Litewave™ LHF LED Recessed Troffer LHFL

Recessed Troffer with hinged center media tray allows specification of center diffusers

Features & Benefits

  • Hinged center media tray allowing for specification of a variety of center diffusers
  • Features VI (Variable Intensity) Technology for specification of output/wattage
  • Available in 2 x 2, 2 x 4 and 1 x 4 sizes
  • SpectraSync™ Color Tuning Technology available
  • NX Distributed Intelligence™ wired and wireless controls capability available


Product Technology
SpectraSync™ Color Tuning, Vi (Variable Intensity)
Voltage Offering
Dimming Protocol
0-10V;Lutron EcoSystem Digital;DALI;DALI 2.0;Step-Dimming
CCT Offering
3000, 3500, 4000
CRI Offering
80, 90
Color Tuning
Tunable White
Mounting Options
Wattage Range
13.0 - 45.0
Efficacy Range
122 - 137
Optics & Distributions
Controls & Sensors
NX Lighting Controls
BAA (Buy American 52.225-9), TAA (Buy American 52.225-11), Chicago Plenum (CCEA)
5 year limited

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Product Name Color Temp CRI Lumens LM/W Watts Dist. Type Resources
LHFL-X-D-24-SOF-CX-35K-D223500 K80 CRI2200 lm12917 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-24-SOF-CX-35K-D393500 K80 CRI3900 lm13429 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-22-SOF-CX-35K-D333500 K80 CRI3300 lm12726 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-14-SOF-CX-35K-D273500 K80 CRI2700 lm12921 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-24-SOF-CX-35K-D563500 K80 CRI5600 lm13043 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-22-SOF-CX-35K-D163500 K80 CRI1600 lm12313 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-14-SOF-CX-35K-D443500 K80 CRI4400 lm12635 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-14-SOF-CX-35K-D313500 K80 CRI3100 lm12924 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-22-SOF-CX-35K-D293500 K80 CRI2900 lm12623 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-24-SOF-CX-35K-D433500 K80 CRI4300 lm13432 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-22-SOF-CX-35K-D463500 K80 CRI4600 lm12138 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-24-SOF-CX-35K-D263500 K80 CRI2600 lm13719 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-24-SOF-CX-35K-D353500 K80 CRI3500 lm13526 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-22-SOF-CX-35K-D373500 K80 CRI3700 lm12829 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-14-SOF-CX-35K-D233500 K80 CRI2300 lm12818 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-24-SOF-CX-35K-D523500 K80 CRI5200 lm13339 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-22-SOF-CX-35K-D203500 K80 CRI2000 lm12516 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-14-SOF-CX-35K-D403500 K80 CRI4000 lm12532 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-14-SOF-CX-35K-D353500 K80 CRI3500 lm13027 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-22-SOF-CX-35K-D253500 K80 CRI2500 lm12520 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-24-SOF-CX-35K-D473500 K80 CRI4700 lm13435 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-22-SOF-CX-35K-D423500 K80 CRI4200 lm12434 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-24-SOF-CX-35K-D303500 K80 CRI3000 lm13622 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-24-SOF-CX-35K-D313500 K80 CRI3100 lm13523 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-22-SOF-CX-35K-D413500 K80 CRI4100 lm12433 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-24-SOF-CX-35K-D483500 K80 CRI4800 lm13336 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-22-SOF-CX-35K-D243500 K80 CRI2400 lm12619 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-14-SOF-CX-35K-D363500 K80 CRI3600 lm12928 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-14-SOF-CX-35K-D393500 K80 CRI3900 lm12631 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-22-SOF-CX-35K-D213500 K80 CRI2100 lm13116 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-24-SOF-CX-35K-D513500 K80 CRI5100 lm13139 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-14-SOF-CX-35K-D223500 K80 CRI2200 lm12218 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-22-SOF-CX-35K-D383500 K80 CRI3800 lm12730 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-24-SOF-CX-35K-D343500 K80 CRI3400 lm13625 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-24-SOF-CX-35K-D273500 K80 CRI2700 lm13520 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-22-SOF-CX-35K-D453500 K80 CRI4500 lm12237 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-24-SOF-CX-35K-D443500 K80 CRI4400 lm13333 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-22-SOF-CX-35K-D283500 K80 CRI2800 lm12722 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-14-SOF-CX-35K-D323500 K80 CRI3200 lm12825 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-14-SOF-CX-35K-D433500 K80 CRI4300 lm12634 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-22-SOF-CX-35K-D173500 K80 CRI1700 lm12114 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-24-SOF-CX-35K-D553500 K80 CRI5500 lm13142 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-14-SOF-CX-35K-D263500 K80 CRI2600 lm12421 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-22-SOF-CX-35K-D343500 K80 CRI3400 lm12627 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-24-SOF-CX-35K-D383500 K80 CRI3800 lm13628 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-24-SOF-CX-35K-D233500 K80 CRI2300 lm13517 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-24-SOF-CX-35K-D213500 K80 CRI2100 lm13116 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-24-SOF-CX-35K-D403500 K80 CRI4000 lm13330 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-22-SOF-CX-35K-D323500 K80 CRI3200 lm12825 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-14-SOF-CX-35K-D283500 K80 CRI2800 lm12722 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-24-SOF-CX-35K-D573500 K80 CRI5700 lm13044 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-14-SOF-CX-35K-D473500 K80 CRI4700 lm12438 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-14-SOF-CX-35K-D453500 K80 CRI4500 lm12536 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-24-SOF-CX-35K-D593500 K80 CRI5900 lm13145 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-14-SOF-CX-35K-D303500 K80 CRI3000 lm12524 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-22-SOF-CX-35K-D303500 K80 CRI3000 lm12524 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-24-SOF-CX-35K-D423500 K80 CRI4200 lm13531 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-22-SOF-CX-35K-D473500 K80 CRI4700 lm12139 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-24-SOF-CX-35K-D253500 K80 CRI2500 lm13918 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-24-SOF-CX-35K-D363500 K80 CRI3600 lm13327 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-22-SOF-CX-35K-D363500 K80 CRI3600 lm12429 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-14-SOF-CX-35K-D243500 K80 CRI2400 lm12619 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-24-SOF-CX-35K-D533500 K80 CRI5300 lm13340 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-22-SOF-CX-35K-D193500 K80 CRI1900 lm12715 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-14-SOF-CX-35K-D413500 K80 CRI4100 lm12433 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-14-SOF-CX-35K-D343500 K80 CRI3400 lm12627 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-22-SOF-CX-35K-D263500 K80 CRI2600 lm13020 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-24-SOF-CX-35K-D463500 K80 CRI4600 lm13534 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-22-SOF-CX-35K-D433500 K80 CRI4300 lm12335 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-24-SOF-CX-35K-D293500 K80 CRI2900 lm13222 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-24-SOF-CX-35K-D323500 K80 CRI3200 lm13324 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-22-SOF-CX-35K-D403500 K80 CRI4000 lm12532 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-14-SOF-CX-35K-D203500 K80 CRI2000 lm12516 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-24-SOF-CX-35K-D493500 K80 CRI4900 lm13237 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-22-SOF-CX-35K-D233500 K80 CRI2300 lm12818 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-14-SOF-CX-35K-D373500 K80 CRI3700 lm12829 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-14-SOF-CX-35K-D383500 K80 CRI3800 lm12730 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-22-SOF-CX-35K-D223500 K80 CRI2200 lm12218 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-24-SOF-CX-35K-D503500 K80 CRI5000 lm13238 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-14-SOF-CX-35K-D213500 K80 CRI2100 lm12417 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-22-SOF-CX-35K-D393500 K80 CRI3900 lm12631 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-24-SOF-CX-35K-D333500 K80 CRI3300 lm13824 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-24-SOF-CX-35K-D283500 K80 CRI2800 lm13321 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-22-SOF-CX-35K-D443500 K80 CRI4400 lm12236 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-24-SOF-CX-35K-D453500 K80 CRI4500 lm13234 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-22-SOF-CX-35K-D273500 K80 CRI2700 lm12921 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-14-SOF-CX-35K-D333500 K80 CRI3300 lm12726 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-14-SOF-CX-35K-D423500 K80 CRI4200 lm12733 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-22-SOF-CX-35K-D183500 K80 CRI1800 lm12015 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-24-SOF-CX-35K-D543500 K80 CRI5400 lm13241 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-14-SOF-CX-35K-D253500 K80 CRI2500 lm12520 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-22-SOF-CX-35K-D353500 K80 CRI3500 lm12528 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-24-SOF-CX-35K-D373500 K80 CRI3700 lm13727 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-24-SOF-CX-35K-D243500 K80 CRI2400 lm13318 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-24-SOF-CX-35K-D203500 K80 CRI2000 lm13315 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-24-SOF-CX-35K-D413500 K80 CRI4100 lm13730 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-22-SOF-CX-35K-D313500 K80 CRI3100 lm12924 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-14-SOF-CX-35K-D293500 K80 CRI2900 lm12623 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-24-SOF-CX-35K-D583500 K80 CRI5800 lm12945 WLambertian
LHFL-X-D-14-SOF-CX-35K-D463500 K80 CRI4600 lm12437 WLambertian
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