The LLHV is a high bay fixture combining powerful, high light output with remarkable energy savings for quick ROI. Great for large open commercial spaces.

Features & Benefits

  • Optical design provides one-for-one replacement of metal halide and fluorescent high bays with substantial energy savings
  • High efficacy LEDs provide up to 158 Lumens Per Watt
  • Available in narrow or wide distribution
  • Long-Life LEDs 60,000 hours at L80 for reduced life cycle maintenance costs
  • Easy center driver cover allows tool-less access to electrical components for modular replaceability
  • Extremely low profile with only 2" overall height
  • Quick and simple hanging systems include chain, tong or aircraft cable mounting
  • Access cover in channel for easy wiring access
  • "Plug and play" occupancy sensor, daylight sensor, cord and plug
  • Wire guard and/or lens option
  • ControlScope® compatible
  • CSA listed and suitable for damp locations
  • -20°C up to +65°C ambient operation
  • DLC® (DesignLights Consortium) Qualified, with some Premium Qualified configurations - see
  • 5 year warranty


Voltage Offering
Lumen Range
10,000 - 55,000
Dimming Protocol
CCT Offering
3500, 4000, 5000
CRI Offering
Mounting Options
Material - Housing
Wattage Range
89 - 368
Efficacy Range
103 - 158
Color Offering
Optics & Distributions
Narrow, Wide
Controls & Sensors
CSA, DLC 5.0 Standard
IP66, IK07, Wet
5 year limited


Clear Filters

Product Name Color Temp CRI Lumens LM/W Watts Dist. Type Resources
LLHV4-40U-WST-EU-WG4000 K84 CRI45730 lm124368 WWide
LLHV4-35X-NST-EU-SFA3500 K84 CRI32643 lm114286 WNarrow
LLHV4-50M-NST-EU5000 K84 CRI19652 lm142138 WNarrow
LLHV4-35H-WST-EU-SFA3500 K84 CRI21054 lm109193 WWide
LLHV4-50U-WST-EU-CA5000 K84 CRI47686 lm130368 WWide
LLHV4-35V-NST-EU-CPWG3500 K84 CRI27578 lm113244 WNarrow
LLHV4-40V-WST-EU4000 K84 CRI34964 lm143245 WWide
LLHV4-40M-WST-EU-SFAWG4000 K84 CRI15257 lm110138 WWide
LLHV4-40H-NST-EU4000 K84 CRI23840 lm123195 WNarrow
LLHV4-50L-NST-EU-WG5000 K84 CRI12357 lm13989 WNarrow
LLHV4-35L-WST-EU-SFAWG3500 K84 CRI10904 lm12389 WWide
LLHV4-50X-WST-EU-WG5000 K84 CRI37644 lm131287 WWide
LLHV4-50V-WST-EU-CAWG5000 K84 CRI32159 lm132244 WWide
LLHV4-35U-NST-EU-CP3500 K84 CRI40397 lm110368 WNarrow
LLHV4-50H-NST-EU-CA5000 K84 CRI23454 lm121194 WNarrow
LLHV4-40L-WST-EU-SFA4000 K84 CRI11632 lm13189 WWide
LLHV4-40L-WST-EU-CA4000 K84 CRI12082 lm13689 WWide
LLHV4-50H-NST-EU-SFA5000 K84 CRI22338 lm116193 WNarrow
LLHV4-35M-WST-EU-WG3500 K84 CRI17461 lm126138 WWide
LLHV4-50V-WST-EU-SFAWG5000 K84 CRI30762 lm126244 WWide
LLHV4-50X-WST-EU-CP5000 K84 CRI37244 lm130286 WWide
LLHV4-35M-NST-EU-CAWG3500 K84 CRI15254 lm110138 WNarrow
LLHV4-50L-NST-EU-CAWG5000 K84 CRI12043 lm13689 WNarrow
LLHV4-40H-WST-EU-CPWG4000 K84 CRI20468 lm106193 WWide
LLHV4-40M-WST-EU-CAWG4000 K84 CRI16144 lm117138 WWide
LLHV4-40X-NST-EU-CPWG4000 K84 CRI31945 lm112286 WNarrow
LLHV4-35U-WST-EU3500 K84 CRI47409 lm129368 WWide
LLHV4-50U-WST-EU-SFA5000 K84 CRI45066 lm122368 WWide
LLHV4-35L-NST-EU-CA3500 K84 CRI11433 lm12989 WNarrow
LLHV4-50M-NST-EU-CPWG5000 K84 CRI16129 lm117138 WNarrow
LLHV4-35X-WST-EU-CA3500 K84 CRI34810 lm122286 WWide
LLHV4-40U-WST-EU-CP4000 K84 CRI41880 lm114368 WWide
LLHV4-40V-NST-EU-CP4000 K84 CRI29420 lm120244 WNarrow
LLHV4-35X-NST-EU-CA3500 K84 CRI34127 lm119286 WNarrow
LLHV4-50M-WST-EU-CPWG5000 K84 CRI16802 lm121138 WWide
LLHV4-35H-WST-EU-CA3500 K84 CRI22105 lm114194 WWide
LLHV4-50U-NST-EU-SFA5000 K84 CRI44165 lm120368 WNarrow
LLHV4-35V-NST-EU3500 K84 CRI31013 lm127244 WNarrow
LLHV4-40V-WST-EU-CPWG4000 K84 CRI28580 lm117244 WWide
LLHV4-40U-NST-EU-CAWG4000 K84 CRI40784 lm111368 WNarrow
LLHV4-40H-NST-EU-CAWG4000 K84 CRI20298 lm105194 WNarrow
LLHV4-50L-WST-EU-CP5000 K84 CRI12755 lm14489 WWide
LLHV4-35L-WST-EU-CAWG3500 K84 CRI11325 lm12889 WWide
LLHV4-50V-NST-EU-SFAWG5000 K84 CRI30158 lm123244 WNarrow
LLHV4-35U-NST-EU-WG3500 K84 CRI44111 lm120368 WNarrow
LLHV4-40X-WST-EU-SFA4000 K84 CRI33829 lm118286 WWide
LLHV4-40M-NST-EU-CA4000 K84 CRI16314 lm118138 WNarrow
LLHV4-40L-NST-EU-SFA4000 K84 CRI11185 lm12689 WNarrow
LLHV4-50H-WST-EU-CA5000 K84 CRI24432 lm126194 WWide
LLHV4-35M-WST-EU-CP3500 K84 CRI15991 lm116138 WWide
LLHV4-50X-NST-EU-CAWG5000 K84 CRI35947 lm126286 WNarrow
LLHV4-50X-NST-EU-WG5000 K84 CRI36892 lm129287 WNarrow
LLHV4-35M-NST-EU-SFAWG3500 K84 CRI14416 lm104138 WNarrow
LLHV4-50H-WST-EU-SFAWG5000 K84 CRI22012 lm114193 WWide
LLHV4-40H-WST-EU4000 K84 CRI24653 lm127195 WWide
LLHV4-40M-NST-EU-SFAWG4000 K84 CRI14647 lm106138 WNarrow
LLHV4-40X-NST-EU4000 K84 CRI35925 lm126286 WNarrow
LLHV4-35U-WST-EU-CPWG3500 K84 CRI39160 lm106368 WWide
LLHV4-50V-NST-EU-CA5000 K84 CRI33105 lm136244 WNarrow
LLHV4-35L-NST-EU-SFA3500 K84 CRI11009 lm12489 WNarrow
LLHV4-50L-WST-EU5000 K84 CRI13557 lm15289 WWide
LLHV4-35X-WST-EU-SFA3500 K84 CRI33296 lm116286 WWide
LLHV4-40U-NST-EU-WG4000 K84 CRI44817 lm122368 WNarrow
LLHV4-40V-NST-EU-WG4000 K84 CRI29884 lm122245 WNarrow
LLHV4-35V-WST-EU-SFA3500 K84 CRI29204 lm120244 WWide
LLHV4-50M-WST-EU5000 K84 CRI20340 lm147138 WWide
LLHV4-35H-NST-EU-CP3500 K84 CRI20476 lm106193 WNarrow
LLHV4-35H-NST-EU-CAWG3500 K84 CRI19979 lm103194 WNarrow
LLHV4-50U-NST-EU-CA5000 K84 CRI46733 lm127368 WNarrow
LLHV4-35V-WST-EU-CPWG3500 K84 CRI28130 lm115244 WWide
LLHV4-40V-NST-EU4000 K84 CRI31509 lm129244 WNarrow
LLHV4-40U-NST-EU-SFAWG4000 K84 CRI38543 lm105368 WNarrow
LLHV4-35X-WST-EU-SFAWG3500 K84 CRI31711 lm111286 WWide
LLHV4-50L-WST-EU-WG5000 K84 CRI12871 lm14489 WWide
LLHV4-35L-NST-EU-SFAWG3500 K84 CRI10494 lm11889 WNarrow
LLHV4-50V-NST-EU-CAWG5000 K84 CRI31529 lm129244 WNarrow
LLHV4-35U-WST-EU-CP3500 K84 CRI41221 lm112368 WWide
LLHV4-40X-WST-EU-CA4000 K84 CRI35367 lm124286 WWide
LLHV4-40M-NST-EU-SFA4000 K84 CRI15418 lm111138 WNarrow
LLHV4-40L-NST-EU-CA4000 K84 CRI11616 lm13189 WNarrow
LLHV4-50H-WST-EU-SFA5000 K84 CRI23269 lm120193 WWide
LLHV4-35M-NST-EU-WG3500 K84 CRI16763 lm121138 WNarrow
LLHV4-50X-NST-EU-SFAWG5000 K84 CRI34384 lm120286 WNarrow
LLHV4-50X-NST-EU-CP5000 K84 CRI36514 lm128286 WNarrow
LLHV4-35M-WST-EU-CAWG3500 K84 CRI15890 lm115138 WWide
LLHV4-50H-WST-EU-CAWG5000 K84 CRI23017 lm119194 WWide
LLHV4-40L-NST-EU-CPWG4000 K84 CRI10730 lm12189 WNarrow
LLHV4-40M-NST-EU-CAWG4000 K84 CRI15498 lm112138 WNarrow
LLHV4-40X-WST-EU-CPWG4000 K84 CRI32584 lm114286 WWide
LLHV4-35U-NST-EU3500 K84 CRI46659 lm127368 WNarrow
LLHV4-50V-NST-EU-SFA5000 K84 CRI31666 lm130244 WNarrow
LLHV4-35L-WST-EU-CA3500 K84 CRI11891 lm13489 WWide
LLHV4-50L-WST-EU-CPWG5000 K84 CRI12148 lm13789 WWide
LLHV4-40H-NST-EU-CA4000 K84 CRI21546 lm111194 WNarrow
LLHV4-40U-NST-EU-CP4000 K84 CRI41043 lm111368 WNarrow
LLHV4-40V-WST-EU-CP4000 K84 CRI30009 lm123244 WWide
LLHV4-35V-WST-EU-CA3500 K84 CRI30531 lm125244 WWide
LLHV4-50U-NST-EU-CPWG5000 K84 CRI42445 lm115368 WNarrow
LLHV4-35H-NST-EU3500 K84 CRI23465 lm121195 WNarrow
LLHV4-50M-WST-EU-SFA5000 K84 CRI17482 lm126138 WWide
LLHV4-35V-WST-EU3500 K84 CRI31613 lm129245 WWide
LLHV4-40V-NST-EU-CPWG4000 K84 CRI28019 lm115244 WNarrow
LLHV4-40U-WST-EU-CAWG4000 K84 CRI41616 lm113368 WWide
LLHV4-35X-WST-EU-CAWG3500 K84 CRI33152 lm116286 WWide
LLHV4-50M-NST-EU-CP5000 K84 CRI16979 lm123138 WNarrow
LLHV4-35L-NST-EU-CAWG3500 K84 CRI10898 lm12389 WNarrow
LLHV4-50U-WST-EU-SFAWG5000 K84 CRI42813 lm116368 WWide
LLHV4-35U-WST-EU-WG3500 K84 CRI45011 lm122368 WWide
LLHV4-40X-NST-EU-SFA4000 K84 CRI33166 lm116286 WNarrow
LLHV4-40M-WST-EU-CA4000 K84 CRI16993 lm123138 WWide
LLHV4-40H-WST-EU-SFA4000 K84 CRI21376 lm111193 WWide
LLHV4-50L-NST-EU-CA5000 K84 CRI12645 lm14389 WNarrow
LLHV4-35M-NST-EU-CP3500 K84 CRI15351 lm111138 WNarrow
LLHV4-50X-WST-EU-CAWG5000 K84 CRI36666 lm128286 WWide
LLHV4-50V-WST-EU-WG5000 K84 CRI33196 lm136245 WWide
LLHV4-35M-WST-EU-SFAWG3500 K84 CRI15017 lm109138 WWide
LLHV4-50H-NST-EU-SFAWG5000 K84 CRI21131 lm109193 WNarrow
LLHV4-40L-NST-EU4000 K84 CRI12026 lm13589 WNarrow
LLHV4-40L-WST-EU-SFAWG4000 K84 CRI11079 lm12589 WWide
LLHV4-40X-WST-EU4000 K84 CRI36423 lm127287 WWide
LLHV4-35U-NST-EU-CPWG3500 K84 CRI38377 lm104368 WNarrow
LLHV4-50V-WST-EU-CA5000 K84 CRI33767 lm138244 WWide
LLHV4-50X-WST-EU5000 K84 CRI39650 lm138287 WWide
LLHV4-35L-WST-EU-SFA3500 K84 CRI11449 lm12989 WWide
LLHV4-50L-NST-EU5000 K84 CRI13091 lm14789 WNarrow
LLHV4-40H-NST-EU-WG4000 K84 CRI22556 lm116194 WNarrow
LLHV4-40M-WST-EU-WG4000 K84 CRI17740 lm128138 WWide
LLHV4-40V-WST-EU-WG4000 K84 CRI30495 lm125245 WWide
LLHV4-35V-NST-EU-SFA3500 K84 CRI28631 lm117244 WNarrow
LLHV4-50U-NST-EU5000 K84 CRI51604 lm140368 WNarrow
LLHV4-35H-WST-EU-CPWG3500 K84 CRI20162 lm104193 WWide
LLHV4-50M-WST-EU-CA5000 K84 CRI18499 lm134138 WWide
LLHV4-35X-NST-EU-CPWG3500 K84 CRI31442 lm110286 WNarrow
LLHV4-40U-WST-EU4000 K84 CRI48168 lm131368 WWide
LLHV4-40U-WST-EU-SFAWG4000 K84 CRI39329 lm107368 WWide
LLHV4-35X-NST-EU-SFAWG3500 K84 CRI31089 lm109286 WNarrow
LLHV4-50M-NST-EU-WG5000 K84 CRI18539 lm134138 WNarrow
LLHV4-35H-WST-EU-SFAWG3500 K84 CRI19917 lm103193 WWide
LLHV4-50U-WST-EU-CAWG5000 K84 CRI45302 lm123368 WWide
LLHV4-35V-NST-EU-CP3500 K84 CRI28957 lm119244 WNarrow
LLHV4-40X-NST-EU-CA4000 K84 CRI34673 lm121286 WNarrow
LLHV4-40M-WST-EU-SFA4000 K84 CRI16060 lm116138 WWide
LLHV4-40H-WST-EU-CA4000 K84 CRI22443 lm116194 WWide
LLHV4-50L-NST-EU-SFAWG5000 K84 CRI11596 lm13189 WNarrow
LLHV4-35L-WST-EU-WG3500 K84 CRI11638 lm13089 WWide
LLHV4-50X-WST-EU-SFAWG5000 K84 CRI35072 lm123286 WWide
LLHV4-50V-WST-EU-CP5000 K84 CRI32667 lm134244 WWide
LLHV4-35U-NST-EU-CAWG3500 K84 CRI40141 lm109368 WNarrow
LLHV4-50H-NST-EU-CAWG5000 K84 CRI22096 lm114194 WNarrow
LLHV4-40L-WST-EU-CPWG4000 K84 CRI11159 lm12689 WWide
LLHV4-40L-WST-EU-CAWG4000 K84 CRI11506 lm13089 WWide
LLHV4-50H-NST-EU-CPWG5000 K84 CRI21390 lm111193 WNarrow
LLHV4-35M-WST-EU3500 K84 CRI18391 lm133138 WWide
LLHV4-50V-WST-EU-SFA5000 K84 CRI32299 lm132244 WWide
LLHV4-50X-WST-EU-CPWG5000 K84 CRI35470 lm124286 WWide
LLHV4-35M-NST-EU-CA3500 K84 CRI16057 lm116138 WNarrow
LLHV4-50L-NST-EU-CPWG5000 K84 CRI11680 lm13289 WNarrow
LLHV4-40H-WST-EU-CP4000 K84 CRI21670 lm112193 WWide
LLHV4-40M-WST-EU-CP4000 K84 CRI16246 lm117138 WWide
LLHV4-40X-NST-EU-CP4000 K84 CRI33542 lm117286 WNarrow
LLHV4-35V-NST-EU-CA3500 K84 CRI29932 lm123244 WNarrow
LLHV4-50U-WST-EU-CPWG5000 K84 CRI43311 lm118368 WWide
LLHV4-35H-WST-EU3500 K84 CRI24265 lm125195 WWide
LLHV4-50M-NST-EU-SFA5000 K84 CRI16783 lm121138 WNarrow
LLHV4-35X-NST-EU3500 K84 CRI35359 lm124286 WNarrow
LLHV4-40U-WST-EU-CPWG4000 K84 CRI39787 lm148268 WWide
LLHV4-40V-NST-EU-CAWG4000 K84 CRI28963 lm119244 WNarrow
LLHV4-35X-NST-EU-CAWG3500 K84 CRI32502 lm114286 WNarrow
LLHV4-50M-WST-EU-CP5000 K84 CRI17686 lm128138 WWide
LLHV4-35H-WST-EU-CAWG3500 K84 CRI20827 lm108194 WWide
LLHV4-50U-NST-EU-SFAWG5000 K84 CRI41957 lm114368 WNarrow
LLHV4-35V-NST-EU-WG3500 K84 CRI29414 lm120245 WNarrow
LLHV4-40V-WST-EU-SFA4000 K84 CRI29671 lm121244 WWide
LLHV4-40U-NST-EU-CA4000 K84 CRI42930 lm117368 WNarrow
LLHV4-40H-NST-EU-CP4000 K84 CRI20803 lm108193 WNarrow
LLHV4-50L-WST-EU-CAWG5000 K84 CRI12525 lm14189 WWide
LLHV4-35L-WST-EU-CP3500 K84 CRI11532 lm13089 WWide
LLHV4-50V-NST-EU-WG5000 K84 CRI32532 lm133245 WNarrow
LLHV4-35U-NST-EU-SFAWG3500 K84 CRI37936 lm103368 WNarrow
LLHV4-40X-WST-EU-SFAWG4000 K84 CRI32218 lm113286 WWide
LLHV4-40L-WST-EU4000 K84 CRI12453 lm14089 WWide
LLHV4-40L-NST-EU-SFAWG4000 K84 CRI10653 lm12089 WNarrow
LLHV4-50H-NST-EU5000 K84 CRI25952 lm133195 WNarrow
LLHV4-35M-WST-EU-CPWG3500 K84 CRI15191 lm110138 WWide
LLHV4-50X-NST-EU-CA5000 K84 CRI37745 lm132286 WNarrow
LLHV4-50X-NST-EU5000 K84 CRI39107 lm137286 WNarrow
LLHV4-35M-NST-EU-SFA3500 K84 CRI15175 lm110138 WNarrow
LLHV4-50H-WST-EU-WG5000 K84 CRI25577 lm132194 WWide
LLHV4-40H-WST-EU-WG4000 K84 CRI23496 lm121194 WWide
LLHV4-40M-NST-EU-WG4000 K84 CRI17031 lm123138 WNarrow
LLHV4-40X-NST-EU-WG4000 K84 CRI33890 lm118287 WNarrow
LLHV4-35U-WST-EU-SFA3500 K84 CRI40747 lm111368 WWide
LLHV4-50U-WST-EU5000 K84 CRI52434 lm142368 WWide
LLHV4-35L-NST-EU-CPWG3500 K84 CRI10570 lm11989 WNarrow
LLHV4-50M-NST-EU-CA5000 K84 CRI17759 lm128138 WNarrow
LLHV4-35X-WST-EU-CPWG3500 K84 CRI32071 lm112286 WWide
LLHV4-40U-NST-EU4000 K84 CRI47405 lm129368 WNarrow
LLHV4-40V-NST-EU-SFAWG4000 K84 CRI27704 lm113244 WNarrow
LLHV4-35V-WST-EU-SFAWG3500 K84 CRI27813 lm114244 WWide
LLHV4-50M-WST-EU-WG5000 K84 CRI19312 lm140138 WWide
LLHV4-35H-NST-EU-SFA3500 K84 CRI20197 lm104193 WNarrow
LLHV4-35H-NST-EU-CA3500 K84 CRI21206 lm109194 WNarrow
LLHV4-50U-NST-EU-CAWG5000 K84 CRI44396 lm121368 WNarrow
LLHV4-35V-WST-EU-CP3500 K84 CRI29536 lm121244 WWide
LLHV4-40V-WST-EU-CA4000 K84 CRI31019 lm127244 WWide
LLHV4-40U-NST-EU-SFA4000 K84 CRI40571 lm110368 WNarrow
LLHV4-35X-WST-EU-WG3500 K84 CRI34037 lm119287 WWide
LLHV4-50L-WST-EU-SFAWG5000 K84 CRI12060 lm13689 WWide
LLHV4-35L-NST-EU-WG3500 K84 CRI11172 lm12589 WNarrow
LLHV4-50V-NST-EU-CP5000 K84 CRI32026 lm131244 WNarrow
LLHV4-35U-WST-EU-CAWG3500 K84 CRI40960 lm111368 WWide
LLHV4-40X-WST-EU-CAWG4000 K84 CRI33682 lm118286 WWide
LLHV4-40M-NST-EU-CPWG4000 K84 CRI14817 lm107138 WNarrow
LLHV4-40L-NST-EU-CAWG4000 K84 CRI11063 lm12589 WNarrow
LLHV4-50H-WST-EU-CPWG5000 K84 CRI22281 lm115193 WWide
LLHV4-35M-NST-EU3500 K84 CRI17769 lm128138 WNarrow
LLHV4-50X-NST-EU-SFA5000 K84 CRI36104 lm126286 WNarrow
LLHV4-50X-NST-EU-CPWG5000 K84 CRI34775 lm122286 WNarrow
LLHV4-35M-WST-EU-CA3500 K84 CRI16726 lm121138 WWide
LLHV4-50H-WST-EU-CP5000 K84 CRI23590 lm122193 WWide
LLHV4-40L-NST-EU-CP4000 K84 CRI12264 lm13889 WNarrow
LLHV4-40M-NST-EU-CP4000 K84 CRI15597 lm113138 WNarrow
LLHV4-40X-WST-EU-CP4000 K84 CRI34213 lm120286 WWide
LLHV4-35U-WST-EU-CA3500 K84 CRI43116 lm117368 WWide
LLHV4-50V-NST-EU-CPWG5000 K84 CRI30501 lm125244 WNarrow
LLHV4-35L-NST-EU3500 K84 CRI11837 lm13389 WNarrow
LLHV4-50L-WST-EU-SFA5000 K84 CRI12663 lm14389 WWide
LLHV4-35X-WST-EU3500 K84 CRI35850 lm125287 WWide
LLHV4-40U-NST-EU-CPWG4000 K84 CRI38991 lm106368 WNarrow
LLHV4-40V-WST-EU-CAWG4000 K84 CRI29542 lm121244 WWide
LLHV4-35V-WST-EU-CAWG3500 K84 CRI29077 lm119244 WWide
LLHV4-50U-NST-EU-CP5000 K84 CRI44679 lm121368 WNarrow
LLHV4-35H-NST-EU-WG3500 K84 CRI22201 lm115194 WNarrow
LLHV4-50M-WST-EU-SFAWG5000 K84 CRI16608 lm120138 WWide
LLHV4-35V-WST-EU-WG3500 K84 CRI30014 lm123245 WWide
LLHV4-40V-NST-EU-SFA4000 K84 CRI29090 lm119244 WNarrow
LLHV4-40U-WST-EU-CA4000 K84 CRI43806 lm119368 WWide
LLHV4-35X-WST-EU-CP3500 K84 CRI33674 lm118286 WWide
LLHV4-50M-NST-EU-CAWG5000 K84 CRI16871 lm122138 WNarrow
LLHV4-35L-NST-EU-CP3500 K84 CRI11089 lm12589 WNarrow
LLHV4-50U-WST-EU-WG5000 K84 CRI49782 lm135368 WWide
LLHV4-35U-WST-EU-SFAWG3500 K84 CRI38710 lm105368 WWide
LLHV4-40X-NST-EU-SFAWG4000 K84 CRI31586 lm110286 WNarrow
LLHV4-40M-NST-EU4000 K84 CRI18053 lm130138 WNarrow
LLHV4-40H-WST-EU-SFAWG4000 K84 CRI20220 lm105193 WWide
LLHV4-50H-WST-EU5000 K84 CRI26837 lm138195 WWide
LLHV4-35M-NST-EU-CPWG3500 K84 CRI14583 lm105138 WNarrow
LLHV4-50X-WST-EU-CA5000 K84 CRI38499 lm135286 WWide
LLHV4-50V-WST-EU5000 K84 CRI34964 lm143245 WWide
LLHV4-35M-WST-EU-SFA3500 K84 CRI15807 lm114138 WWide
LLHV4-50H-NST-EU-WG5000 K84 CRI24554 lm127194 WNarrow
LLHV4-40L-NST-EU-WG4000 K84 CRI11351 lm12789 WNarrow
LLHV4-40L-WST-EU-WG4000 K84 CRI11824 lm13389 WWide
LLHV4-40X-WST-EU-WG4000 K84 CRI34581 lm121287 WWide
LLHV4-50L-NST-EU-CP5000 K84 CRI11638 lm13189 WNarrow
LLHV4-35U-NST-EU-SFA3500 K84 CRI39932 lm108368 WNarrow
LLHV4-50V-NST-EU5000 K84 CRI34301 lm140244 WNarrow
LLHV4-35L-WST-EU-CPWG3500 K84 CRI10983 lm12489 WWide
LLHV4-50L-WST-EU-CA5000 K84 CRI13152 lm14889 WWide
LLHV4-40H-NST-EU-SFA4000 K84 CRI20521 lm106193 WNarrow
LLHV4-40M-WST-EU4000 K84 CRI18685 lm135138 WWide
LLHV4-40V-WST-EU-SFAWG4000 K84 CRI28258 lm116244 WWide
LLHV4-35V-NST-EU-SFAWG3500 K84 CRI27268 lm112244 WNarrow
LLHV4-50U-NST-EU-WG5000 K84 CRI48787 lm133368 WNarrow
LLHV4-35H-WST-EU-CP3500 K84 CRI21344 lm110193 WWide
LLHV4-50M-WST-EU-CAWG5000 K84 CRI17574 lm127138 WWide
LLHV4-35X-NST-EU-CP3500 K84 CRI33014 lm115286 WNarrow
LLHV4-40V-NST-EU-CA4000 K84 CRI30411 lm124244 WNarrow
LLHV4-40U-WST-EU-SFA4000 K84 CRI41399 lm112368 WWide
LLHV4-35X-NST-EU-WG3500 K84 CRI33356 lm116287 WNarrow
LLHV4-50M-NST-EU-SFAWG5000 K84 CRI15944 lm115138 WNarrow
LLHV4-35H-WST-EU-WG3500 K84 CRI23142 lm119194 WWide
LLHV4-50U-WST-EU-CP5000 K84 CRI45590 lm124368 WWide
LLHV4-35V-NST-EU-CAWG3500 K84 CRI28507 lm117244 WNarrow
LLHV4-40X-NST-EU-CAWG4000 K84 CRI33022 lm116286 WNarrow
LLHV4-40M-WST-EU-CPWG4000 K84 CRI15435 lm112138 WWide
LLHV4-40H-WST-EU-CAWG4000 K84 CRI21144 lm109194 WWide
LLHV4-50L-NST-EU-SFA5000 K84 CRI12176 lm13789 WNarrow
LLHV4-35L-WST-EU3500 K84 CRI12257 lm13789 WWide
LLHV4-50X-WST-EU-SFA5000 K84 CRI36825 lm129286 WWide
LLHV4-50V-WST-EU-CPWG5000 K84 CRI31111 lm127244 WWide
LLHV4-35U-NST-EU-CA3500 K84 CRI42254 lm115368 WNarrow
LLHV4-50H-NST-EU-CP5000 K84 CRI22646 lm117193 WNarrow
LLHV4-40L-WST-EU-CP4000 K84 CRI11717 lm13289 WWide
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