm49200.0 WSpot
ARFX25SP-4K404000 K70 CRI7092 lm66107.0 WSpot
ARFX09MF-4K604000 K70 CRI11450 lm113101.0 WMedium Flood
ARFX16WF-3K353000 K70 CRI10385 lm94110.0 WWide Flood
ARFX09VF-3K453000 K70 CRI7325 lm9478.0 WVertical Flood
ARFX16NF-4K554000 K70 CRI18860 lm113167.0 WNarrow Flood
ARFX16NF-3K453000 K70 CRI13629 lm99138.0 WNarrow Flood
ARFX09VF-4K554000 K70 CRI10394 lm11194.0 WVertical Flood
ARFX16VF-4K654000 K70 CRI20727 lm106196.0 WVertical Flood
ARFX09MF-5K705000 K70 CRI13391 lm113118.0 WMedium Flood
ARFX25SP-3K453000 K70 CRI5430 lm45120.0 WSpot
ARFX25SP-5K705000 K70 CRI10435 lm56187.0 WSpot
ARFX16WF-5K405000 K70 CRI13442 lm108124.0 WWide Flood
ARFX09SP-4K754000 K70 CRI3427 lm4872 WSpot
ARFX16SP-3K603000 K70 CRI3903 lm38102.0 WSpot
ARFX16MF-4K404000 K70 CRI14063 lm113124.0 WMedium Flood
ARFX09WF-3K603000 K70 CRI9074 lm90101.0 WWide Flood
ARFX16SP-5K805000 K70 CRI7121 lm52137.0 WSpot
ARFX09NF-5K355000 K70 CRI7921 lm12862.0 WNarrow Flood
ARFX25NF-3K503000 K70 CRI24853 lm105236.0 WNarrow Flood
ARFX25VF-5K405000 K70 CRI22869 lm120190.0 WVertical Flood
ARFX25WF-4K354000 K70 CRI18886 lm113167.0 WWide Flood
ARFX25MF-4K554000 K70 CRI29249 lm112260.0 WMedium Flood
ARFX09SP-3K503000 K70 CRI2072 lm4348 WSpot
ARFX16SP-4K854000 K70 CRI6720 lm46145.0 WSpot
ARFX09WF-5K355000 K70 CRI7309 lm11862.0 WWide Flood
ARFX09WF-5K655000 K70 CRI12088 lm110110.0 WWide Flood
ARFX16SP-4K554000 K70 CRI5242 lm5792.0 WSpot
ARFX09SP-3K803000 K70 CRI2761 lm3677 WSpot
ARFX25MF-3K553000 K70 CRI25906 lm100260.0 WMedium Flood
ARFX25WF-5K355000 K70 CRI19701 lm118167.0 WWide Flood
ARFX25VF-4K404000 K70 CRI21473 lm113190.0 WVertical Flood
ARFX25NF-4K504000 K70 CRI26959 lm114236.0 WNarrow Flood
ARFX09NF-4K454000 K70 CRI9499 lm12278.0 WNarrow Flood
ARFX16VF-3K503000 K70 CRI14804 lm97152.0 WVertical Flood
ARFX09VF-5K705000 K70 CRI13163 lm112118.0 WVertical Flood
ARFX16MF-4K704000 K70 CRI22086 lm105211.0 WMedium Flood
ARFX16NF-5K705000 K70 CRI23441 lm111211.0 WNarrow Flood
ARFX09SP-5K455000 K70 CRI2794 lm6543 WSpot
ARFX16WF-4K504000 K70 CRI14464 lm95152.0 WWide Flood
ARFX09MF-3K453000 K70 CRI7520 lm9678.0 WMedium Flood
ARFX25SP-5K405000 K70 CRI7801 lm73107.0 WSpot
ARFX25SP-3K753000 K70 CRI7162 lm36200.0 WSpot
ARFX09MF-5K405000 K70 CRI8439 lm12170.0 WMedium Flood
ARFX16VF-5K555000 K70 CRI18915 lm113167.0 WVertical Flood
ARFX09VF-3K653000 K70 CRI9738 lm89110.0 WVertical Flood
ARFX16NF-4K354000 K70 CRI13250 lm120110.0 WNarrow Flood
ARFX16NF-3K653000 K70 CRI18168 lm93196.0 WNarrow Flood
ARFX09VF-4K354000 K70 CRI7648 lm12362.0 WVertical Flood
ARFX16VF-5K455000 K70 CRI15903 lm115138.0 WVertical Flood
ARFX09MF-5K505000 K70 CRI10099 lm11786.0 WMedium Flood
ARFX25SP-3K653000 K70 CRI6586 lm39171.0 WSpot
ARFX25SP-5K505000 K70 CRI8679 lm65133.0 WSpot
ARFX16WF-4K604000 K70 CRI16751 lm92182.0 WWide Flood
ARFX09SP-5K355000 K70 CRI2484 lm7334 WSpot
ARFX16SP-3K403000 K70 CRI3075 lm4568.0 WSpot
ARFX16MF-4K604000 K70 CRI19460 lm107182.0 WMedium Flood
ARFX09WF-3K403000 K70 CRI6566 lm9470.0 WWide Flood
ARFX16VF-3K403000 K70 CRI12702 lm102124.0 WVertical Flood
ARFX09NF-4K554000 K70 CRI10978 lm11794.0 WNarrow Flood
ARFX25NF-4K404000 K70 CRI22200 lm117190.0 WNarrow Flood
ARFX25VF-4K504000 K70 CRI26062 lm110236.0 WVertical Flood
ARFX25WF-4K554000 K70 CRI27659 lm106260.0 WWide Flood
ARFX25MF-4K354000 K70 CRI19972 lm120167.0 WMedium Flood
ARFX09SP-3K703000 K70 CRI2531 lm3867 WSpot
ARFX16SP-4K654000 K70 CRI5735 lm52111.0 WSpot
ARFX09WF-5K555000 K70 CRI10535 lm11294.0 WWide Flood
ARFX09WF-5K455000 K70 CRI8868 lm11478.0 WWide Flood
ARFX16SP-4K754000 K70 CRI6227 lm49128.0 WSpot
ARFX25MF-4K454000 K70 CRI24750 lm116213.0 WMedium Flood
ARFX25WF-4K454000 K70 CRI23405 lm110213.0 WWide Flood
ARFX25VF-4K604000 K70 CRI30114 lm106283.0 WVertical Flood
ARFX25NF-3K603000 K70 CRI29148 lm103283.0 WNarrow Flood
ARFX09NF-4K654000 K70 CRI12485 lm113110.0 WNarrow Flood
ARFX16SP-5K905000 K70 CRI7662 lm50154.0 WSpot
ARFX09WF-3K503000 K70 CRI7876 lm9286.0 WWide Flood
ARFX16MF-4K504000 K70 CRI16802 lm111152.0 WMedium Flood
ARFX16SP-3K503000 K70 CRI3537 lm4285.0 WSpot
ARFX09SP-4K854000 K70 CRI3726 lm4582 WSpot
ARFX16WF-4K704000 K70 CRI19012 lm90211.0 WWide Flood
ARFX25SP-5K605000 K70 CRI9557 lm60160.0 WSpot
ARFX25SP-3K553000 K70 CRI6008 lm42143.0 WSpot
ARFX09MF-5K605000 K70 CRI11775 lm117101.0 WMedium Flood
ARFX16VF-5K355000 K70 CRI12733 lm116110.0 WVertical Flood
ARFX09VF-4K454000 K70 CRI8994 lm11578.0 WVertical Flood
ARFX16NF-3K553000 K70 CRI15885 lm95167.0 WNarrow Flood
ARFX16NF-4K454000 K70 CRI16066 lm116138.0 WNarrow Flood
ARFX09VF-3K553000 K70 CRI8551 lm9194.0 WVertical Flood
ARFX16VF-5K655000 K70 CRI21770 lm111196.0 WVertical Flood
ARFX09MF-4K704000 K70 CRI12921 lm110118.0 WMedium Flood
ARFX25SP-3K853000 K70 CRI7739 lm34226.0 WSpot
ARFX25SP-4K854000 K70 CRI10683 lm47226.0 WSpot
ARFX09MF-3K553000 K70 CRI8779 lm9394.0 WMedium Flood
ARFX16WF-4K404000 K70 CRI12106 lm98124.0 WWide Flood
ARFX09SP-5K555000 K70 CRI3113 lm5953 WSpot
ARFX16NF-5K605000 K70 CRI20557 lm113182.0 WNarrow Flood
ARFX16MF-5K405000 K70 CRI13617 lm110124.0 WMedium Flood
ARFX09VF-5K605000 K70 CRI11574 lm115101.0 WVertical Flood
ARFX16VF-3K603000 K70 CRI17081 lm94182.0 WVertical Flood
ARFX09NF-4K354000 K70 CRI8077 lm13062.0 WNarrow Flood
ARFX25NF-4K604000 K70 CRI31145 lm110283.0 WNarrow Flood
ARFX25VF-3K603000 K70 CRI29792 lm105283.0 WVertical Flood
ARFX25WF-5K455000 K70 CRI24620 lm116213.0 WWide Flood
ARFX25MF-3K453000 K70 CRI21720 lm102213.0 WMedium Flood
ARFX09SP-3K903000 K70 CRI2990 lm3586 WSpot
ARFX16SP-4K454000 K70 CRI4558 lm6175.0 WSpot
ARFX16MF-3K353000 K70 CRI10887 lm99110.0 WMedium Flood
ARFX09WF-4K654000 K70 CRI11673 lm106110.0 WWide Flood
ARFX16SP-5K355000 K70 CRI4261 lm7160.0 WSpot
ARFX09SP-3K403000 K70 CRI1896 lm5038 WSpot
ARFX25MF-5K355000 K70 CRI20804 lm125167.0 WMedium Flood
ARFX25WF-3K553000 K70 CRI27327 lm105260.0 WWide Flood
ARFX25VF-5K505000 K70 CRI27945 lm118236.0 WVertical Flood
ARFX25NF-3K403000 K70 CRI20421 lm107190.0 WNarrow Flood
ARFX09NF-5K455000 K70 CRI9611 lm12378.0 WNarrow Flood
ARFX16SP-5K705000 K70 CRI6579 lm55120.0 WSpot
ARFX09WF-3K703000 K70 CRI10251 lm87118.0 WWide Flood
ARFX16MF-3K703000 K70 CRI18276 lm87211.0 WMedium Flood
ARFX16SP-3K703000 K70 CRI4174 lm35120.0 WSpot
ARFX09SP-4K654000 K70 CRI3129 lm5062 WSpot
ARFX16WF-5K505000 K70 CRI16418 lm108152.0 WWide Flood
ARFX25SP-5K805000 K70 CRI11312 lm53213.0 WSpot
ARFX25SP-3K353000 K70 CRI4851 lm5293.0 WSpot
ARFX09NF-3K403000 K70 CRI6928 lm9970.0 WNarrow Flood
ARFX16VF-4K554000 K70 CRI18107 lm108167.0 WVertical Flood
ARFX09VF-4K654000 K70 CRI11821 lm107110.0 WVertical Flood
ARFX16NF-3K353000 K70 CRI11503 lm105110.0 WNarrow Flood
ARFX16NF-4K654000 K70 CRI21589 lm110196.0 WNarrow Flood
ARFX09VF-3K353000 K70 CRI6031 lm9762.0 WVertical Flood
ARFX16WF-3K453000 K70 CRI12305 lm89138.0 WWide Flood
ARFX09MF-4K504000 K70 CRI9993 lm11686.0 WMedium Flood
ARFX25SP-4K504000 K70 CRI7890 lm59133.0 WSpot
ARFX25SP-4K654000 K70 CRI9244 lm54171.0 WSpot
ARFX09MF-4K354000 K70 CRI7884 lm12762.0 WMedium Flood
ARFX16WF-3K603000 K70 CRI15372 lm84182.0 WWide Flood
ARFX09SP-5K755000 K70 CRI3770 lm5272 WSpot
ARFX16NF-5K405000 K70 CRI14469 lm117124.0 WNarrow Flood
ARFX16MF-5K605000 K70 CRI19347 lm106182.0 WMedium Flood
ARFX09VF-5K405000 K70 CRI8295 lm11970.0 WVertical Flood
ARFX16VF-4K404000 K70 CRI14032 lm113124.0 WVertical Flood
ARFX09NF-3K553000 K70 CRI8952 lm9594.0 WNarrow Flood
ARFX25NF-5K505000 K70 CRI27977 lm119236.0 WNarrow Flood
ARFX25VF-3K403000 K70 CRI20874 lm110190.0 WVertical Flood
ARFX16WF-5K655000 K70 CRI20437 lm104196.0 WWide Flood
ARFX09SP-4K504000 K70 CRI2681 lm5648 WSpot
ARFX16SP-3K853000 K70 CRI4580 lm32145.0 WSpot
ARFX16MF-3K553000 K70 CRI15035 lm90167.0 WMedium Flood
ARFX09WF-4K454000 K70 CRI8882 lm11478.0 WWide Flood
ARFX16SP-5K555000 K70 CRI5766 lm6392.0 WSpot
ARFX09NF-5K605000 K70 CRI12259 lm121101.0 WNarrow Flood
ARFX25MF-5K555000 K70 CRI30843 lm119260.0 WMedium Flood
ARFX25WF-3K353000 K70 CRI18428 lm110167.0 WWide Flood
ARFX25WF-3K403000 K70 CRI20670 lm109190.0 WWide Flood
ARFX25MF-5K505000 K70 CRI28595 lm121236.0 WMedium Flood
ARFX09NF-5K655000 K70 CRI13101 lm119110.0 WNarrow Flood
ARFX16SP-5K505000 K70 CRI5390 lm6385.0 WSpot
ARFX09WF-4K504000 K70 CRI9573 lm11186.0 WWide Flood
ARFX16MF-3K503000 K70 CRI13968 lm92152.0 WMedium Flood
ARFX16SP-3K903000 K70 CRI4715 lm31154.0 WSpot
ARFX09SP-4K454000 K70 CRI2540 lm5943 WSpot
ARFX16WF-5K705000 K70 CRI21777 lm103211.0 WWide Flood
ARFX25WF-5K605000 K70 CRI31336 lm111283.0 WWide Flood
ARFX09MF-3K353000 K70 CRI6192 lm10062.0 WMedium Flood
ARFX25VF-3K453000 K70 CRI23138 lm109213.0 WVertical Flood
ARFX25NF-5K455000 K70 CRI25431 lm119213.0 WNarrow Flood
ARFX09NF-3K603000 K70 CRI9574 lm95101.0 WNarrow Flood
ARFX16VF-4K354000 K70 CRI12721 lm116110.0 WVertical Flood
ARFX09VF-5K455000 K70 CRI9074 lm11678.0 WVertical Flood
ARFX16MF-5K555000 K70 CRI17990 lm108167.0 WMedium Flood
ARFX16NF-5K455000 K70 CRI16070 lm116138.0 WNarrow Flood
ARFX09SP-5K705000 K70 CRI3606 lm5467 WSpot
ARFX16WF-3K653000 K70 CRI16403 lm84196.0 WWide Flood
ARFX09MF-3K703000 K70 CRI10607 lm90118.0 WMedium Flood
ARFX25SP-4K704000 K70 CRI9486 lm51187.0 WSpot
ARFX25SP-4K454000 K70 CRI7491 lm62120.0 WSpot
ARFX09MF-4K554000 K70 CRI10715 lm11494.0 WMedium Flood
ARFX16WF-3K403000 K70 CRI11431 lm92124.0 WWide Flood
ARFX09VF-3K403000 K70 CRI6617 lm9570.0 WVertical Flood
ARFX16NF-4K604000 K70 CRI20225 lm111182.0 WNarrow Flood
ARFX16NF-3K403000 K70 CRI12661 lm102124.0 WNarrow Flood
ARFX09VF-4K604000 K70 CRI11107 lm110101.0 WVertical Flood
ARFX16VF-4K604000 K70 CRI19417 lm107182.0 WVertical Flood
ARFX09NF-3K353000 K70 CRI6314 lm10262.0 WNarrow Flood
ARFX25SP-3K403000 K70 CRI5140 lm48107.0 WSpot
ARFX25SP-5K755000 K70 CRI10874 lm54200.0 WSpot
ARFX16WF-5K455000 K70 CRI14930 lm108138.0 WWide Flood
ARFX09SP-4K704000 K70 CRI3278 lm4967 WSpot
ARFX16SP-3K653000 K70 CRI4039 lm36111.0 WSpot
ARFX16MF-4K354000 K70 CRI12749 lm116110.0 WMedium Flood
ARFX09WF-3K653000 K70 CRI9662 lm88110.0 WWide Flood
ARFX16SP-5K755000 K70 CRI6850 lm54128.0 WSpot
ARFX09NF-5K405000 K70 CRI8786 lm12670.0 WNarrow Flood
ARFX25NF-3K453000 K70 CRI22635 lm106213.0 WNarrow Flood
ARFX25VF-5K455000 K70 CRI25407 lm119213.0 WVertical Flood
ARFX25WF-3K603000 K70 CRI29501 lm104283.0 WWide Flood
ARFX25MF-4K604000 K70 CRI31359 lm111283.0 WMedium Flood
ARFX09SP-3K453000 K70 CRI1966 lm4643 WSpot
ARFX16SP-4K904000 K70 CRI6966 lm45154.0 WSpot
ARFX09WF-4K704000 K70 CRI12378 lm105118.0 WWide Flood
ARFX09WF-5K705000 K70 CRI12864 lm109118.0 WWide Flood
ARFX16SP-4K504000 K70 CRI4900 lm5885.0 WSpot
ARFX09SP-3K853000 K70 CRI2875 lm3582 WSpot
ARFX25MF-3K503000 K70 CRI23845 lm101236.0 WMedium Flood
ARFX25WF-5K405000 K70 CRI22160 lm117190.0 WWide Flood
ARFX25VF-4K354000 K70 CRI19179 lm115167.0 WVertical Flood
ARFX25NF-4K554000 K70 CRI29038 lm112260.0 WNarrow Flood
ARFX09NF-4K404000 K70 CRI8837 lm12670.0 WNarrow Flood
ARFX16VF-3K553000 K70 CRI15936 lm95167.0 WVertical Flood
ARFX09VF-5K655000 K70 CRI12369 lm112110.0 WVertical Flood
ARFX16MF-5K355000 K70 CRI12110 lm110110.0 WMedium Flood
ARFX16NF-5K655000 K70 CRI21999 lm112196.0 WNarrow Flood
ARFX09SP-5K505000 K70 CRI2949 lm6148 WSpot
ARFX16WF-4K454000 K70 CRI13306 lm96138.0 WWide Flood
ARFX09MF-3K503000 K70 CRI8150 lm9586.0 WMedium Flood
ARFX25SP-5K355000 K70 CRI7362 lm7993.0 WSpot
ARFX25SP-3K803000 K70 CRI7454 lm35213.0 WSpot
ARFX09MF-5K355000 K70 CRI7608 lm12362.0 WMedium Flood
ARFX16VF-5K605000 K70 CRI20343 lm112182.0 WVertical Flood
ARFX09VF-3K603000 K70 CRI9144 lm91101.0 WVertical Flood
ARFX16NF-4K404000 K70 CRI14616 lm118124.0 WNarrow Flood
ARFX16NF-3K603000 K70 CRI17026 lm94182.0 WNarrow Flood
ARFX09VF-4K404000 K70 CRI8367 lm12070.0 WVertical Flood
ARFX16VF-5K405000 K70 CRI14318 lm115124.0 WVertical Flood
ARFX09MF-5K555000 K70 CRI10967 lm11794.0 WMedium Flood
ARFX25SP-3K603000 K70 CRI6297 lm39160.0 WSpot
ARFX25SP-5K555000 K70 CRI9118 lm64143.0 WSpot
ARFX16WF-4K654000 K70 CRI17882 lm91196.0 WWide Flood
ARFX09SP-4K904000 K70 CRI3875 lm4586 WSpot
ARFX16SP-3K453000 K70 CRI3306 lm4475.0 WSpot
ARFX16MF-4K554000 K70 CRI18147 lm109167.0 WMedium Flood
ARFX09WF-3K453000 K70 CRI7268 lm9378.0 WWide Flood
ARFX16VF-3K353000 K70 CRI11540 lm105110.0 WVertical Flood
ARFX09NF-4K604000 K70 CRI11731 lm116101.0 WNarrow Flood
ARFX25NF-4K354000 K70 CRI19828 lm119167.0 WNarrow Flood
ARFX25VF-4K554000 K70 CRI28088 lm108260.0 WVertical Flood
ARFX25WF-4K504000 K70 CRI25664 lm109236.0 WWide Flood
ARFX25MF-4K404000 K70 CRI22361 lm118190.0 WMedium Flood
ARFX09SP-3K653000 K70 CRI2416 lm3962 WSpot
ARFX16SP-4K704000 K70 CRI5981 lm50120.0 WSpot
ARFX09WF-5K505000 K70 CRI9702 lm11386.0 WWide Flood
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