The ALTITUDE® is the ultimate in luminaire design innovation. The low-profile housing is proportional and scalable with sizes to cover pedestrian/site/roadway environments

Features & Benefits

  • Three Sizes for maximum flexibility to cover more applications
  • 3,000 to 50,000 lumens
  • IP66 Certified
  • Strike optic and strike optic with backlight control offer greater forward throw while minimizing back light
  • Luminaire arm slides onto Speed Mount for easy installation
  • Three Lens options: no lens, clear and diffuse for visual comfort


Lumen Range
5,001 - 50,000
Dimming Protocol
0-10V;10%-100%;Scheduling;Dusk to Dawn
CCT Offering
3000, 4000, 5000
CRI Offering
Mounting Options
Wattage Range
50 - 150
Color Offering
Dark Bronze, Black, Graphite, Light Gray, Platinum Silver, Titanium, White
Optics & Distributions
Type II, Type III, Type IV, Type V
Controls & Sensors
On/Off, Luminaire Grouping, Occupancy, Lumen Maintenance Compensation, Photocontrol, 7-pin ANSI C136.41 Dimming Receptacle
Operating Temp
-40 to 25

Product Documents


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Product Name Color Temp CRI Lumens LM/W Watts Dist. Type Resources
ALT1P35-60L5K5000 K70 CRI7880 lm11370.0 WType I
alt3p70-96l5k-nfo5000 K70 CRI18140 lm81224.0 WType III
alt1p70-240l4k4000 K70 CRI51074 lm92556.0 WType I
ALT3P35-60L4K-FGL4000 K70 CRI6113 lm8770.0 WType III
alt5p35-96l5k5000 K70 CRI12079 lm116104.0 WType V
WDM-D-48L-85-5K7-4W5000 K70 CRI10665 lm12188.0 WType IV Wide
ALT5P35-240L4K-FGL4000 K70 CRI32093 lm119269.0 WType V
ALTLP35-180L3K3000 K70 CRI16974 lm80213.0 WType L,Left
WDM-D-48L-85-3K7-FTD3000 K70 CRI9300 lm10688.0 WForward Throw Diffuse
ALT5P70-120L3K3000 K70 CRI25875 lm93279.0 WType V
ALT3P70-96L3K-NFO3000 K70 CRI20972 lm94224.0 WType III
WDM-D-48L-130-5K7-FTD5000 K70 CRI13117 lm100131.0 WForward Throw Diffuse
alt4p35-60l4k-nfo4000 K70 CRI6664 lm9570.0 WType IV
ALT1P35-180L3K-FGL3000 K70 CRI23135 lm109213.0 WType I
ALT1P70-96L5K5000 K70 CRI21410 lm96224.0 WType I
alt3p35-180l5k5000 K70 CRI19544 lm92213.0 WType III
alt2p35-240l5k5000 K70 CRI24038 lm89269.0 WType II
ALT3P35-240L3K3000 K70 CRI23726 lm88269.0 WType III
alt4p70-96l5k-nfo5000 K70 CRI17410 lm78224.0 WType IV
WDM-D-48L-105-4K7-4F4000 K70 CRI12405 lm120104.0 WType IV Forward
ALT5P70-240L3K3000 K70 CRI53036 lm95556.0 WType V
ALT4P35-96L4K-FGL4000 K70 CRI9031 lm87104.0 WType IV
WDM-D-48L-55-4K7-WG4000 K70 CRI7015 lm12954.0 WWall Graze
ALTRP35-120L4K4000 K70 CRI12308 lm91135.0 WType R,Right
ALTLP35-96L4K-FGL4000 K70 CRI9397 lm90104.0 WType L,Left
ALTRP35-60L4K4000 K70 CRI7757 lm11170.0 WType R,Right
WDM-D-48L-65-4K7-SP4000 K70 CRI9538 lm14068.0 WSpot/Column
altlp35-180l4k4000 K70 CRI17409 lm82213.0 WType L,Left
ALT4P35-240L5K-FGL-NFO5000 K70 CRI31303 lm116269.0 WType IV
WDM-D-48L-130-3K7-SP3000 K70 CRI16146 lm124131.0 WSpot/Column
ALT4P35-120L5K-FGL5000 K70 CRI11938 lm88135.0 WType IV
ALT2P35-60L5K-FGL5000 K70 CRI6097 lm8770.0 WType II
alt3p35-96l4k-nfo4000 K70 CRI10582 lm102104.0 WType III
alt3p35-60l4k-nfo4000 K70 CRI6831 lm9870.0 WType III
ALT2P35-96L5K-FGL5000 K70 CRI9662 lm93104.0 WType II
alt4p35-180l5k5000 K70 CRI20240 lm95213.0 WType IV
WDM-D-48L-130-3K7-33000 K70 CRI14662 lm112131.0 WType III
ALT4P35-300L3K-NFO3000 K70 CRI26430 lm77344.0 WType IV
altlp35-300l4k4000 K70 CRI30625 lm89344.0 WType L,Left
WDM-D-48L-65-4K7-34000 K70 CRI8662 lm12768.0 WType III
ALTRP35-300L5K-FGL5000 K70 CRI40227 lm117344.0 WType R,Right
ALTLP70-60L3K3000 K70 CRI12768 lm91141.0 WType L,Left
WDM-D-48L-55-4K7-34000 K70 CRI7070 lm13054.0 WType III
altrp35-96l4k4000 K70 CRI12054 lm116104.0 WType R,Right
WDM-D-48L-55-4K7-4F4000 K70 CRI6937 lm12854.0 WType IV Forward
ALT4P35-96L3K-FGL-NFO3000 K70 CRI7720 lm74104.0 WType IV
WDM-D-48L-105-4K7-WG4000 K70 CRI12544 lm121104.0 WWall Graze
alt4p70-60l5k-nfo5000 K70 CRI11436 lm81141.0 WType IV
ALT3P35-180L5K-FGL5000 K70 CRI19878 lm93213.0 WType III
ALT3P35-120L5K-FGL-NFO5000 K70 CRI15716 lm116135.0 WType III
ALT2P35-180L5K-FGL5000 K70 CRI24606 lm116213.0 WType II
ALT1P35-120L4K-FGL4000 K70 CRI15398 lm114135.0 WType I
alt4p35-96l4k4000 K70 CRI11585 lm111104.0 WType IV
WDM-D-48L-130-5K7-25000 K70 CRI14951 lm114131.0 WType II
ALT4P35-180L3K-NFO3000 K70 CRI15779 lm74213.0 WType IV
alt5p70-180l5k5000 K70 CRI41722 lm100416.0 WType V
WDM-D-48L-85-3K7-23000 K70 CRI10601 lm12088.0 WType II
ALTRP70-96L4K4000 K70 CRI20429 lm91224.0 WType R,Right
ALTLP35-240L3K3000 K70 CRI20668 lm77269.0 WType L,Left
altrp70-180l4k4000 K70 CRI36487 lm88416.0 WType R,Right
ALT5P35-180L3K-FGL3000 K70 CRI23720 lm111213.0 WType V
WDM-D-48L-85-5K7-WTD5000 K70 CRI10436 lm11988.0 WWide Throw Diffuse
alt4p70-240l5k-nfo5000 K70 CRI53056 lm95556.0 WType IV
ALT3P35-60L3K-FGL-NFO3000 K70 CRI5195 lm7470.0 WType III
alt2p35-60l5k5000 K70 CRI7817 lm11270.0 WType II
alt3p70-60l5k-nfo5000 K70 CRI11953 lm85141.0 WType III
ALT1P35-96L4K4000 K70 CRI12262 lm118104.0 WType I
ALT1P35-60L3K3000 K70 CRI7597 lm10970.0 WType I
ALT3P70-120L4K-NFO4000 K70 CRI26337 lm94279.0 WType III
alt1p35-300l4k4000 K70 CRI30265 lm88344.0 WType I
ALT3P35-96L3K-FGL3000 K70 CRI9405 lm90104.0 WType III
ALT5P35-120L4K-FGL4000 K70 CRI12690 lm94135.0 WType V
WDM-D-48L-85-5K7-15000 K70 CRI11607 lm13288.0 WType I
ALT5P35-300L4K-FGL4000 K70 CRI39709 lm115344.0 WType V
ALT5P35-96L5K-FGL5000 K70 CRI9416 lm91104.0 WType V
WDM-D-48L-85-4K7-14000 K70 CRI11476 lm13088.0 WType I
alt5p70-60l4k4000 K70 CRI13797 lm98141.0 WType V
ALT3P70-240L3K-NFO3000 K70 CRI51438 lm93556.0 WType III
alt3p70-240l5k5000 K70 CRI41716 lm75556.0 WType III
ALT1P35-240L3K-FGL3000 K70 CRI22616 lm84269.0 WType I
ALT1P70-60L4K4000 K70 CRI13354 lm95141.0 WType I
alt3p35-240l5k5000 K70 CRI24613 lm91269.0 WType III
ALT2P35-120L5K-FGL5000 K70 CRI15789 lm117135.0 WType II
ALT3P35-240L5K-FGL5000 K70 CRI24233 lm90269.0 WType III
ALT4P70-120L5K5000 K70 CRI22037 lm79279.0 WType IV
WDM-D-48L-105-3K7-WTD3000 K70 CRI11515 lm111104.0 WWide Throw Diffuse
ALT4P70-180L3K-NFO3000 K70 CRI40286 lm97416.0 WType IV
WDM-D-48L-55-5K7-4F5000 K70 CRI7016 lm12954.0 WType IV Forward
altrp35-180l4k4000 K70 CRI17409 lm82213.0 WType R,Right
ALTLP35-60L4K-FGL4000 K70 CRI6050 lm8670.0 WType L,Left
ALTRP35-96L3K3000 K70 CRI11752 lm113104.0 WType R,Right
WDM-D-48L-65-5K7-25000 K70 CRI8616 lm12768.0 WType II
ALTLP35-120L4K4000 K70 CRI12308 lm91135.0 WType L,Left
ALT4P35-240L3K-NFO3000 K70 CRI18765 lm70269.0 WType IV
WDM-D-48L-130-4K7-24000 K70 CRI14782 lm113131.0 WType II
ALT4P35-120L4K-FGL4000 K70 CRI11803 lm87135.0 WType IV
ALT2P35-60L3K-FGL3000 K70 CRI5877 lm8470.0 WType II
ALT3P35-120L3K-FGL3000 K70 CRI12278 lm91135.0 WType III
alt2p70-180l5k5000 K70 CRI41237 lm99416.0 WType II
ALT2P70-60L3K3000 K70 CRI13126 lm93141.0 WType II
alt4p35-240l5k5000 K70 CRI25289 lm94269.0 WType IV
WDM-D-48L-105-5K7-WG5000 K70 CRI12687 lm122104.0 WWall Graze
ALT4P35-300L5K-FGL-NFO5000 K70 CRI40094 lm117344.0 WType IV
WDM-D-48L-55-3K7-23000 K70 CRI6782 lm12554.0 WType II
altlp70-96l4k4000 K70 CRI20429 lm91224.0 WType L,Left
WDM-D-48L-65-3K7-WG3000 K70 CRI8384 lm12368.0 WWall Graze
ALTRP35-240L5K-FGL5000 K70 CRI27853 lm104269.0 WType R,Right
ALTRP35-180L4K-FGL4000 K70 CRI21527 lm101213.0 WType R,Right
WDM-D-48L-65-3K7-33000 K70 CRI8450 lm12468.0 WType III
altlp70-180l4k4000 K70 CRI36487 lm88416.0 WType L,Left
WDM-D-48L-55-3K7-WG3000 K70 CRI6842 lm12654.0 WWall Graze
ALT4P35-60L4K-FGL-NFO4000 K70 CRI5198 lm7470.0 WType IV
WDM-D-48L-105-5K7-35000 K70 CRI12787 lm123104.0 WType III
alt4p35-300l5k-nfo5000 K70 CRI27417 lm80344.0 WType IV
ALT3P35-180L3K3000 K70 CRI18840 lm88213.0 WType III
alt2p70-96l5k5000 K70 CRI21239 lm95224.0 WType II
ALT3P35-120L4K-FGL-NFO4000 K70 CRI5538 lm41135.0 WType III
ALT2P35-240L5K-FGL5000 K70 CRI31229 lm116269.0 WType II
ALT4P35-120L3K3000 K70 CRI12534 lm93135.0 WType IV
WDM-D-48L-130-4K7-SP4000 K70 CRI16552 lm127131.0 WSpot/Column
ALT4P35-180L4K-NFO4000 K70 CRI16183 lm76213.0 WType IV
altlp35-60l5k5000 K70 CRI7845 lm11270.0 WType L,Left
WDM-D-48L-65-5K7-SP5000 K70 CRI9647 lm14268.0 WSpot/Column
ALTRP70-60L3K3000 K70 CRI12768 lm91141.0 WType R,Right
ALTLP35-300L3K3000 K70 CRI29860 lm87344.0 WType L,Left
altrp35-300l5k5000 K70 CRI30975 lm90344.0 WType R,Right
WDM-D-48L-55-5K7-WTD5000 K70 CRI6677 lm12354.0 WWide Throw Diffuse
ALT4P70-60L3K3000 K70 CRI12141 lm86141.0 WType IV
WDM-D-48L-105-3K7-4F3000 K70 CRI12100 lm117104.0 WType IV Forward
alt4p70-180l5k-nfo5000 K70 CRI41790 lm100416.0 WType IV
ALT3P35-300L4K-FGL-NFO4000 K70 CRI39709 lm115344.0 WType III
ALT2P35-120L3K3000 K70 CRI12336 lm91135.0 WType II
alt3p35-300l5k-nfo5000 K70 CRI27309 lm79344.0 WType III
ALT1P70-120L4K4000 K70 CRI26247 lm94279.0 WType I
ALT1P35-300L3K3000 K70 CRI29509 lm86344.0 WType I
alt3p70-180l4k-nfo4000 K70 CRI41129 lm99416.0 WType III
alt1p35-180l4k4000 K70 CRI19188 lm90213.0 WType I
ALT3P35-96L4K-FGL4000 K70 CRI9646 lm93104.0 WType III
alt5p35-180l5k5000 K70 CRI19898 lm93213.0 WType V
WDM-D-48L-85-4K7-FTD4000 K70 CRI9534 lm10888.0 WForward Throw Diffuse
ALT5P35-60L4K-FGL4000 K70 CRI6353 lm9170.0 WType V
ALT5P35-60L5K-FGL5000 K70 CRI6426 lm9270.0 WType V
WDM-D-48L-85-4K7-4W4000 K70 CRI10544 lm12088.0 WType IV Wide
alt5p35-240l4k4000 K70 CRI24703 lm92269.0 WType V
ALT3P35-96L5K-FGL-NFO5000 K70 CRI8454 lm81104.0 WType III
alt3p70-180l5k5000 K70 CRI33124 lm80416.0 WType III
ALT1P35-300L3K-FGL3000 K70 CRI38323 lm111344.0 WType I
ALT1P70-120L5K5000 K70 CRI26547 lm95279.0 WType I
alt3p35-300l5k5000 K70 CRI35466 lm103344.0 WType III
ALT2P35-120L3K-FGL3000 K70 CRI15221 lm113135.0 WType II
ALT3P35-300L3K3000 K70 CRI34189 lm99344.0 WType III
alt4p70-180l5k5000 K70 CRI34305 lm82416.0 WType IV
WDM-D-48L-105-3K7-4W3000 K70 CRI11768 lm113104.0 WType IV Wide
ALT4P70-60L3K-NFO3000 K70 CRI11024 lm78141.0 WType IV
WDM-D-48L-55-5K7-WG5000 K70 CRI7095 lm13154.0 WWall Graze
altrp35-300l4k4000 K70 CRI30625 lm89344.0 WType R,Right
ALTLP35-300L4K-FGL4000 K70 CRI39772 lm116344.0 WType L,Left
ALTRP70-240L3K3000 K70 CRI45509 lm82556.0 WType R,Right
WDM-D-48L-65-5K7-FTD5000 K70 CRI7559 lm11168.0 WForward Throw Diffuse
altlp35-96l4k4000 K70 CRI12054 lm116104.0 WType L,Left
ALT4P35-180L5K-FGL-NFO5000 K70 CRI24499 lm115213.0 WType IV
WDM-D-48L-130-4K7-FTD4000 K70 CRI12969 lm99131.0 WForward Throw Diffuse
ALT4P35-120L3K-FGL3000 K70 CRI11509 lm85135.0 WType IV
ALT2P35-300L3K-FGL3000 K70 CRI38585 lm112344.0 WType II
ALT3P35-120L4K-FGL4000 K70 CRI12593 lm93135.0 WType III
ALT2P70-120L3K3000 K70 CRI25797 lm92279.0 WType II
ALT3P35-180L3K-NFO3000 K70 CRI15236 lm72213.0 WType III
alt4p35-300l5k5000 K70 CRI35607 lm104344.0 WType IV
WDM-D-48L-105-5K7-4F5000 K70 CRI12547 lm121104.0 WType IV Forward
ALT4P35-60L3K-NFO3000 K70 CRI6497 lm9370.0 WType IV
WDM-D-48L-55-3K7-SP3000 K70 CRI7594 lm14054.0 WSpot/Column
ALTLP70-120L5K5000 K70 CRI26035 lm93279.0 WType L,Left
WDM-D-48L-65-3K7-4F3000 K70 CRI8290 lm12268.0 WType IV Forward
ALTRP35-180L5K-FGL5000 K70 CRI21773 lm102213.0 WType R,Right
ALTRP35-240L4K-FGL4000 K70 CRI27538 lm102269.0 WType R,Right
WDM-D-48L-65-3K7-SP3000 K70 CRI9304 lm13768.0 WSpot/Column
altlp70-96l5k5000 K70 CRI20662 lm92224.0 WType L,Left
WDM-D-48L-55-3K7-4F3000 K70 CRI6766 lm12554.0 WType IV Forward
ALT4P35-300L5K-FGL5000 K70 CRI30872 lm90344.0 WType IV
WDM-D-48L-105-5K7-SP5000 K70 CRI14081 lm136104.0 WSpot/Column
alt4p35-240l5k-nfo5000 K70 CRI19466 lm72269.0 WType IV
ALT2P70-96L3K3000 K70 CRI20474 lm91224.0 WType II
alt2p70-180l4k4000 K70 CRI40771 lm98416.0 WType II
ALT3P35-120L3K-FGL-NFO3000 K70 CRI15150 lm112135.0 WType III
ALT2P35-300L5K-FGL5000 K70 CRI40026 lm116344.0 WType II
ALT4P35-120L4K4000 K70 CRI10419 lm77135.0 WType IV
WDM-D-48L-130-4K7-34000 K70 CRI15031 lm115131.0 WType III
ALT4P35-240L3K-FGL3000 K70 CRI23228 lm86269.0 WType IV
ALTLP35-120L3K-FGL3000 K70 CRI14807 lm110135.0 WType L,Left
WDM-D-48L-65-5K7-35000 K70 CRI8761 lm12968.0 WType III
ALTRP35-96L4K-FGL4000 K70 CRI9397 lm90104.0 WType R,Right
ALTLP35-60L3K3000 K70 CRI7563 lm10870.0 WType L,Left
altrp35-180l5k5000 K70 CRI17608 lm83213.0 WType R,Right
WDM-D-48L-55-5K7-4W5000 K70 CRI6823 lm12654.0 WType IV Wide
ALT4P70-180L3K3000 K70 CRI33070 lm79416.0 WType IV
WDM-D-48L-105-3K7-WG3000 K70 CRI12236 lm118104.0 WWall Graze
ALT4P70-120L5K-NFO5000 K70 CRI25785 lm92279.0 WType IV
ALT3P35-300L3K-FGL-NFO3000 K70 CRI38717 lm113344.0 WType III
ALT2P35-120L5K5000 K70 CRI12796 lm95135.0 WType II
alt3p35-240l5k-nfo5000 K70 CRI18945 lm70269.0 WType III
ALT1P70-60L3K3000 K70 CRI13021 lm92141.0 WType I
ALT1P35-240L3K4000 K70 CRI30134 lm112269.0 WType I
alt3p70-240l4k-nfo4000 K70 CRI52756 lm95556.0 WType III
ALT3P70-180L3K3000 K70 CRI31932 lm77416.0 WType III
alt5p35-300l5k5000 K70 CRI30926 lm90344.0 WType V
WDM-D-48L-85-4K7-24000 K70 CRI10867 lm12388.0 WType II
ALT5P35-96L4K-FGL4000 K70 CRI9310 lm90104.0 WType V
ALT5P35-300L5K-FGL5000 K70 CRI40163 lm117344.0 WType V
WDM-D-48L-85-4K7-WTD4000 K70 CRI10318 lm11788.0 WWide Throw Diffuse
ALT3P35-96L3K-NFO3000 K70 CRI10318 lm99104.0 WType III
alt1p35-240l5k3000 K70 CRI49799 lm90556.0 WType I
ALT3P70-120L5K5000 K70 CRI23068 lm83279.0 WType III
ALT1P35-60L3K-FGL3000 K70 CRI5925 lm8570.0 WType I
ALT1P35-96L5K-FGL5000 K70 CRI9674 lm93104.0 WType I
alt3p70-60l5k5000 K70 CRI13625 lm97141.0 WType III
ALT3P35-300L5K-FGL5000 K70 CRI30926 lm90344.0 WType III
alt4p70-240l5k5000 K70 CRI42863 lm77556.0 WType IV
WDM-D-48L-105-3K7-13000 K70 CRI12808 lm124104.0 WType I
ALT5P35-120L-5K3000 K70 CRI15267 lm113135.0 WType V
ALTRP70-120L5K5000 K70 CRI26035 lm93279.0 WType R,Right
ALTLP35-240L4K-FGL4000 K70 CRI27538 lm102269.0 WType L,Left
ALTRP70-96L3K3000 K70 CRI19919 lm89224.0 WType R,Right
WDM-D-48L-85-3K7-13000 K70 CRI11194 lm12788.0 WType I
alt5p70-240l4k4000 K70 CRI54395 lm98556.0 WType V
ALT4P35-180L3K3000 K70 CRI19511 lm92213.0 WType IV
WDM-D-48L-130-5K7-15000 K70 CRI15789 lm121131.0 WType I
alt4p35-96l4k-nfo4000 K70 CRI10156 lm98104.0 WType IV
ALT1P35-120L3K3000 K70 CRI11711 lm87135.0 WType I
ALT2P35-240L3K-FGL3000 K70 CRI30105 lm112269.0 WType II
ALT3P35-120L5K-FGL5000 K70 CRI12737 lm94135.0 WType III
alt2p70-60l5k5000 K70 CRI13616 lm97141.0 WType II
ALT3P35-180L5K-FGL-NFO5000 K70 CRI24581 lm115213.0 WType III
alt4p70-60l5k5000 K70 CRI12594 lm89141.0 WType IV
WDM-D-48L-105-4K7-WTD4000 K70 CRI11805 lm114104.0 WWide Throw Diffuse
ALT4P35-60L5K-FGL5000 K70 CRI5976 lm8570.0 WType IV
WDM-D-48L-55-4K7-24000 K70 CRI6953 lm12854.0 WType II
altlp70-240l5k5000 K70 CRI47209 lm85556.0 WType L,Left
WDM-D-48L-55-5K7-35000 K70 CRI7151 lm13254.0 WType III
ALTLP70-96L3K3000 K70 CRI19919 lm89224.0 WType L,Left
ALTRP35-300L4K-FGL4000 K70 CRI39772 lm116344.0 WType R,Right
WDM-D-48L-65-4K7-24000 K70 CRI8518 lm12568.0 WType II
altlp35-300l5k5000 K70 CRI30975 lm90344.0 WType L,Left
ALT4P35-300L3K3000 K70 CRI34325 lm100344.0 WType IV
WDM-D-48L-130-3K7-23000 K70 CRI14419 lm110131.0 WType II
alt4p35-180l5k-nfo5000 K70 CRI16368 lm77213.0 WType IV
ALT2P70-180L3K3000 K70 CRI39752 lm96416.0 WType II
alt3p35-60l4k4000 K70 CRI7837 lm11270.0 WType III
alt3p35-96l5k5000 K70 CRI9756 lm94104.0 WType III
ALT2P35-60L4K-FGL4000 K70 CRI6028 lm8670.0 WType II
ALT4P35-120L5K5000 K70 CRI10538 lm78135.0 WType IV
WDM-D-48L-130-3K7-WG3000 K70 CRI14548 lm111131.0 WWall Graze
ALT4P35-240L4K-FGL4000 K70 CRI23823 lm89269.0 WType IV
ALTLP35-120L5K-FGL5000 K70 CRI15360 lm114135.0 WType L,Left
WDM-D-48L-65-4K7-WG4000 K70 CRI8594 lm12668.0 WWall Graze
ALTRP35-60L5K-FGL5000 K70 CRI6119 lm8770.0 WType R,Right
ALTLP35-96L3K3000 K70 CRI11752 lm113104.0 WType L,Left
ALTRP35-120L4K-FGL4000 K70 CRI15187 lm112135.0 WType R,Right
WDM-D-48L-55-4K7-WTD4000 K70 CRI6601 lm12254.0 WWide Throw Diffuse
ALT4P35-96L5K-FGL-NFO5000 K70 CRI8008 lm77104.0 WType IV
WDM-D-48L-105-4K7-34000 K70 CRI12643 lm122104.0 WType III
ALT4P70-120L3K-NFO3000 K70 CRI24857 lm89279.0 WType IV
ALT3P35-240L4K-FGL-NFO4000 K70 CRI31126 lm116269.0 WType III
alt2p35-240l4k4000 K70 CRI23767 lm88269.0 WType II
alt3p35-180l5k-nfo5000 K70 CRI15805 lm74213.0 WType III
ALT1P70-96L4K4000 K70 CRI21168 lm95224.0 WType I
ALT1P35-180L3K3000 K70 CRI18709 lm88213.0 WType I
alt4p35-60l4k4000 K70 CRI7575 lm10870.0 WType IV
WDM-D-48L-130-5K7-SP5000 K70 CRI16741 lm128131.0 WSpot/Column
ALT3P70-60L3K3000 K70 CRI13134 lm93141.0 WType III
alt5p70-96l5k5000 K70 CRI20473 lm91224.0 WType V
WDM-D-48L-85-3K7-SP3000 K70 CRI11870 lm13588.0 WSpot/Column
ALTLP35-180L3K-FGL3000 K70 CRI20990 lm99213.0 WType L,Left
ALT5P35-240L5K-FGL5000 K70 CRI24985 lm93269.0 WType V
WDM-D-48L-85-5K7-4F5000 K70 CRI10966 lm12588.0 WType IV Forward
ALT5P35-120L3K4000 K70 CRI15658 lm116135.0 WType V
ALT3P35-60L5K-FGL-NFO5000 K70 CRI5389 lm7770.0 WType III
alt1p70-180l5k5000 K70 CRI40676 lm98416.0 WType I
ALT3P70-120L3K3000 K70 CRI22238 lm80279.0 WType III
ALT1P35-60L5K-FGL5000 K70 CRI6147 lm8870.0 WType I
ALT1P35-96L3K-FGL3000 K70 CRI9325 lm90104.0 WType I
alt3p70-96l5k5000 K70 CRI17935 lm80224.0 WType III
alt1p70-240l5k5000 K70 CRI51658 lm93556.0 WType I
ALT3P35-60L4K-FGL-NFO4000 K70 CRI5328 lm7670.0 WType III
alt5p35-96l4k4000 K70 CRI11943 lm115104.0 WType V
WDM-D-48L-85-5K7-FTD5000 K70 CRI9643 lm11088.0 WForward Throw Diffuse
ALT5P35-240L3K-FGL3000 K70 CRI31291 lm116269.0 WType V
altrp70-240l5k5000 K70 CRI47209 lm85556.0 WType R,Right
ALTLP35-180L4K-FGL4000 K70 CRI21527 lm101213.0 WType L,Left
WDM-D-48L-85-3K7-4W3000 K70 CRI10285 lm11788.0 WType IV Wide
ALT5P70-120L4K4000 K70 CRI26538 lm95279.0 WType V
ALT3P70-96L3K3000 K70 CRI20448 lm91224.0 WType III
WDM-D-48L-130-5K7-4W5000 K70 CRI14506 lm111131.0 WType IV Wide
alt4p35-60l5k5000 K70 CRI7662 lm10970.0 WType IV
ALT1P35-120L5K5000 K70 CRI12148 lm90135.0 WType I
ALT2P35-180L3K-FGL3000 K70 CRI23720 lm111213.0 WType II
alt3p35-180l4k-nfo4000 K70 CRI15626 lm73213.0 WType III
alt2p35-300l4k4000 K70 CRI30472 lm89344.0 WType II
ALT3P35-240L3K-NFO3000 K70 CRI18263 lm68269.0 WType III
alt4p70-96l5k5000 K70 CRI20314 lm91224.0 WType IV
WDM-D-48L-105-4K7-4W4000 K70 CRI12064 lm116104.0 WType IV Wide
ALT5P70-180L3K3000 K70 CRI40220 lm97416.0 WType V
ALT4P35-96L4K-FGL-NFO4000 K70 CRI7918 lm76104.0 WType IV
WDM-D-48L-55-4K7-SP4000 K70 CRI7785 lm14354.0 WSpot/Column
ALTRP35-120L3K-FGL3000 K70 CRI14807 lm110135.0 WType R,Right
ALTLP35-96L5K-FGL5000 K70 CRI9504 lm91104.0 WType L,Left
ALTRP35-60L4K-FGL4000 K70 CRI6050 lm8670.0 WType R,Right
WDM-D-48L-65-4K7-FTD4000 K70 CRI7474 lm11068.0 WForward Throw Diffuse
altlp35-180l5k5000 K70 CRI17608 lm83213.0 WType L,Left
ALT4P35-240L5K-FGL5000 K70 CRI24096 lm90269.0 WType IV
WDM-D-48L-130-3K7-FTD3000 K70 CRI12651 lm97131.0 WForward Throw Diffuse
ALT4P35-120L5K-FGL-NFO5000 K70 CRI14730 lm109135.0 WType IV
ALT2P35-96L3K-FGL3000 K70 CRI9315 lm90104.0 WType II
alt3p35-96l4k4000 K70 CRI9646 lm93104.0 WType III
alt3p35-60l5k5000 K70 CRI7927 lm11370.0 WType III
ALT2P35-96L4K-FGL4000 K70 CRI9553 lm92104.0 WType II
alt4p35-180l4k4000 K70 CRI20011 lm94213.0 WType IV
WDM-D-48L-130-3K7-4F3000 K70 CRI14386 lm110131.0 WType IV Forward
ALT4P35-300L3K-FGL3000 K70 CRI29761 lm87344.0 WType IV
altlp35-240l5k5000 K70 CRI21440 lm80269.0 WType L,Left
WDM-D-48L-65-4K7-4F4000 K70 CRI8499 lm12568.0 WType IV Forward
ALTRP35-60L3K-FGL3000 K70 CRI5899 lm8470.0 WType R,Right
ALTLP70-240L3K3000 K70 CRI45509 lm82556.0 WType L,Left
WDM-D-48L-55-3K7-33000 K70 CRI6896 lm12754.0 WType III
altrp35-96l5k5000 K70 CRI12191 lm117104.0 WType R,Right
WDM-D-48L-55-4K7-4W4000 K70 CRI6746 lm12454.0 WType IV Wide
ALT4P35-96L3K-FGL3000 K70 CRI8806 lm85104.0 WType IV
ALT5P35-180L3K3000 K70 CRI19182 lm90213.0 WType V
WDM-D-48L-105-4K7-SP4000 K70 CRI13922 lm134104.0 WSpot/Column
alt4p70-96l4k4000 K70 CRI20084 lm90224.0 WType IV
ALT3P35-240L3K-FGL-NFO3000 K70 CRI30349 lm113269.0 WType III
alt2p70-60l4k4000 K70 CRI13462 lm95141.0 WType II
ALT3P35-120L5K-NFO5000 K70 CRI11031 lm82135.0 WType III
ALT2P35-180L4K-FGL4000 K70 CRI24328 lm114213.0 WType II
ALT1P35-120L4K4000 K70 CRI12011 lm89135.0 WType I
alt4p35-96l3k3000 K70 CRI11295 lm109104.0 WType IV
WDM-D-48L-130-5K7-35000 K70 CRI15203 lm116131.0 WType III
ALT4P35-180L3K-FGL3000 K70 CRI19099 lm90213.0 WType IV
alt5p70-180l4k4000 K70 CRI41250 lm99416.0 WType V
WDM-D-48L-85-3K7-33000 K70 CRI10779 lm12288.0 WType III
ALTRP70-96L5K5000 K70 CRI20662 lm92224.0 WType R,Right
ALTLP35-240L3K-FGL3000 K70 CRI26850 lm100269.0 WType L,Left
altrp70-180l5k5000 K70 CRI36904 lm89416.0 WType R,Right
ALT5P35-180L4K-FGL4000 K70 CRI24328 lm114213.0 WType V
WDM-D-48L-85-5K7-WG5000 K70 CRI11090 lm12688.0 WWall Graze
alt5p35-60l4k4000 K70 CRI8145 lm11670.0 WType V
ALT3P35-60L3K-FGL3000 K70 CRI5960 lm8570.0 WType III
alt3p70-96l4k4000 K70 CRI21211 lm95224.0 WType III
ALT1P35-96L4K-FGL4000 K70 CRI9564 lm92104.0 WType I
ALT1P35-60L4K-FGL4000 K70 CRI6077 lm8770.0 WType I
ALT3P70-120L4K4000 K70 CRI22807 lm82279.0 WType III
alt1p35-300l5k5000 K70 CRI30611 lm89344.0 WType I
ALT3P35-96L3K-FGL-NFO3000 K70 CRI8149 lm78104.0 WType III
ALT5P35-120L4K5000 K70 CRI15837 lm117135.0 WType V
WDM-D-48L-85-5K7-25000 K70 CRI10991 lm12588.0 WType II
ALT5P35-300L3K3000 K70 CRI29812 lm87344.0 WType V
ALT5P70-60L3K3000 K70 CRI13452 lm95141.0 WType V
WDM-D-48L-85-3K7-WTD3000 K70 CRI10065 lm11488.0 WWide Throw Diffuse
alt5p70-60l5k5000 K70 CRI13955 lm99141.0 WType V
ALT3P70-240L3K3000 K70 CRI40215 lm72556.0 WType III
WDM-D-48L-130-5K7-WTD5000 K70 CRI14196 lm109131.0 WWide Throw Diffuse
alt3p70-240l5k-nfo5000 K70 CRI53359 lm96556.0 WType III
ALT1P35-180L5K-FGL5000 K70 CRI23999 lm113213.0 WType I
ALT1P70-60L5K5000 K70 CRI13507 lm96141.0 WType I
alt3p35-240l4k-nfo4000 K70 CRI18731 lm70269.0 WType III
alt2p35-180l4k4000 K70 CRI19674 lm92213.0 WType II
ALT3P35-240L5K-FGL-NFO5000 K70 CRI31482 lm117269.0 WType III
ALT4P70-120L4K-NFO4000 K70 CRI25494 lm91279.0 WType IV
WDM-D-48L-105-4K7-14000 K70 CRI13130 lm127104.0 WType I
ALT4P70-120L3K3000 K70 CRI21244 lm76279.0 WType IV
WDM-D-48L-55-5K7-25000 K70 CRI7032 lm13054.0 WType II
ALTRP35-120L5K-FGL5000 K70 CRI15360 lm114135.0 WType R,Right
ALTLP35-60L5K-FGL5000 K70 CRI6119 lm8770.0 WType L,Left
ALTRP35-96L3K-FGL3000 K70 CRI9162 lm88104.0 WType R,Right
WDM-D-48L-65-5K7-15000 K70 CRI9099 lm13468.0 WType I
ALTLP35-120L4K-FGL4000 K70 CRI15187 lm112135.0 WType L,Left
ALT4P35-240L3K3000 K70 CRI24379 lm91269.0 WType IV
WDM-D-48L-130-4K7-14000 K70 CRI15610 lm120131.0 WType I
ALT4P35-120L4K-FGL-NFO4000 K70 CRI14564 lm108135.0 WType IV
ALT3P35-120L3K3000 K70 CRI13120 lm97135.0 WType III
alt2p70-240l4k4000 K70 CRI52333 lm94556.0 WType II
alt4p35-240l4k-nfo4000 K70 CRI19246 lm72269.0 WType IV
WDM-D-48L-105-5K7-WTD5000 K70 CRI11940 lm115104.0 WWide Throw Diffuse
ALT4P35-300L4K-FGL4000 K70 CRI30523 lm89344.0 WType IV
WDM-D-48L-55-3K7-13000 K70 CRI7162 lm13254.0 WType I
altlp70-60l5k5000 K70 CRI13245 lm94141.0 WType L,Left
WDM-D-48L-65-3K7-WTD3000 K70 CRI7890 lm11668.0 WWide Throw Diffuse
ALTRP35-300L3K-FGL3000 K70 CRI38779 lm113344.0 WType R,Right
ALTRP35-180L3K3000 K70 CRI16974 lm80213.0 WType R,Right
WDM-D-48L-65-3K7-23000 K70 CRI8309 lm12268.0 WType II
altlp70-180l5k5000 K70 CRI36904 lm89416.0 WType L,Left
WDM-D-48L-55-3K7-WTD3000 K70 CRI6439 lm11954.0 WWide Throw Diffuse
ALT4P35-60L4K-FGL4000 K70 CRI5908 lm8470.0 WType IV
WDM-D-48L-105-5K7-25000 K70 CRI12575 lm121104.0 WType II
alt4p70-60l4k4000 K70 CRI12452 lm88141.0 WType IV
ALT3P35-180L4K-FGL-NFO4000 K70 CRI24303 lm114213.0 WType III
alt2p70-96l4k4000 K70 CRI20999 lm94224.0 WType II
ALT3P35-120L4K-NFO4000 K70 CRI10906 lm81135.0 WType III
ALT2P35-240L4K-FGL4000 K70 CRI30876 lm115269.0 WType II
alt4p35-96l5k-nfo5000 K70 CRI10272 lm99104.0 WType IV
WDM-D-48L-130-4K7-WG4000 K70 CRI14914 lm114131.0 WWall Graze
ALT4P35-180L4K-FGL4000 K70 CRI19588 lm92213.0 WType IV
altlp35-60l4k4000 K70 CRI7757 lm11170.0 WType L,Left
WDM-D-48L-65-5K7-WG5000 K70 CRI8693 lm12868.0 WWall Graze
ALTRP70-60L4K4000 K70 CRI13095 lm93141.0 WType R,Right
ALTLP35-300L3K-FGL3000 K70 CRI38779 lm113344.0 WType L,Left
ALTRP70-120L3K3000 K70 CRI25098 lm90279.0 WType R,Right
ALT4P70-96L3K-NFO3000 K70 CRI16783 lm75224.0 WType IV
WDM-D-48L-105-3K7-33000 K70 CRI12333 lm119104.0 WType III
alt4p70-240l4k4000 K70 CRI42378 lm76556.0 WType IV
ALT3P35-300L4K-FGL4000 K70 CRI30576 lm89344.0 WType III
alt2p35-96l5k5000 K70 CRI12395 lm119104.0 WType II
alt3p70-60l4k4000 K70 CRI13471 lm96141.0 WType III
ALT1P70-120L3K3000 K70 CRI25591 lm92279.0 WType I
ALT1P35-300L4K-FGL4000 K70 CRI39305 lm114344.0 WType I
alt3p70-180l4k4000 K70 CRI32750 lm79416.0 WType III
alt1p35-180l5k5000 K70 CRI19407 lm91213.0 WType I
ALT3P35-96L4K-FGL-NFO4000 K70 CRI8358 lm80104.0 WType III
alt5p35-180l4k4000 K70 CRI19673 lm92213.0 WType V